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Post Office is broke again?

They should all be fired. Clean house start over. Stop printing crap nobody wants, and deliver the mail twice a day. What a Joke, they have a Monopoly and still loose money. We need an audit of the Post office now. The head needs to loose his. No more increases we have an audit of the whole system. I thought my Local post office was the slowest in the nation until I was out of town and had to use another.Can you believe it they were even slower. They had eleven people in line two clerks at the counter.This one chinese lady (postal clerk) who could speak very little english asking people in line what they were in line for stamp etc.Which you would need to repeat twice because she didn't understand. This woman would write your request on this form she had, then you would hand it to the clerk when it was your turn. Of course he would ask you what did you want after looking at this form because even he could tell. Another brite Idea!!!
What a time saver. Not to mention what a waste of paper.

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