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Israeli PM's arrest sought over murder!

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Great find...

This needs a bump for sure...

I guess I got moderated

I was just sharing my feelings. Sorry if I offened anyone. I just have no patience for terrorists or childmolestor rapists. Sorry.

Patriot News
Stand up For your Civil Rights

Other coverage

Couldn't find much USA coverage but found a CNN one though guest refused to discuss anything about the assasination....


Russia Today

Al Jazeera

ABC News

A few seem to focus more on passport fraud than assasination. If anyone finds others keep us updated. This appears to be very significant development everyone who cares about world politics needs to be as fully cognizant as possible of critical geopolitical developments such as these.

Israeli PM is sought

What's the relevance to the dailypaul? For what reason are we suppose to support any adverse news for Israel? Our goal here is for non-intervention in the affairs of other countries. Now, how does viewing this negative news for Israel, help us achieve our goal of not involving ourselves in Israel's affairs. Please be specific, if you decide to reply? Seems you want to cheerlead against Israel which is the opposite of non-interventionism.

As long as we support Israel, they are part of our affairs...

the minute we stop, the U.S. will be whole again. Our country needs to stop protecting these nations that cause our country harm, and yes, I mean that. Mossad is evil, and continues to bring our nation into wars that are not are problem. If Israel is so big, and bad, and can be a nation on their own, let them show the world that they can. Israel, or I should say government could never have become what they are without the help of other nations, I say let them stand on their own, and let them fall on their own if that is what is to be. I am so sick of hearing that Israel is God's nation, the people may be, but the government of Israel, and Mossad are evil as far as I am concerned. I know I will get grief over this post, but I am ready to stand for my country first, and let every other country do the same. I just hope some of you really "Religious" people will separate the truth, from what is really happening with Israel. The Israelie government/Mossad only wants power to control, no different than the American Government, and those that control them.

Israel and USA are inter-related

But you make a good point indeed. The beautiful thing about American culture is that non-interventionism, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are all ideals that do not need to fuss over the details of history. ie. "We don't care what the details/excuses are for unreasonable interferrence in our lives - we simply won't accept such breaches - period." That kind of attitude is great and gets past any historical distractions or justifications for breaching liberty.

However, this is the News forum and it is critical news if any Prime Minister or President of any country is being sought for arrest by Interpol or the head of another nations police force. DailyPaul people need to by fully cognizant of critical geopolitical developments whereever they occur in order to maintain a clear awareness of reality, to make better decisions and to aid communication with others who are not so aware.

best news i have heard

all day!! thanks for that...


you will not hear about this

you will not hear about this beyond that website.


did a press release & a good deal of others.

Israel now accuses Dubai police chief of anti-Semitism.

Israeli officials condemned the threat as anti-Semitic and dismissed Tamim as “out of control.”

“How are they going to know if someone is Israeli?’’ asked one government official speaking on the condition of anonymity.

“Long noses? Pockets full of money?” he said sarcastically, in reference to racist stereotypes leveled against Jews. http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/babylonbeyond/2010/03/middle...