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Back to the drawing board

We need to huddle up for the second half....

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Yes, we need a need

another sheet of paper and sharpen our pencils, try try again.

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.

You know...

If we can agree at this point to jettison Geck and Alex...

we might stand a bit of a chance.

If not, I really see no reason to go forward as a group/movment on any issue. I mean myself personally, of course. Y'all do what you want to... :)

After all, we'd just be setting ourselves up for the same result the next time. And as it turns out, I do not have a limitless amount of resources. This Medina thing hurt me.


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I agree 100%

Lots of blame can go around to various entities and causes, but Alex Jones and Glenn Beck cost us this runoff. Just a few percentage points could have won the day.

There's a middle ground between the deepest bowels of Jones' rabbit hole and the neo-con Police State worship of Glenn Beck where we ought to steer a straight and narrow course. This battle is about constitutional liberty and state's rights. We should take it more seriously.

Support the Constitution of the United States

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Wait -- it's not half over, we've not even

begun to hit our stride yet. Long way to go, we'll pick up speed and strength.