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Let's show our support for Jim Bunning for not caving in

Since his vm is full, you can fax his office a letter of support or post it here. He's really got guts to do what he's doing, what any American household would do. Let's show our support for his living in the real world, even if he doesn't acknowledge money grows on trees. Let's show our support for his thinking that we actually have to have a way to pay our bills, for thinking like a real person.

Let's say we're sorry he seems to be the only member of the Senate living in the real world, the only 1 who realizes the US really can't afford ANY MORE DEBT. For being a lonely stalwart, for having courage, for caring about the country, for having the guts to tell a reporter to get off the elevator.

Take a look at how the media is portraying him and you know where they stand, ask an unemployed person if, ideally, they would like not to go into debt any further, they'll tell you no.

Don't cave in Senator Jim, DON'T.

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Bunning only did this because

Bunning only did this because he is not running for re-election. Just another smoking mirror in my opinion. This guy is a fraud, no compliment from me. He voted for the Bailouts, TAARP, Omnibus spending bill and the Patriot Act.

There is no Left or Right -- there is only freedom or tyranny. Everything else is an illusion, an obfuscation to keep you confused and silent as the world burns around you." - Philip Brennan

"Invest only in things that you can stand in front of and pr

I fully support Jim Bunning

IMO, lowering our trillion$ debt is our #1 National priority. A short delay in your unemployment check is a small price to pay toward accepting our shared fiscal responsibility. I'm glad Senator Bunning made a stand on an issue that deals directly with Americas security.

Small price to pay?

How about all the homes being left in limbo because if they hit the market the price of real estate would plummet? That would really help people out - then maybe taking a lower wage job would make some kind of sense.

The strategy being practiced by Bunning is what forces people away from a limited government philosophy as it plays right into the hands of liberals who claim that without them there is nobody to protect the little guy from the evil small-government people.

If you take away someone's ability to earn a living, and then take away the implied promise of a safety net, you're going to create an enemy. There is a sensible order to dismantling our Frankenstein, and beginning with making people homeless is not it.

Gimme' a break.

Where was he on the PATRIOT Act? The TARP bill? The omnibus bill? The war bills? The budget bill? Increasing the debt bill? And pretty much every other bill? This is the WRONG message to send to the American people, that the only debt Congress is worried about is the debt that goes directly to the pockets of the tax payers that have been hit hardest.