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Too Far, Too Long - They told me not to rap about Obama but Im finally doing it


I've been a member here at the Daily Paul for over 2 years now. Reading every day, but rarely posting/commenting. I've been making rap music my whole life. While in all my music you hear hints of libertarian themed ideas and what not I've made very few direct songs about the topics discussed here on the Daily Paul. The songsI have made I have never attempted to put out. The people I make music with discourage me from doing so, scared of the backlash from negative comments about Obama. While they listen to me talk about freedom every day and they agree with me on just about everything Obama is a figure largely idolized by the mainstream rap community, and mainstream is where the money is at. I made this song in the last couple days, mostly motivated by the excitement from the Texas primaries(even though I live in Michigan). It's nothing special, but I'm proud of it and want you all to hear it. If you guys let me know you support I can assure you there is more to come. I make music in most of my waking hours outside of my day job(when I'm not standing up for liberty). Dr. Paul says you need the young people behind you and the music goes with that. So please let me know what you think, you'll find I don't sound like the rest of the liberty themed rappers.

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i was expecting this to be

i was expecting this to be lame but this got me super hype. nice job.

i always have that

i always have that expectation when i click on a link here to a rap song. lol.

I understand

As an artist I understand. You have to create to live and you create what inspires you. It isn't about what anyone thinks it's about your process and what you need to do to be happy. I applaud you for creating something that not everyone has the ability or talent to do.

Great to hear you singing

Great to hear you singing about Liberty friend. Perhaps I will have to come up with something and join you to make some Liberty focused music.

I don't know if I would rap though ;)

Joe u just need to work on my

Joe u just need to work on my website :)

i like it

you should check out my buddy, he's a rapper as well:

he goes by "Tea Mage" it's a play on his name and the Tea parties.

good work mamo. This rap gives an 'angry' tone with the

'strap on' second amendment, fuck them all attitude. Honestly, this rap will not stick in my mind because it has a kinda depressing drone to it.

I trust I can say this since you asked for constructive ideas.

I noticed just how awesome it was when so many of us got involved with the Ron Paul R3volution and there was Aimee Allens' 'Wake Up America'. Very upbeat and the words reflected the feelings of the masses actually 'waking up'.

I recall reading somewhere or hearing way back that if you want positive, moral change, you gotta put out those ideas in their most exciting vision. People have to 'see' it inside themselves. Music can do that for sure.

Remember in the 60's and 70's music, how upbeat and heart felt it was. I am thinking about Pete Seger's 'Where have all the Flowers Gone?" to the gospel music of 'Let it Shine', 'We shall Overcome', and Marvin Gay's, 'Oh Mercy, Mercy Me', 'What's Going On". There was Stevie Wonder with his 'I Gotta Reach My Higher Ground'.

As far as I was concerned these songs helped me get through my hard times and 'dream' of a better life not just for me but for everyone.

People need music to strengthen them in the daily grind of life because its hard and the music playing inside them helps to focus on 'the dream'.

What is that dream, what shall we focus on that enlivens us, strengthens us, heals us? We rely on the music makers to create that.

It is natural for people to feel angry, but if we focus on anger only it doesn't help get to a better place. Angry people get ostracized and shunned.

Get to work mamo! Keep makin that music, try for a much more upbeat sound next time and feel the enjoyment of it while you deliver!

I give it 5

I give it 5 discs or 5 mikes, which ever you like.

Great effort Mr. Moore!!!

Liberty = Responsibility

i think music is an

i think music is an expression and why not expose the corruption.
heres another guy who wrote a song, its pretty good


Good stuff...

Keep up the good work and dont let people get you down.


~wobbles but doesn't fall down~


Sweet. Love the lyrics. May I humbly recommend consideration with less focus on 2nd amendment and more on self-sufficiency ala back to old school ways:

Fighting for freedom may be necessary but peaceful revolution is very cool. Its also very cool to figure out living honestly and surviving in self-sufficient ways. It comes out with less fear language and more love language. Anyway your song is great these are just ideas thanks for sharing your tune.



Yeah, i'm with you on the peaceful, just what I was feeling when I made this. Besides, can you honestly tell me the 2nd amendment isn't your favorite one??? lol jk

Strap on your 2nd amendment,

Its gonna be a tough ride.

thanks guys

how do i embed the video onto this post. copy and pasting the embedded code from youtube doesn't seem to work.

I think, it's a mod only thing.

You could ask nicely!
Or I could be completely wrong, and someone will come along and tell you how.

"I don't endorse anything they say"
~Ron Paul On the 911 Truth movement.

5 stars and favorited

Nice job!!
We need EVERY kind of contribution.
Keep it up..

"I don't endorse anything they say"
~Ron Paul On the 911 Truth movement.


i like it. Keep it coming man.