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Medina Constitutionalist, Join us.

OK, we should all know by know the easy way is computerized. Ron Paul uses this as his most efficient way to awaken us to the truth. Thomas has a great point, because yes he has lived it before, and has watched this happen before his eyes a multitude of times. Knowledge pledges above anyone’s opinion. (Equally we all have our own.) Thanks to our real forefathers!
The only question I have at this point is why are the conspiracies crossed with the Constitutional votes? There is no question whether Ron Paul or any other will ever cross this line. The only reason Beck crossed the line well… $$$$$$$$$$$$$. At face value, the people he helped awake while he wasn’t a tyrant…Priceless.

I will let you know that I do not post often. But the behavior here is malice. Your reality seems to be confused with the future picture of what our reality actually is, and has become. Look at what we face… Is this your reality of blindness all over again? Get your reality in order. If they continue to separate us again over their games… Yeah, we will loose! WAKE UP! Reality is the joining of people who wants their rights BACK. Not those who dwell on facts that can only be provided from those who are NO LONGER AFRAID of the truth. The constitutional party WE WILL VOTE IN IF WE STICK TOGETHER! Get all of your P’s and Q’s…Gather at the tea Parties. Face your facts and tuck your questions. We can no longer afford to KEEP Loosing Battles because of separation. Please for the sake of our Hopes, Dreams, and Loves (Kids, Money, Military, Material items, Hate for what we have now). Please joint together forever. Stop. This will kill the real R3VOLUTION!

Go Ron Paul! May you never fault in the reality of your picture!
I know I will never ever again! (Not another 2008!)
Don’t continue to fight it!
Join together.