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YouTube: Peter Schiff won the GOP Senate debate in CT


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Peter has never been better.
How could CT NOT send this man to Washington?

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.... there is hope for America!

Plano TX

I'd been waiting for Schiffs

chance to shine in a debate like it was Christmas morning!

I'm just curious how the ratings were for the debate? I know it was broadcast statewide which is great. Hopefully there are at least 2 more of these debates...anyone know when the next round will be??

I feel like of all our great libery candidates, Peter has the most natural ability. He deserves are full backing!

You gotta like him. People

You gotta like him. People may get ticked on Schiff on a few things here and there. Boy, does he understand the economic side. The economic side fuels our messed up foreign policy...Schiff does get this and is an enemy of the FED.

He would be a great Senator!

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Thanks for posting.


THAT is the change I can believe in. Need to find the whole debate to check the other candidate's answers, but judging by the applause after Peter's last sentence, I already know what to expect.
Little tweaks in the presentation style might be in order, but as Peter pointed out, he is not a politician, so watching him being like a volcano waiting to erupt was quite refreshing from the usual canned answer sound bite debates.
I do not belong to the Republican party, but if I had a chance of voting for this man, I'd be willing to switch parties once more.

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is the perfect wingman in Washington for Ron Paul


That was great. I hope the sheeple see the truth and vote for this great man.

He was great except...

Schiff needs to stop swaying while he talks. It's distracting which sucks since he brought the heat to that debate.

Edit: Any polls? I'd like to see how the ppl in connecticut view these candidates.


Peter kicked some ass. Great job we need to fire all incumbents and start fresh. With a couple of exceptions one being our hero Ron Paul. The rest gut em like a fish.

If we send Peter Schiff to Washington,

"That town will never be the same again" - great line.

He certainly rocked it

and I agree that he does sound a lot more polished than usual. I guess when you allocate him time he doesn't have to worry about people interrupting. As long as this race remains about economics he'll demolish his competition. He needs to start considering his sound approach to the government in the economy to the government and its foreign interventions. Impress us Peter and go for broke.

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bump. excellent answers.

bump. excellent answers.

I've been wondering about his race.

Nice to know he's still kicking ass. Haven't seen him on .com TV clips.

Go Peter the Great!

Go Peter the Great!

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Peter nailed it. I also like that you can choose how your money is spent. With Rand and Paul in the senate, Washington is going to get its ass kicked.

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Sometimes I forget why I love

Sometimes I forget why I love Schiff. He's a bully, and just what we need to compliment the nice guy attitude of gentleman Ron Paul.

i trust schiff

i can't understand why the others on stage don't just bow down, drop out, and support the candidate who is obviously running solely for what he feels is in the best interest of The People.

Just donated

another $150. Go Peter!

He did good

He cleaned it up for the Connecticut crowd. Being from Connecticut they like it polite and academic.

Vote for Peter


Looks like the numbers have been fixed and Peter's the clear victor!

The whole debate in better

The whole debate in better quality:

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Or here

Great Debate from Schiff!

A much needed bump to oppose the in-fighting
regarding Medina and co. - Hint: Don't comment on a thread you want to see die!

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I'd like to see the whole debate

so I can judge how he compared to his opponents in terms of style, effectiveness, and issues.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

WOW, I feel inspired now.

WOW, I feel inspired now. Well done Peter.

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This is exactly the way to present facts and get them across to people, other liberty candidates should be focused on this debate and how he comes across.

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