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article: Ponderings about Liberty

Ponderings about Liberty


Tuesday night was a sobering reminder that the sincere lack of non-apathetic people in our country remains high. I saw the tally for the Republican gubernatorial races in Texas: Medina 18%, Perry 52%. Debra Medina has done a great job to spread the message of real individual property rights and defending the constitution. Rick Perry has done a great job at expanding Government and corporatism. It becomes ever clear that most Americans are too caught up watching television, and putting their efforts into things completely meaningless, and just take it for granted that government will grow and become further intrusive on our daily lives.

The reason I personally have a profound fondness for liberty is that my hopes and dreams for my life and my children’s future are to truly live in a free manner. Not to slave away some 40 hours a week at some mindless drone job, but to live a life where I can live where I would like; be able to sleep better at night while I don’t have to worry about the enormous debt load just to have a roof over my head, and a dream of the future where both civil liberties and economic liberties are both respected and cherished. I personally dream of a day when I can just work on my own land, and not have some beaurocrat and their ridiculous regulations or laws get in the way of me pursuing my own version of happiness.

I recently read an article titled “Everything I want to do is illegal”. This was primarily about a farmer who had all kinds of problems and harassment about zoning issues and whether he could raise and butcher his own cattle for his own consumption on his own property. Admit it- we live in a complete state of Tyranny because we now break all kinds of laws just doing the same things our forefathers did a generation ago. When will the day come that people have had enough? What will it take for you to understand that you are a tenant on your land, your home and that you don’t have any economic rights but what scraps the beaurocrats leave you with? What will you do without personal and economic freedom?
I’ve started to think the liberty movement has much of the strategy completely wrong. The real approach should be from the bottom up. One of the best ways to start reclaiming our property rights and economic liberty is right in our own towns; right in our own districts. The one area having truly more jurisdiction on property rights are the local board of supervisors in country districts.

Most people have these grand ideas of being a congressman or a state senator, but it’s expensive and is a long-shot. The local board of supervisors can grant special privileges in certain districts of zoning areas to landowners; can decide to spend money paving county maintained roads for taxpayers who actually pay their property taxes; can be influenced to reduce regulation or allow agricultural exemptions for structures your grandfather built without asking anyone. This is a good place to start that is realistic and can be done.

Personally, I have a co-worker who is running for district supervisor, and I realize how important this position really is. It costs about $50,000 in campaign funds to win a race at best, maybe much less. These races are all about property rights- the exact thing Debra Medina ran her campaign on. These are the types of situations where the locals can tell the other area governments to back off on regulation – or to declare some other law or statute out of bounds.

To those of us who realize our natural rights include the rights to our property, our labor and for each of us to choose our way of life, this is as good a place to start as any.

There will be good things happening in 2010 for many who believe in the cause of liberty, but further there will be the continual erosion of property rights at the local levels. We must unite and stop this now. Any one of us is capable of doing this. I’ve heard it said that there are two types of people in this world, those who want to be left alone and those who won’t leave others alone. You can make a difference by standing up for the rights of those who want to be left alone and to stand up for the constitution and personal property rights at the local level for your neighbors and family. The alternative is to just give up what’s left of any liberty now and subject future generations to mountains of debt, financial slavery and a hopeless future.

May God be with us in this fight to reclaim our natural rights from the tyrants.

Brock Eastman, DPer:sambachico

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Thank you!

THis was a great encouragement.

"Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern." ~~C.S. Lewis
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

strategically there is more we can do.

Glad you liked it. It was just a heartfelt response about how I felt considering Medina fought hard in Texas, we fought with her over on facebook, the DP and blogs.

Peace, Freedom and Prosperity. Not War, Welfare and Bankruptcy.