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Medina Lost because of US.

Texas Republican turnout 11.27%
Texas Democratic turnout 5.18%

Total 16.45% of the people voted.

I visit the DailyPaul every day and only in the last month or two, have the majority of people been fervent about electing Medina.

We better take a more pro-active position on the campaigns of Rand, Adam, and Peter.

And forget all the 911 crap, and UFO crap, and vaccination crap. All of this crap is worthwhile, but it does not help people get elected.

What would the Texas Election have been had we mobilized another 10% of the Texan Republicans?

I can tell you, we would have won, period.

But you can't do it at the last minute.

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Incorrect math?

Unless these figures are percent of total registered voters you can't add those percentages. You need to get their average. However, it's not as simple as adding them and dividing by two because the % registration of each party needs to be weighed. Also, since Texas has open primaries, you need to know how they dealt with Independents in arriving at these figures.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

You're probably right,

but higher turnout would have helped.


ACTION = action, taking action such as phone banking, walking neighborhoods, identifying voters, building personal relationships with voters, getting committments, getting out the vote.

INACTION = online b*tching about AJ et al. conspiranoid flavors of the day.

ACTION = wins.
INACTION = losses.

It's as simple as that.

Here's a Corrolary:

CARE is an action verb. If you CARE, you take ACTION.

Talk is not action. Talk is talk.

If you are TALKING about caring and not taking action, you, in fact, do NOT care, you are just a windbag.

So, in Rand Paul's case, take some vacation, go to KY and help. OR donate some $$$$ do they can hire someone who can take action. Otherwise....

wish them well, do the online polls and stfu and dont meddle or share your (non)caring with others, because its just jawboning at that point.


I know my opinion may not be worth much but I still believe that it has to do with the media. They did it to Paul before the N.H. primary. They will not say the name of liberty candidates if they don't have to. They are all controlled left or rights and don't want to lose power. They can control because they are the media and they are not going to give up easily.

We are winning in small towns and cities and just need more time and money. Debra got lots of votes concidering what we are up against.

Don't get me wrong. I have many moments that make me think we can't do this but we have the drive that won't back down so the other side has to fight all the harder.

Look at the good Dr.'s win. What a joke that they even try to run against him. Once we get liberty candidates in it will be hard for them to get them out.

Keep up the fight. We are winning slowly.

I also agree

Had the Texas goveners race been strictly local with only local debates and no national news to feed the sheeple Debra Medina would be the new govener. But unfortunately that is not how it works in our country. When Debra was able to stand side by side with her opponents and debate on the issues facing Texas she rocketed in the polls. It took one interview with the traitor Beck and fox news to sink her.And the interview had nothing to do with the issues in Texas!Many of us from out of state gave money and made calls to freinds in Texas and did what we could to combat the MSM but their influence is huge.
On the bright side : Once awaken you can never go back yo sleep!


The Truth is always the minority but surely we are gaining more people to the Liberty movement. Remember there are a lot of sheep out there false shepherds. The have the money and the positions of power to keep the masses in a lull of complacency. Don't get discourage and keep up the good fight because you never know when that one will wake up and see what is happening.

The pain to change has not

The pain to change has not outweighed the pain not to change yet. Well see how Perry does if we don't get any federal money. BTW....I added 7 delegates to the district convention this year.

Still, I think her message got out just like

Dr.Paul's got out during the primaries.

Let's face it there wasn't enough money to spread her word around.

We are up against collectivism all around us in this country. It will have to take a break down of the system for people to realize what Dr.Paul and those like him have been talking about all along.

photoshopwiz's picture

money raised has a lot to do with it

45 million .... vs 800K !

Together, Gov. Rick Perry and U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison have raised $45 million since the last gubernatorial election and have spent liberally in their heated Republican primary challenge.

With four days left in the primary campaign, we look at the top fundraisers, Republicans Perry and Hutchison and Democrat Bill White.

(Republican Debra Medina has been relying on small donors to pay for her campaign, to the tune of $794,000;

and Democrat Farouk Shami has lent his campaign $8.5 million, making up the bulk of his war chest, according to reports filed with the Texas Ethics Commission.)


Only 2% of Texans Were Motivated Enough to Vote for Medina?

So if only 11% of voting Texans came out to vote Republican and Medina got about 20% of those, that means that she only motivated 2% of voting Texans to come out and vote for her.

I can see Texans being apathetic about Perry and Hutchinson, but I figured that Medina supporters would all go out and vote. The tracking polls had her about 20% before the election. I would have predicted that her supporters would have been at least twice as likely to have gone out and voted and therefore given her at least 40% in the actual election.

I think the voting machines are rigged.

It's pretty sad to see such a low turnout but it's also exciting to know that motivating our supporters could easily turn things around if the votes are actually counted correctly.

Tim Maitski
Atlanta real estate agent
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money. plain and simple. I

money. plain and simple. I think almost no one here(Texas) knows who she is. It is deceptive to view it all through the DailyPaul microscope. Of course her name is common knowledge here, but in Texas it was just not in enough people's faces. I live in Austin and I saw maybe 2 signs...maybe.
Gotta have big money to compete with big money.

I'd rather have a bottle in front o' me than a frontal lobotomy


hindsight yuh got thar.

sorry bud.....not forgetting shizznit.

and if you think perry wasn't going to get 51% come hell of high water....

nothing short of insanity. on everyone's part.

Partially yes and no. I knew

Partially yes and no. I knew people that had yard signs in their yards and did not vote. When my buddy was in his precint convention he was looking on the roll to add a guy that had a Medina sign...the guy just did not vote. Voting is still not important enough to the 20 - 40 year olds. The elders are the ones that are voting and they don't want the kind of drastic changes that Medina would bring...they would rather be slowly boiled to death than change. Its not bad enough for people here in Texas for them really to care. They don't have the forsight to see what is coming. More taxes. I will laugh if the state deems it necessary to unfreeze seniors appraisal value and let their taxes go up 50% because of budget shortfalls.

one lady I spoke to

told me that Texas has a multi billion dollar "rainy day" account. How can you be worried about the economy when you believe crap like that. They might have but that is just jet fuel for folks like Perry and Hutchison.

If by US you mean the electronic voting fiasco......

I agree, we were to blame. Remember Stalin said it best, "He who counts the vote, decides everything". We must always keep this ideologic belief in mind. For it has been since the very first elections.

What if....

What if 70% of Texans are too addicted to govt handouts, govt jobs, govt employment, teaching jobs, state maintenance jobs, govt pensions and the govt dole?

What if 70% of Texans are scared to lose all those goodies with all this talk of shrinking govt and cutting costs?

Maybe it's that 70% of Americans are just sheep that feel safe with their Shepherd (The Govt).

Many of the sheep are now jobless and blowing through their savings and it scares them to hear a candidate say that the govt must cut food stamps, and TANF, and unemployment services.

Maybe they're gonna hold onto this fantasy and not let go until everything totally collapses or there is real revolution (not the peaceful kind).

Maybe there is no hope in hell of electing any Liberty candidates except at small district levels.

Maybe all the sheep want to hear is, "The economy is improving and we are here to protect and save you. Just put on these chains...."


~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

I agree weebles. There are simply way too many

Americans who rely upon the dole in one way, shape or form.

This in itself has created a weak America! DPers could not have done more, its the mindset of those who aren't ready to leave that addiction yet.

People, socialists saw this happening a long time ago. In fact it guaranteed them victory once they grew government so big and stupid that the majority would be very reluctant to leave their 'union' jobs.

I am patiently waiting for the collapse of this entire system now and I look forward to it. I will celebrate its demise even if my family and I will suffer for it, it will be a good thing.

I look forward to the free market economy that will naturally burst forth as a result and then it will be harder for those socialists to convince us of their schemes. People have to lose and struggle before they realize their own Constitution, rule of law, supported the 'fruits of their labor' all along but it just wasn't being recognized and the market was a monopoly.

This is why

the de-funding and eliminations of these gov't bureaucracies is so important.

Once people are kicked-off the gravy train, the gov't creeps will lose their "buying power" to buy the votes with hand-outs and "programs".

It looks like the de-funding might occur naturally with this economic collapse, like we're beginning to see in California. If the gov't can't pay, people won't work for them, or vote for them.

I don't care how the de-funding happens, as long as it happens.
Nothing will change as long as they can grab our money somehow, and spend it for their power mongering.
They will NEVER stop voluntarily.



absolutely true,


don't forget

CNN, Fox and American Idol...


You are 100% right on. The more that depend on Government for their existance, the less chance we will have of changing this. I don't hold out much hope for the upcoming generation. They are dumbed down, drugged, an brainwashed. It's scary to even think about.

No tv didn't help

Our candidates have to get tv exposure.

People are afraid of something they are not familiar with and don't know how it will work.

Most people still don't know what is going on with all the bad stuff we know about and that some want us to stuff. I propose that we didn't lose because we talk about the bad, but rather because we don't talk about it enough with new people. Too many in this movement are afraid to speak of anything our government wants to keep quiet. We are compliant. Amazing how pc we all are. Would we be here at all if we had not started understanding the 'underworld'??

The majority, nearly 84%, wanted NO ONE to govern them

Nearly 84% of 'the people' in Texas decided not to vote for anyone. Don't you think that the majority should be represented properly by not being forced at the end of a barrel of a gun to listen to the 'leaders' that the miniority wants and voted for?

I speculate

a small portion of that 84% wanted no one to govern them, rather the majority didn't care enough and let 16% decide.

But it would make a interesting poll question.

Who did that 84% vote for?

My assertion that 84% of the population wanted none of the candidates is based on the fact that those individuals did not endorse any candidate via casting a vote. It is logical to draw the conclusion that those people who did note vote wished for none of the available candidates to fill the position.

Your assertion that only a small portion of that 84% actually wanted none of the available candidates to govern them is based on what, exactly? I'm curious.

Face it

Pet issues are killing us.
The always will.
It's one of two things.
1. Purposeful divisiveness.
2. Selfishness.

Until people realize that NONE of their pet issues will EVER get looked at until we get the right people in office. We will continue to spin our wheels. Sometimes with favorable results, but usually not.

My personal opinion is that the one issue wonders are here to cause fights and disagreements. Otherwise, they'd tone it down a little just to get open minded candidates into office.

"I don't endorse anything they say"
~Ron Paul On the 911 Truth movement.

You're right about focus

However, you're wrong if you mean by "focus" letting the "mainstream DPers" dump on everyone else. Post after post last night blamed Alex Jones for ignoring the primary, when a week ago the very same people were dumping on Alex Jones for being outraged when Debra Medina dumped on people like him(!)

BTW, Jesse Ventura was a "blue state" governor, and could probably run again successfully. He's also an outspoken "truther". So much for "911 truth" being "the third rail of politics".

I've been saying

for a long time that WE need to expand OUR base, we need to put our public education campaign into hyperdrive...I know this is a slow process but I think that through a massive education campaign is the only way that we are going to win the battles and eventually the war.......

“The Internet is the first thing that humanity has built that humanity doesn't understand, the largest experiment in anarchy that we have ever had." - Eric Schmidt


I truly believe this is the core problem... people are too busy trying to survive or are preoccupied and most get their information from only a few sources... they went to the polls, picked between the top two contenders and probably wondered "Medina, who is that?"

Then there are the "smart" ones like the woman on Smart Girl Politics I spoke to who said "I don't want to pay higher sales tax"... Those wonderful 'enlightened' tea partiers... Fox News, opium for the masses...