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Followers of the Texas Congressman represent the real conservative movement by Jack Hunter

Ron Paul's People
by Jack Hunter
Feb 3, 2010

When Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina was censured by various GOP county committees in his own state recently, Graham blamed it on "Ron Paul people." When Florida governor and U.S. Senate candidate Charlie Crist was defeated in a Republican straw poll by challenger Marco Rubio in December, Crist complained it was nothing more than "Ron Paul people."

At this year's 2010 Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, D.C., there were plenty of Ron Paul people, enough to deliver the congressman a first-place victory in the annual CPAC straw poll, which has long been considered a decent gauge of the GOP's mindset.

But when Paul's victory was announced, much of the CPAC crowd booed. Those pesky Ron Paul people had struck again, it seemed. Many Republican establishment types quickly dismissed the poll. But two glaring questions remain: Who is it that Paul's critics prefer? And what kind of "people" are they?

What, for example, are "Mitt Romney people"? When Romney, who placed second in this year's straw after having won the poll the last three years, was introduced at CPAC by newly elected Sen. Scott Brown, the two Massachusetts politicians stood side-by-side before a cheering conservative audience. The crowd seemed oblivious to the fact that both men helped implement government-mandated healthcare in their home state, a plan similar to the Democrats' current national plan. President Obama and his party have often cited the Massachusetts plan, known as "Romneycare," as the model for Obamacare. In his speech, Romney also praised George W. Bush. The crowd went wild.

What are "Dick Cheney people"?


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so true

so true!

this is the best article i have seen yet...

obamacare IS romneycare- just ask the people from mass.
the GOP really DOES only care about winning...
Why there are still supporters of 'W' can only mean that they are in denial- after all, it was on HIS watch that the 9-11 attacks happened.

thanks for a REAL article!
gotta love "those Ron Paul people"!!!!!

roll on patriots...


Southern Avenger

gets it right!

Freedom is NOT free!