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Truthers are the real CONSPIRACY!

The neocons have planted all these truthers here to make the real Freedom movement and Freedom candidates look crazy. Prove me wrong.

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Proves my earlier point...

911 liars start most of the "911 conspiracy" posts on this website.

Watch "Accessory After the Fact". Without questioning the "official story," it still blows apart this "anti-truther" bigotry.

this is a truly pathetic

this is a truly pathetic thread. We know that the real enemy is scared of the truth. The enemy is afraid of us. We know that the Gov. Story is a lie. People are waking up in droves and there isn't a damned thing you can do about it. ..except make loony tune posts like this. LOL MK? LOL

"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that." — Alan Greenspan

Quit feeding the trolls!

Stop responding to these stupid theads. Just ignore them.

There is so much information available today that any

adult with the ability to read and still believes the official story of September 11, 2001 is one of three things. Stupid, lazy or paid.

uh, it doesn't work that way.

You made the claim. The burden of proof lies on you to support it, not anyone else to disprove it.

Once you present your evidence to back up your claim, then and only then, can anyone have anything of substance to challenge.

Without proof behind you, your statement is merely an unsubstantiated claim that no one need pay any heed.

Agreed 100% with the author of this thread!

Its funny how someone said "anybody who passed 5th grade science knows its an inside job...."... Its funny because a survey of truthers showed that a LARGE majority of truthers are under 29 years old. Also, truthers only make up for 11% of the population and of that 11%, the majority of the truthers believe Bush allowed 911 to happen, NOT actually orchestrate it. At one time the truth movement was roughly 30% of the population, but its gone down tremendously. Again, so if you are so special and know things that others dont, than how could "anybdoy with 5th grade science knowledge know its an inside job"? Give me a break.

Ron Paul 2012

Anyone who's passed 5th grade science

Knows that 9/11 was an inside job.


I'm found out! Well doesn't matter I was having Tea with Bush today and thought to myself the 200k+ a year Im being paid to try and make people understand simple physics is not enough, I cant help but think "wow how much must physics professors be make for entire class rooms in person!"

So I said look Bush I need 7 figures I know know real professors are make more than me they have to be and I and disseminating the exact same knowledge as them!

He refused the greedy old bastard, so quit, no more teaching simply physics to idiots on here for me. Yeah bite that Bush I know your reading this!

*rolls eyes* Shills are starting to get boring not even taking the effort to try and hind their true colors.

The Abuse of Greatness is when it disjoins remorse from power. - Shakespeare


It depends on what your definition of a truther is. Obviously, a "truther" is one that seeks the truth, but if your talking about people that pose as "truthers" to subvert the truth, then don't call them truthers. They are quite simply... Liars!



People really need to start reading the dictionary...we would be able to communicate a million times better.

Well considering Osama Bin

Well considering Osama Bin Laden worked for the CIA to fight of the Russians and like 90% of the American public does not know that simple FACT!!!! the only conspiracy is sheep like you holding the real revolution back.

My God. Help Us. Layers upon layers of more and more.....

nonsense. We can't even have a good conspiracy theory. Besides, "A good conspiracy theory cannot be proven", Mel Gibson from the movie "Conspiracy Theory".

Proof you are wrong.

I am a 'truther' and I have not been planted by anyone. I have looked at the evidence and decided based on that.

Consider how many people would initially balk at the idea that the national debt is impossible to pay off? Until we have real understanding of an issue we cannot make a good judgement of it.

I used to laugh at and ignore 'truthers', turns out I should've taken time to look at the evidence sooner.

Eyes on the Prize!!

Whatever the truth about 9/11, its determination is completely independent of the battle for Liberty. It is about fact, not Liberty. If you are wrapped up in "9/11 truth", then you are not fighting for Liberty, you are distracted or do not care about the real issue, Liberty.

There was a saying in the Civil Rights movement decades ago, when the enemy used all manner of distraction to foil them, as is being done here to foil Liberty:

"Eyes on the Prize."

I think that **some** of the "truthers" are also moles. And they are doing a good job of making us look like idiots and "kooks".

If you knew "the truth" about 9/11, but kept the Federal Reserve, would that be OK? If we got rid of the Federal Reserve, BECAUSE OF WHAT IT IS, would this affect 9/11? What is important here?

Let's deal with the real and most important issues.

It's all intertwined, liberty/freedom freedom/liberty.

The unveiling of truth is most important in a free society. And especially if that truth is being suppressed by that free society's government. To allow or do otherwise is not freedom but tyranny.

Oh please!

Everyone thought the Federal Reserve, the NAU, CFR, etc. stories were conspiracy theories when we first started talking about them.
There are serious questions that need to be answered about 911. People have different questions, but there are many that should be asked that should not be considered crazy. Just the fact that so many reasonable questions are shot down and the people asking are demonized is enough to question. People who are not in the freedom movement have questions. "Inside Job" should be avoided because it is an accusation. Not a question. That should only be said if it is proven. Other questions should be answered to dispell those thoughts. When an entire country is scared to death and changed by an event like 911 questions should be answered. Really answered. I think the ones who don't question while people continue to die are the ones with the problem.

I agree Chonk

I would especially agree with the '911 is an inside' job mantra is not effective with the everyday person/media towards 911 truth movement.

It is actually a hinderance to the movement to be shouting it as an accusation to people who have more than likely not done any research. This kind of megaphone shouting '911 was an inside job' drives away interest of the masses and keeps the movement labeled as 'fringe and kooky.'

Anyone with psychology, marketing and political savvy should already know this. Especially those in the media/radio community that do know better about public perception. That is why I have wonder at those that encourage this tactic instead of going about it in a more appealing and truthful manner. It does not make sense to me.

For example: I was at an End the Fed Rally once and there was quite a bit of interest from passerby and then here comes the '911 was an inside job' megaphone dude screaming at everyone and made the whole End the Fed effort look fringe! It was not appropriate and hindered the stated purpose of the Rally.

"I think we are living in a world of lies: lies that don't even know they are lies, because they are the children and grandchildren of lies." ~ Chris Floyd

Exactly chonk123

On 9/11/2001 when I was searching for my youngest son's body for 5 days and nights, I was convinced that the official story was the truth.

When I finally found my kid I was so fired up to kill anything that looked Middle eastern, my kid got so pissed at me, he told me to shut up. He knew the truth from day one and I compulsively believed George Bush's version.

Wow, you know it would

be good if you could share your story with us if it isn't to painful of a memory. As a parent thinking of this would be nightmare. The victims desire a FULL INVESTIGATION not circus they got.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."


Was your son in the collapse? Missing for 5 days?
I am so glad you found him. God bless. It must have been hell.

yeah the neocons are thinking ahead that far,LOL

Thats why 911 was so air tight,they covered all their base?s 3 planes 2 buildings?
Thats why we are a movement against the neocons ,because they are so smart?
Thats why they look guilty as sin?
Because they had the foresight to act like they had involvement in 911
(norm manetta) to plant people inside our movement?the same people that woke up because 911 are really plants by the neocons .
WOW what a shitty plan by such geniuses !
Only 5-10 % of people are paying attention in general too anything of importance ,
Your premise is most of us are plants,Ron Paul said half of his support in the beginning was from Alex"loudmouth"Jones
I am not a fan of ego's like AJ but the truth movement is not anything more then AMERICANS WHO WANT ANSWERS WHILE DINKS LIKE YOU ACCUSE US BECAUSE??? You act like we should divide our movement,I suggest you start with you ! Devil does the samething??? See how many join you .Call it the dailyantitruth.com
I want the truth no matter where it leads good or bad.I only have one question about your superior intellect sir/mam being you dont see people as smart as you very often? Why did only 16% of texans showing up to vote get blamed on the truthers?How did this help the neocons,or are the truthers really deeper cover???
Please enlighten me boy wonder?

You know, it's funny....

it seems more "911 conspiracy" topics at the DAILY PAUL are created by "911 liars" than "911 truthers".

Glenn Beck needs to be taken down


frankmcs, this is what courage looks like.

CAUTION: It's uncomfortable.


NO! the Truthers ARE NOT the real Conspiracy!

But I will grant you this, that many of the Truthers seem to have little or no common cense as to when to speak and when to keep silent.

A wise man knows, there’s a time and place for everything. Which means that all times and all places are NOT always the right time to speak, if you plan on getting anything accomplished that is.

The Winds of Change!

They're Just Despicable

I heard that somewhere, it must be true.

Rats in a sewer, how we despise rats. They'll be ratting on you next.. oh no, it can't be!

Keep your chin up, you have been forewarned.

Nothing like a Liar, in the time of need.

We need more Liars... And, it shall be.

A fortress of Truth shall not stand in our way, none of that shall we have need.

Thus, it shall be, if you continue in your ways..

Let someone else be your eyes, let go, be free, travel your unbroken road. And, do not see, the thin veil that has darkened thee.

I believe that you are

I believe that you are correct. While there are many sincere people who really believe that there were "explosives in the buildings", or some other irrational theory, the truth is, it is wacko conspiracy theories that are fragmenting us, and preventing us from attracting more Americans who value their freedom.

And there is no question in my mind that our opponents are the source of many of these crazy theories. The real question is, why do so many believe them?

The truth is bad enough. Our own politicians created that terrorists threat by intervention in Middle Eastern nations. They are certainly aware that there are intolerant, terrorist groups in that region. They surely knew that sooner or later one or more of these groups would attack us. And since they can't match American military power, they would use terrorism.

Our politicians are not stupid, even though they sometimes pretend to be. They know what they are doing. And they were all ready with their Patriot Act, and all the rest of the assault on our freedoms, as soon as the attack came.

There is no evidence of direct involvement by anyone working in our government in the 11 September attack. When people make these charges, they aren't taken serious by the American people. But, our politicians created the situation where a terrorist attack was inevitable, and that is what we need to be pointing out.

I have said it before, but it bears repeating. Let's stick to the real issues, the issues that Ron Paul addresses. Let's stay away from 911 Truth Movements, Chemtrails, and the "gold fringe on the American flag".

We will never make any progress as long as we entertain fantasies, rather than ther real issues. Not only are we wasting our resources, we are driving away good people.

Stick to the truth. Stick to what we all know to be true. Stay away from fringe theories.



Seek out the truth, just

Seek out the truth, just don't tie it to candidates or candidate web sites. This is a Ron Paul Website. He has repeatedly said that the truthers are doing him no favors. Does that stop them from trying to tie him to these issues?

Neo cons who can't handle a rational discussion process

Are definitely no asset to a legitimate liberty, peace, prosperity movement. They are actually the perfect tools for people who want to control the average human being and have their mind and spirit in bondage. You clearly don't realize it, but kowtowing to the desires of twisted individuals is NOT the way to succeed and eliminate darkness and ill in our country.

Having a discussion about a topic that has led to a decade of violent interventionist foreign and domestic policy on a political website is a VALUE not a negative. It will only be seen as a negative by people with a guilty conscience, people who don't want their unearned power disrupted, people who are feeling cognitive dissonance, or people who are general sell outs.

At one point, this country REALLY WAS the land of the free and the home of the BRAVE, but sell out chickens have been the undoing of that creed - which is only now being turned around by actual people with courage, integrity and independence.

Carry on with your dead end ideas as long as you want, you're just spinning your wheels with your finger in the dike.


Freedom - Peace - Prosperity