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Let's stop blaming truthers and Alex Jones wholey for Debra's loss!

I know there is a lot of sad and angry people today, I am one of them.

Politics is a dirty game and always has been and probably always will be. If you don't understand how the game is played you will never win the game you are playing.

Some fault is on Debra, she was not prepared to deal with off the wall questions, that's ok she lacked experience and she will only get better from it. This should have been expected considering she went on AJ's show. The MSM has done the same thing to almost every other person that has been on his show including Ron Paul, it is the guilt by association game, so be prepared to take the hits they are going to throw at you.

Stay focused, we have lots of other liberty candidates that need our help and if you are going to give up now then you lost already.

Everyone knows I am no fan of AJ any longer. He did in fact play a big role in circumventing Debra's campaign but he is not the entire reason she lost although he played a big part. I still believe AJ is controlled for many things he has done in this movement fall right in place with cointel, he seems to always drop the hammer and circumvent issues when we are making real progress and always at the point of critical mass. Do the research and decide for yourself.

We have no way of knowing for a fact that so called truthers sunk Medina, saying such a thing is irresponsible. I myself am a truther for I seek the truth about 9-11 but I look at only the facts that are in front of me, I don't speculate, The truthers that hurt are the ones the scream George Bush, Dick Cheney inside job without any facts whatsoever. AJ is at the forefront of this claim and is not taken seruiously by people still half asleep. People like Richard Gage and Bob Tuskin bring a great arguments for 9-11 with fact and a great answer when they are asked well who performed 9-11, they say, I don't know who did it but this is the main reason we need a new investigation. That is a logical position to take to present your case for 9-11.

We will win battles, we will also lose many more than we win but, winning and losing battles determines whether or not we win the war. Winning the war is the goal we strive for.

This world is a mean and nasty place and it will beat you down hard time and time again if you let it. It isn't how hard you can hit it's about how hard you can get hit and keep getting back up, keep moving forward, that's what winners do, they don't quit because they have been beat down. They get back up because they are fighting to win.

Everyone take a deep breath, take a few days off if needed, have a beer, whatever, and then get back up get your heads back in the game and let's win this thing 1 battle at a time. We can't change the past but we can sure as hell change the future for the better of this country.


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I agree with your

I agree with your sentiments...Politics is a dirty game..and I am terribly dissapointed.
But, I can't take the "don't blame anyone" mentality.
This was a direct assault on Medina by Blenn Geck and Alex Jones. They were both working to discredit her and make sure she didn't stop Perry's 50%...taken care of...
it's inside crap like this that makes we just want to stop the fight...(politically) we get undermined at every turn...Things will never change with the people who hold all the money, count the votes and control all the food...
It really pisses me off that we all know Glen Beck is an idiot and would throw us under a bus...But the arrogant pig headed Jones...who woulda thunk it...
this was deliberate...you can bet your patooty....it was all in the timing...first a push...hey every one write letters to Beck and tell him to put medina on....who's bright idea was that by the way???
the his discredit....and just to wipe up the floor with her...Jones takes a stab and then really twists it around a few times...
I'm really, basically just finished....with all the politics etc....
no man or woman is gonna save nothing...there is nothing to save...it's all taurus feces...

"and the truth shall make you free"
John 8:32

I disagree

I think blaming AJ is like blaming government for something they do. You are putting blame on something else other than yourself.

First off, Medina did flip flop a lot and even collectively called a group of people despicable for their ideology, so AJ did have a reason to be upset. Second, I doubt that AJ's show or even Beck's has that much clout to sway that big of a margin away from Medina. Even if it was a cointel plot obviously it didn't work for a bunch of his audience(like you and a lot of dp). And last, AJ didn't set it up; Beck and the other host brought up 9/11 to start it.

I believe we shouldn't dwell on this but learn from it to know what to expect in the future as it gets worse and work harder.

A century of manipulation won' t end in an evening.

It'll take a couple of months at least! ; -)

Think bigger, think a century of decades.

Here is some history from the BBC.

I watched this an am as hopeful as ever. I sensed the danger but this makes it clearer.

As long as we allow our collective unconscious to rule us through movements and parties, we will not know freedom.

TV and Radio appeals to that collective, woos that collective and panders to it at every turn.

TV addiction and how to tell it. If you can't take it or leave it, it owns you.

Free includes debt-free!

i totally agree with the topic subject

lets stop blaming each other.

i am not a truther, using the widest criteria that the label "truther" applies to, im not a truther.

i respect what they do and what they stand for.

i am disappointed in the people that are taking a rabid stance against the truthers, as well as the truthers that took a rabid stance against medina.

its exactly what glenn beck and the elite wanted.

we are on the same side, and when medina didnt say the things that some truthers wanted to hear, they should have humbly supported her anyway.

when alex jones said things medina supporters didnt want to hear, we should have humbly emailed alex telling him that we understand his disappointment, but to please consider that the elites are getting what they want by dividing us.

its one thing to harden the heart of your enemy.

its another to harden the heart of someone who could easily be your friend.

medina supporters and alex jones supporters should bend over backward for each other, even when there are examples of it not being returned in kind.

I love AJ supporters

Though I know AJ for what he is.

I love AJ supporters

Though I know AJ for what he is.

SteveMT's picture

Medina did in Texas what Perot was able to do nationally....

without Perot's money.

Defeat? Yes, that's is true, but there is now a real, not a theoretical, base to build on out there. Let's use that base.

Politics is not just a dirty

Politics is not just a dirty game. It is a "game" of deception and betrayal. It is a "game" of taking advantage of the gullible.

Everyone who is interested in regaining our freedom, in restoring Constitutional government, and returning to honest money, and ending the phony wars on terrorism and drugs, needs to understand on thing:

Our opposition, the people who are robbing us and destroying our freedoms, are manipulating many of us. There are good people within our ranks who fall for some really off-the-wall conspiracy theories. And many, if not most of these theories are invented by our opponents.

What better way to divide us, and to prevent us from attracting more Americans concerned about their freedom, than to have some of us advancing bizarre theories about explosives in the buildings?

Instead of working to abolish the Federal Reserve, we waste time and resources debating the merits of fringe theories. Do you hear Ron Paul talking about "explosives in the building"? Do you hear Ron Paul talking about chemtrails? Do you hear Ron Paul talking about the gold fringe on the flag?

I can remember 15 years ago, it was "black helicopters". The term "black helicopters" became a joke. Instead of fighting the real battles, many people who express concern for their diminishing freedoms, were more concerned about the black helicopters. They took themselves out of the fights, and probably stopped many more good people from joining us.

My point is, the crazy theories are being manufactured by our opponents. They have think tanks paid for by your tax dollars, to come up with wacky ideas like this. Why do some of you people fall for them?

If you are serious about your freedoms, stick to the issues that Ron Paul addresses. Anything else is at best, a waste of time. More likely, it was invented to neutralize our efforts. Don't be a neutralizer - stick to Ron Paul's issues.

"Blaming the truthers"

is just another part of the neocon ploy to limit and frame the debate via their "Political Correctness" tactics.

The neocons started this Political Correctness doctrine regarding 9/11, in order to make questioning them "off limits".
And so their minions continue to run around trying to shut off debate on this subject, via the same kind of Political Correctness tactics, wherever they can.

Whether they realize it or not, they have been duped and manipulated by Political Correctness tactics, and they then try to use those same tactics to silence others.
Pretty simple, really.
And totally lame.

The truth is that any of our "freedom policies or positions" could be framed as "kooky" by some segment of the "mainstream", and they frequently are, too.
But, the "closet neocons" only focus on this ONE issue for silencing it. It's the only one that they feel compelled to silence.
Ever notice that?

If you aren't getting "flak", then you aren't over the target. Remember it.

Good summary.

If you aren't getting "flak", then you aren't over the target. Remember it.

Free includes debt-free!

I will never again visit or support any AJ site or product

He has shown his true colors as and paid shill using covert tactics to damage or control the liberty movement while his overt counterpart beck is no different just alt. tactic.

Never again...

"Human beings with love and compassion are some of the most beautiful creatures in the universe... Those without are a plague on us all."

Who is paying him to "damage

Who is paying him to "damage or control" the liberty movement?

I'd like to see some actual proof of your assertions. If your evidence is he got angry at something Debra Medina said, then please stop wasting our time.

I think

he is paying himself. No fight to fight, no dvds or books to sell.

"It could all be preventable, but we yield to the temptation of a free lunch." Ron Paul

Right on

AJ seems to be a walking blob of a psyop.

That's putting it mildly.

That's putting it mildly.