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The Guardians of the Republic Project, MUST Read !!!

I received this email on Sunday night. Please note 2 links to the audio of an internet radio show that explains this in further detail. This organazation will not publically anounce the dates and specific details for obvious reasons.

To our friends everywhere,

We thank you for your kind words after last night's broadcast of TAKE NO PRISONERS. Apparently the nation was mesmerized by the response already received in very high places to The Restore America Plan.

If you have friends or family who don't quite understand the importance of the Plan to save America and the world from catastrophe, or fellow patriots who are addicted to being in opposition, we suggest downloading the broadcast and motivating them to give it a listen (links to the download follow).

They will hear, from the horse’s mouth, how the EYES OF THE ENTIRE WORLD ARE UPON US, as tragic events unfold around the globe. They will hear about troop activations and offshore positioning. They will hear about troops who are rejecting the call to martial law. They will hear how the people in power are NOW ACTIVELY SEEKING THE SOVEREIGN PEOPLE to save the world from disaster.

And if they still have any doubt that THE MARCH 31 DEADLINE TO AVOID CALAMITY IS VALID here’s a Citibank alert notifying customers of withdrawal restrictions to begin April 1...“Effective April 1, 2010, we reserve the right to require (7) days advance notice before permitting a withdrawal from all checking accounts. While we do not currently exercise this right and have not exercised it in the past, we are required by law to notify you of this change.”

Thanks to a listener, here are links to the broadcast February 21, 2010:

Hour 1

Hour 2

Folks, in a few short weeks, every republic will have a duly seated de jure grand jury and chapter of the Guardians of the Free Republics. Then just SIT BACK AND WATCH THE PLAN UNFOLD as the era of illicit corporate governance comes to an end.

Thank you for reading and would you please CIRCULATE THIS EMAIL FAR AND WIDE.

Peace and Grace to all,

Tim Turner
Tom Schaults
Regan Dwayne
Sam Kennedy


Here are links to the January 31, 2010 broadcast sent in by listeners:

Hour 1:

Hour 2:

You can also download the broadcast or listen on the Internet at: http://republicbroadcasting.org

Or listen in real time at: http://educationcenter2000.com/The%20Final%20Remedy_Sam%20Ke...

Dr. Sam Kennedy
Republic Broadcasting network
The Save America Crusade



- Ending foreclosure and bank collection actions immediately (our first and seventh directives)
- Ending tax prosecutions immediately (second and sixth directives)
- Ending invasions, prosecutions and detentions for fictitious crimes against the state that lack an injured party other than insurrection, treason and frauds against the United States (third and eighth directives)
- Ending molestation on the byways (fourth and ninth directives)
- Production of sovereign identification and passports that do not proclaim subject-class citizenship (fourth and ninth directives)
- Restoration of the trappings of proper de jure governance (fifth and tenth directives)
- Restoration of the common law of the Land (third and eighth directives)
- Reigning in of the admiralty color-of-law venue to the high seas (third and eighth directives)
- Restoration of the proper de jure judicial institutions such as the district court of the United States and the one supreme Court as constructed and restrained in the Constitution for the United States of America, c. 1787 (Phase 2, thirteenth through fifteenth directives)
- Re-absorption of the de facto judicial aberrations such as USDC into the de jure institutions (Phase 2, thirteenth through fifteenth directives)
- A PERMANENT TERMINATION OF TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENT OUTSIDE CONSTITUTIONAL LIMITATIONS beginning with voiding of the Downes v. Bidwell monstrosity (Phase 2, eighteenth directive)
- Arrest and shackling of the District Court of the District of Columbia (Phase 2, sixteenth directive)
- Recognition of sovereign status in the police databanks of the land (fourth and ninth directives)
- A lawful and orderly removal of the corporate state as the ruler of every aspect of your life.

All to be accomplished – with your help – BEHIND THE SCENES, lawfully, peacefully, without violence and without risking civil war.

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thank god

an armed rebellion is just what this leviathan of a govt wants. that would only justify them spying and taking away more of our liberties.

while gandhi wasn't perfect, he did it right.

Latest info does not look good for RAP

Restore America Plan - Sam Kennedy EXPOSES Tim Turner and Guardians

Link to sam's show:

Guardians of the Republic = Big problems behind the scenes


"Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you." -- Patrick Dixon

drama involving the RAP


This is regarding the signatory I was discussing below. He was removed as a Grand Juror, and now appears to be trying to throw Tim Turner under the bus?

With Your Help

The lawful and orderly removal of the corporate state as the ruler of every aspect of your life can only happen by instituting a De Jure Grand Jury, as opposed to a Grand Jury organized in a county which reports to a Federal Judge.

As a Juror in a trial setting, when it comes to your individual vote of innocent or guilty, you truly are answerable only to GOD ALMIGHTY. The First Amendment to the Constitution was born out of this great concept. However, judges of today refuse to inform Jurors of their RIGHTS. The Minneapolis Star and Tribune in a news paper article appearing in its November 30, 1984 edition, entitled: "What judges don't tell the juries" stated:

"At the time of the adoption of the Constitution, the jury's role as defense against political oppression was unquestioned in American jurisprudence. This nation survived until the 1850's, when prosecutions under the Fugitive Slave Act were largely unsuccessful because juries refused to convict."

"Then judges began to erode the institution of free juries, leading to the absurd compromise that is the current state of the law. While our courts uniformly state juries have the power to return a verdict of not guilty whatever the facts, they routinely tell the jurors the opposite."

"Further, the courts will not allow the defendants or their counsel to inform the jurors of their true power. A lawyer who made ... Hamilton's argument would face professional discipline and charges of contempt of court."

"By what logic should juries have the power to acquit a defendant but no right to know about that power? The court decisions that have suppressed the notion of jury nullification cannot resolve this paradox."

"More than logic has suffered. As originally conceived, juries were to be a kind of safety valve, a way to soften the bureaucratic rigidity of the judicial system by introducing the common sense of the community. If they are to function effectively as the 'conscience of the community,' jurors must be told that they have the power and the right to say no to a prosecution in order to achieve a greater good. To cut jurors off from this information is to undermine one of our most important institutions."

"Perhaps the community should educate itself. Then citizens called for jury duty could teach the judges a needed lesson in civics."

The creation of a De Jure (lawful) Grand Jury is what needs to be in place now and each state has a Coordinator to do just that. A De Jure Grand Jury acts independently and does not report to a Federal Judge or any judge for that matter, appointed or elected.

Please watch this video http://www.documentarywire.com/john-harris-its-an-illusion to familiarize yourself (if you haven't already) about the difference between Statutes, Regulations and Common Law and feel free to sign up here http://www.restoreamericaplan.net/ no matter which state you live in and might be considering becoming a De Jure Grand Jury Member or Alternate.

The changes outlined in the Restore America Plan will not happen by osmosis or in a vacuum.

It takes active participation and with the creations of 50 De Jure Grand Juries: "the buck stops" with you! It is in this setting that each JUROR has MORE POWER than the President, all of Congress, and all of the judges combined! Congress can legislate (make law), the President or some other bureaucrat can make an order or issue regulations, and judges may instruct or make a decision, but no JUROR can ever be punished for voting "Not Guilty!"

Any JUROR can, with impunity, choose to disregard the instructions of any judge or attorney in rendering his vote. If only one JUROR should vote "Not Guilty" for any reason, there is no conviction and no punishment at the end of the trial. Thus, those acting in the name of government must come before the common man to get permission to enforce a law.

Never doubt that a small group of concerned people can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.

latest info....

Some purported 'hard dates' mentioned in the second video.....


The latest link to the RAP



"Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you." -- Patrick Dixon

I guess

we'll see...

april 26-28th...

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do you see anything yet?


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stillllllllll nothing

*gets out binoculars*

"You underestimate the character of man." | "So be off now, and set about it." | Up for a game?

*also looks...*

~ not on my radar... (yet anyways...)

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why does the Hague have anything to do with this?

how could any decision it makes affect anything here?

Good thing 5-day cancer cures and infinite energy devices were mentioned too, otherwise I'd think it was just a placebo to tide people over before something unimaginably terrible happened, just at the time they might be able to do something about it!

"You underestimate the character of man." | "So be off now, and set about it." | Up for a game?

There is only one group

There is only one group really covering this topic. There are more audio's on this stuff and Sam Kennedy is on every Sunday night at 8pm eastern time.
Just go here and listen

But we've been watching them for a while now and they seem to be the real deal.
Here's the latest audio up to today.

I was listening to an audio

I was listening to an audio recording of Sam Kennedy a week ago and he was talking about working closely with the Social insecurity Administration, and that they were going to pay everyone's debt for them.

I am begining to think this is a scam. Why would they be working with one of the worst parts of our so called Government and why would they pay off everyone's debt? This does not look very promising.

This an extremly long audio, 2 1/2 hours.


Somewhere in there is the part where they talk about the SSA.

There is no Left or Right -- there is only freedom or tyranny. Everything else is an illusion, an obfuscation to keep you confused and silent as the world burns around you." - Philip Brennan

"Invest only in things that you can stand in front of and pr

I have

listened to every interview I could find, read every document pertaining to RAP, read up on the Constitution, etc...
My understanding is that Social Security will continue, at least for awhile. I also understand that other programs like welfare/Hud, etc. will very very slowly be phased out...remember that this is supposed to be an 8-10 year plan, combined with slowly re-educating 'We the People' as to what true sovereignty is, etc. They (RAP)want no chaos; they (RAP)want a peaceful transition. They (RAP) are not going to take away people's livelihoods. There has been mention that due to "birth certificates" being bundled and traded on the stock markets, that "we" all have money that is rightfully ours. Perhaps in later dispensing this money that is rightfully 'ours', while slowly re-educating people to the fact that with freedom comes responsibility.. is when these other programs would be phased out.
Of course, as stated previously, I am not 100% convinced as to the veracity of RAP, but remain ever hopeful...and constantly look for little (and big) changes...
I know all these unusual MSM broadcasts this week captured my attention: Ratigan's "Fed Ponzi scheme"; Ratigan's Congress/lobbyists spells doom Muppets plus follow-up broadcast, Beck's broadcast today, stating, "I want the military under civilian control", the "fluoride is a toxic poison" broadcast...

O.P.O.G.G. - Fighting the attempted devolution of the rEVOLution
Ron Paul 2012...and beyond

They won't go quietly

It looks like to me that the federal government is working to paint the Guardians of the Republics as terrorists and participating in illegal activities. Here is a recent article from the FBI that talks about it. http://www.fbi.gov/page2/april10/sovereigncitizens_041310.html

From what I understand, they are using lawful means of trying to restore the United States of America to a constitutional republic and eliminate a government that operates under a corporate identity of the "United States." There has been no acts of violence or terrorism by this group that has surfaced, but this FBI article tries to make it seem like they have.

From one of the broadcasts talking about the Restore America Plan, the Guardians filed a court case against the "United States" corporation and won in the Hague. I tried to find something about this case, but found nothing. Anyone know any details about this or where to find the ruling?

Not much is being released about the developments of what the Guardians of the Republics have accomplished, but they did show that several States have changed their letterheads and websites to lower case font. Also, many States have had emergency meetings and increased security. What I have been able to see interests me, but the information seems to be limited.



"Ehhh, What's ups Doc?" B.Bunny "Scwewy Wabbit!"E. Fudd
People's Awareness Coalition: Deprogramming Sequence


Hoping to see proof this is for real.


"Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you." -- Patrick Dixon


because passoapasso just ran a script posting a gazzillion posts.

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Common law...fathers own their children as property?

So I have a question. I happen to know one of the people who is a signatory of the RAP. He is not someone that I would want representing my interests, to be quite honest. He has domestic issues regarding his children, and the Mother's have resorted to legal paths to seek help from his aggressive threats and harassment. This plan is something he is quite excited about and thus has been bragging about his participation in to the Mothers for a while now. One of the things he has brought up to the Mothers multiple times is how he can't wait to show up at their door with a Sheriff to take away his children from their Mothers and "see the looks of pain" on their faces as he does this. He says that under common law, children are lawfully property of the Father, and the Mother only has rights to her children if she lives with the Father.

So with that information, is this true of common law? And if it is, is this okay with everyone? I am all for improving our Government, I agree completely that it is corrupt with corporate greed and war for profit. I just want to understand better what some of the unpredicted consequences of this plan may be, should they succeed.

what?!! maybe you ended up on

what?!! maybe you ended up on the wrong thread or forum or something?

No, I didn't end up on the

No, I didn't end up on the wrong forum. I know this may be trivial to some people, but this is what one of the signatories of the Restore America Plan is ranting about. Under common law, it is his understanding that children are property of the Father. According to him, once they succeed in their plan, all BAR members will be fired, and the court of equity (which includes all statute law) will be dismantled. We will return completely to common law, according to this direct source. This is something I'd like to understand better, that's why I'm asking this here on this thread.

I have the feeling that

the signatory has a rude awakening coming. But that doesn't discredit the endeavor just because a weird story is floating.

If I remember

correctly during one of the numerous interviews I've listened to, it was reported that Bar attorneys would be taking oaths and would become Attorneys-in-Law. They are now Attorneys-at-Law. As far as your other allegations concerning your friend taking his children away from their Mother--sorry, but, with your 10-hour membership, I just don't trust your intentions. I have been chasing this subject since about March 28th. I have seen ongoing attempts to derail the topic a lot the past few days at other forums. Thus far this Plan seems very well thought out; it's alleged to have been in the making 10 years; it is alleged measures are in place to cover/repair any ensuing problems...like for instance, women voting. So if you really do have such a friend, with such dishonorable intentions, he is sadly mistaken, I believe.
For anyone interested, Tim Turner will be on talkshoe tonight 10:15 PM Eastern...

O.P.O.G.G. - Fighting the attempted devolution of the rEVOLution
Ron Paul 2012...and beyond

I understand your concern, I

I understand your concern, I know how things work in forums, and yes I did just join to ask about this. I've read up on the Ron Paul forums occasionally for a while now, I have great respect for Dr. Paul. I'm not a big forum contributor in general though. I just began doing research on the RAP online and decided this thread may be a good place for me to get some perspective on this intention he has. Since I found out about the RAP to begin with through this signatory, and I don't know many other people aware of this plan outside of the internet, asking here is as good a place as any. He has youtubes and a pirate radio show where he currently is open regarding his involvement with the plan, but I'm not here to out him personally, not trying to trash him. I just wanted someone elses take who knows more about the plan than I do, besides him, regarding this one aspect of it's outcome. Anyway, this is a pretty personal issue, not trying to take away from other aspects of this plan by dragging on about this here. Thank you for your feedback.

Injury and Remedy

I understand your concern about this. Historically, the braggart you mention may be right about the property of children. However, a lot has changed in 200 years for us as a society. The Common law basically has two components: a claim of Injury against another party, and a request for Remedy - that is, a ruling by a jury that will make up for the Injury caused. The standards applied in the jury's decision are the customs of the community as it operates today, not 200 years ago. Since most people today believe that spousal and child abuse are no longer acceptable behavior, he would still be responsible for those types of injurious actions toward others. That's the beauty of common law - there are no statutes or technicalities to hide behind. Each case stands on its own and is judged by the facts.

This is my understanding of the common law. If I'm mistaken about this interpretation, then please enlighten me.

It seems that he's been told

It seems that he's been told to keep more mum on the RAP, for now, or so he's been telling people. However he is still on his radio show, telling listeners that within the next month he'll be going with a provost marshal to the homes of his children and taking them away. He states that the basis will be that the children are in danger because the Mothers keep them from him. However they have valid reasons for doing so, and he could change that situation if he really wanted to in a reasonable manner. With that...this guy is quite vocal about RAP and to have him associated could be a bad thing. Perhaps there is someone within the plan that may want to know about this signatory and his intentions? I may get painted a disinformant here...however I am just concerned for the Mothers involved and their peace of mind. One of them has an injunction on him and he still violates it. I know sovereigns, as he claims himself to be, do not entertain statute law. However when a person is pushed to feel like they need to protect themselves and their children, it can certainly chase people into a legal situation.

My feeling is that this guy is going to make RAP look pretty bad if he doesn't stop being a braggart about it so visibly, with such selfish intentions.


You people really are not falling for this are you?

You would really follow someone that would threaten the governments as to fall prey to the likes of the terrorist provisions in the Patriot Act.

The misconception is that we are stuck in this corporate De Facto Government, this is far from the truth. It is only by contract we are "subject" to this De Facto Government. The Republic is still alive and it is the people of the Unions who have left the Republic, but, by deception of the DeFacto Government. A true sovereign national (free person in his own state) is in the hands of each individual who wishes to obtain the status and by such action of each individual, Our true DeJure Government can be obtained. The contracts I refer to as, each of us being "subject" to this Defacto Government can be nullified. There is a dual citizenship which "must" be addressed first. I will refer you to the links below to further your education and knowledge. Most importantly the book entitled, "The RED AMENDMENT"

Home Page; http://www.notmygovernment.us/home/

RED AMENDMENT, Great Read! http://www.redamendment.net/home/

Free Preview of the First Chapter, http://www.pacinlaw.org/pdf/tra/The_Red_Amendment_PROMO.php


Regaining The Republic

Thanks for the info RJ. You

Thanks for the info RJ. You just gave me another piece of the puzzle. Still have many more pieces to find.

There is no Left or Right -- there is only freedom or tyranny. Everything else is an illusion, an obfuscation to keep you confused and silent as the world burns around you." - Philip Brennan

"Invest only in things that you can stand in front of and pr

It is live right now...

I am still open-minded and hopeful in their success.

Just got done listening.

I agree. I'm supportive of their efforts, as long as it's non-violent, which it has been so far, and I sense no indication of it ever becoming violent. This whole thing is so interesting, and for me it's sparked an interest into common law.