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I'm not a Texan, but I would vote for White

No, this is not a "lesser of two evils" vote. Its a "f*** you, Perry/Beck/Palin" vote!

We are trying to take back the GOP. White does no damage to that goal. Perry does irreparable harm to that goal, and sets himself up to be a GOP presidential candidate with another win. Perry is the product of the Glenn Beck/Palin hijacking of the tea party movement. He is repackaged neo-con goods.

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There will be another liberty candidate. Vote for him or her. Marie Marsh for one. Here, use this:



check her out. thanx!

"It could all be preventable, but we yield to the temptation of a free lunch." Ron Paul


I guess I'm not the only one that had that thought.

I don't think perry started moving against the EPA to get votes in the primary, I think he did it to scoop up Medina supporters after they were left with nothing to vote for but spite.

"It could all be preventable, but we yield to the temptation of a free lunch." Ron Paul

Your dang right Ill be supporting Bill White !

Today I get a letter from the Texas Gop titled lets come together. It talks about how KBH put up such a valiant fight and now its time we come together blah blah blah. Not even mentioning Debra Medina . I shot back that since the Texas GOP doesnt even mention Debra in this sappy letter I guess they dont want our support. I want to apologize to the rest of the country folks. Today I am totally embarressed to be a Texan.

Silly Texans!

They are going to reward the gop and perry for giving them more of the same old shit.

This is just like any Paul supporter who was stupid enough to vote for MkKKain who ended up supporting the Liars, Cheaters and Thieves. Those idiots just had to be a member of Team Corruption.


Perry does NOT believe in freedom

look at his positions on Gardasil and eminent domain.

I don't know enough about White, but if I were a Texan I wouldn't vote for that neo-con tool Perry, that's for sure.


Freedom - Peace - Prosperity

My wife and I...

... will vote for White. Payback for the Glen Beck ambush.

Plano TX

I would too

whats the difference?

Freedom is NOT free!

O boy...here we go again.

Now it will be WHITE worshipping for months & months...complete with the "money bombs" and movement splitting troll action around the clock...

Have at it guys...more mental masturbation !!!

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I take it you came to this

I take it you came to this conclusion based on the big "Obama Money Bomb" we had after McCain became the nominee?

Ventura 2012

hell no.. we don't need to

hell no.. we don't need to help white's campaign at all. i don't know anything about him but i assume he's about as bad as perry. but at least perry wouldn't win. it's all about shaking up the system right now. if our liberty candidates can't win, make sure the incumbents do not survive. we need fresh faces at all costs.

He won the Sustainability Award

if that tells you anything and he is the biggest land grabber since, I don't know, some statistic, he obviously doesn't oppose toll roads. They say he is another Obama including the ears.

can Debra run as an Indy?

or is it too late for her to register? Be nice to have a second shot...

Fight them with every means available.

Screw the banker owned establishment.


perspective on hindering Perry run for higher office.

not a bad idea

what have you got to lose if you live in texas?
at least it would go along with "anti-incumbent sentiment"

f-up the system, it can't get much worse...

It doesn't

f the system to vote White!!! White is part of the system. See that is where everyone has always screwed up voting for the lesser of two evils. THEY don't CARE which way we vote, they have their bases covered.

Vote Mary Marsh.

i wasn't suggesting ignoring

i wasn't suggesting ignoring a possible liberty candidate. i just didn't know if there was one. in the absence of a liberty candidate, voting against the incumbent is the next best option.

Actually her name is Marie Marsh

But here is the list of "applicants for the job."

Let's use this and try to get behind someone, JUST ONE person. and get them in.