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The Vultures are Circling and Attacking here on Daily Paul!

They don't seem to understand that our expectations are low as we have been in these trenches before with Ron Paul. We understand the political tricks to attempt to discourage and distract us from our mission to restore Liberty throughout the land! No matter how many new users appear to attempt to divide us, we will stay strong.
We will march forward with the freedom message and continue to educate the people.
Texas is just a superficial wound-- a small scratch or a skinned knee, not a mortal wound! Vultures are cowards, and we will rise up and shake them off.

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Faulty metaphor...

Vultures don't attack. They circle high above, looking for dead things. Then they swoop down and feast on the carcasses they find.

Okay, maybe not a bad metaphor after all, because we aren't dead, and we aren't rotting carcasses either. The way to surprise and scare off the vultures is to not act dead, to refuse to be victims.

Moral: if it smells like a troll, rise up and fight back. There are a lot of people here who are plenty smart enough to do just that...

Malo periculosam libertatem quam quietam servitutem. ("I prefer the tumult of liberty to the quiet of servitude"). Thomas Jefferson to James Madison, 30 January 1787.

True about vultures

And one thing most people don't know is that the Bald Eagle also feeds on dead carcasses if they are available rather than going to the trouble to humt a meal.

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Troll Dissection 101: the most effective troll of all

This group (hillbuzz) is different from us politically, but they, too have to deal with an influx of ne'er do well trolls ... learn about these tricksters' duplicity ...

"... This is a troll who goes out of its way to say how much it agrees with you, and how they think some specific action item is “a good idea”, BUT the troll then launches into a plea to convince people to not do that “good idea” and instead keep doing the things that have never worked, and will never work, because then energy and activity is diverted essentially into the toilet.

That would be Mission Accomplished for the troll…to break focus, splinter an effort, and rechannel activity to where it will do little or no good ..."


Thanks for the good link.

We have seen this time and again on DP. The voice of "reason" is suspect at times.

"Reason" quote

There's a quote somewhere in my head and I don't know where I heard it, where it's from, or what it is lol... BUT

It' goes something like...

A guy is saying another person or group will use "reason" and... platitudes? to lure and conquer.

Wish I knew the quote. Had the word "Reason" in it, that they will use it... and I *THINK* the word platitudes was in it... if not, something that means that basically.

Sure wish I could remember it. Might be from a movie or something I just can't remember...

C.S. Lewis quote with reason and platitudes

If we are to have values at all we must accept the ultimate platitudes of Practical Reason as having absolute validity..."


That wasn't it, but I loved the screwtape letters and chronicles and... well... guess I've read and liked most his works lol...

The quote was something like "they'll use reason and platitudes to enchant us and conquer us"... *something* nefarious like that...

ahh well. Now I've got screwtape on my mind. :P

A clarification:

I hope we can always have discussions on Daily Paul as that is how we learn. I may not always agree with you--but I will fight for your right to make your point.
The vultures I was commenting on are the ones that I suspect are paid to come here and cause dissention.
It was pretty obvious that the object was to attack our morale and cause us to be discouraged and give up. We, as a community, rose up and shook them off with positive encouraging posts.
Reality is that the NWO plan is well entrenched and our elections have been taken over by Diebold, paid shills, and the controlled news media.
Until we can get back to paper ballots, hand counted in our own communities with safeguards, we will not win elections.
My personal view is that I will continue to work on all fronts--educating the people that are just now realize that something is very wrong!
First and foremost is to educate my family and friends so they will be prepared for what is to come.

The vultures have always been here.

They come out more visibly periodically, when they get their marching orders, but remain as an under-current in between.

Some are old names that have been here for a long time.
Some are new names that are just beginning.
Some are re-treads which have been here repeatedly under several names, and come back after repeated bannings.

They're not vultures,

They're armed drones wearing eagle carcasses.

Does truth matter at all?

Can we look at what happened and at least ask the question - "Maybe she ought to have stood up for truth?" or are we clinging hard and fast to "Lie to win" as an OK slogan for our candidates?
And while we are talking about truth, are we ever going to do anything about vote fraud?
I guess I am just a troll now, I have had enough of banging my head against the same wall - I am least going for a new kind of headache.
WE ARE NOT GOING TO WIN ELECTIONS. We do not have the fire power to win by force. We need to just change they way we live, and stop supporting ANY of their games.
Medina was not a truther, I am glad she lost.
Here is the silly thing - in 6 or 9 months, you all will realize it, finally. Maybe then you folks will realize truth and I are your allies, not trolls.

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

The truth pretty much sucks, doesn't it?

There will never be, nor can there ever be, a path to liberty via the political process.

And you're right, liberty isn't to be fouund using violence either. The answer is to simply stop giving into the extortion demands and live as free as you can. If enough people did this... you know what'd happen, and so does the government. That's why the government works so hard at making examples of those who do so.


There will never be, nor can there ever be, a path to liberty via the political process.

Stef just posted a new video on this very topic.

Cool! Thanks for posting the link.

I'll have to go watch that.

Maybe we should take it as a sign

People are stepping forward and making their own remedy.

This democratic corp just keeps letting us down.

I will not ask for permission.

It is time to just choose something else. We don't need to fight against anything, just create somthing else and quickly...totally without creating any conflict. Totally inclusive, profound, joyful.

It's happening....We don't need them..we don't need them.

An email from Debra Medina:

A huge Texas thank you to all who worked so hard to get the freedom candidate elected as governor of this great state! I cannot tell you how humbled I am to have been able to carry your banner forth. Even though we didn't win this battle, we will not give up fighting for the people. We will be ever vigilant to hold our elected officials responsible.
What We Texans have accomplished has not only caught the attention of the nation and the world but it has inspired as only truth can inspire. We have not lost hope. We have energized and will strengthen our resolve to fight another day.
I will concede to the loss of this battle but I do make concessions that reduce this fight to the level of mere sport. Our freedom is being stripped away and I will not apologize on behalf of my countrymen that our message was any less than what the originals Founders were fighting for...our Life, our Liberty and our property.
To whomever wins the Texas governorship in November, the eyes of Texas will be upon you.
God Bless Texas,


is not a wound at all. It's all part of a learning process. In the long run, Mrs. Medina has advanced our cause considerably. Just like it was with the RP Revolution nationally, I believe much good in terms of positive policial action will come from this in Texas. I'm also grateful to Mrs. Medina making the huge sacrifices she did to make America a more free place.

Vultures fly away when the lions show up.

I am thinking the same thing today

As I have been on DP since a couple months of its founding I have seen an ebb and flow of troll behavior. Today seems to be one of the heavy troll days.

Most likely because DP gets so much traffic. I looked up the Becksters site the912project.us and there is no comparison on the amount of visitors.

i understand what you're saying -i think...

but - go ahead and write that to debra medina

"Texas is just a superficial wound-- a small scratch or a skinned knee, not a mortal wound!"

if i were her and came here and read that after i had worked my ass off - it would really upset me.

that's a very cruel statement to be made when there's a good chance she will read it!

Ron Paul is My President

Sunny, I hope she wouldn't take it that way.

I think Debra Medina is so inspirational, and I believe she would have at least been in the run-off election, if it hadn't been for the dirty tricks.
This loss in Texas will not stop what Debra Medina aimed to do in Texas, but it will delay it a bit.
The votes on the ballot measures show that Texans are waking up and wanting freedom from interference by the federal government.
Looking at the big picture, the forces for Liberty can't be stopped, and Debra gave her all for Texas and for the world. I am sure she will continue to educate and influence.
I am pretty sure she can see the big picture--after all, she knows Ron Paul and has been in the trenches for a long time.

If Medina....

If Medina doesn't understand the victory she has accomplished in electoral "defeat" then she is not smart enough or strong enough to be fit for political office.

She understands though...

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

The Establishment....

The Establishment (Dem/Repubs+media+corporations) are scared to death of us.

They aren't necessarily fearing that we will win elections. And I personally don't think we will ever be successful at it. But that we will become self-reliant and independent of their system.

That we have guns to defend ourselves, that we are growing our own foods and the ability to manufacture on a local level and establish our own markets. They are afraid we are figuring out that it is perfectly legal for communities to establish their own local currencies and that the internet and cellphones allow us to set up sophisticated systems of barter.

They are afraid, and rightfully so, that we are rapidly evolving our own social and economic structure to the point that we won't need them anymore. Pure and simple.

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~


I think you've got the truly BIG picture in mind. If major technological developments (printing press etc) lead to revolutions...then we're only now beginning to see the possibilities our internet powered world is capable of. This world will never be the same...lets make sure its for the better!

Great Comment!

I absolutely totally agree with that.

Watching the Bernie Madoff scandal last night was the just another knife in the back.

We are all moving rapidly toward establishing powerful local communities.

I can tell you, where I am, all the events are coming together. We have all the right contacts and information to do some major things in a matter of months which includes large amounts of financial generation and beneficial commercial activity empowering honorable-determined-community-minded peoples to do some major shifting.


Let the REAL revolution begin! ;)

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

If they aren't going

to do it...WE WILL!!!!!

I am watching "Behind The Big News: Propaganda & the CFR

Right now, and it explains dirty tricks by the media.
I used to be skeptical that ALL the news media could be controlled since there were so many newspapers and TV and radio stations.
This documentary explains it and has some great investigative reporting.
Since I am older, I remember many of these news stories and can see how we were manipulated into thinking the wrong thing.

Century of Self by BBC


Free includes debt-free!

Excellent documentary...

I place it in my "Top 5" required viewing.

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

The antidote is Carl Jung

It not as well done and hard to understand the accents. Freud rejected Jung's work. Jung suggested we could avoid the collective unconscious (the mob) by exploring our own unconscious. Being free is the riskiest task the self faces.


Free includes debt-free!