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More Neocon Spin from Dave Weigel

More Neocon Spin from Dave Weigel

Ron Paul Crushes Three Tea Party Foes
By David Weigel 3/3/10

Weigel writes:


"The much-discussed primary challenge that Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) faced from three Tea Party activists ended with a whimper last night. Paul won 80.8 percent of the vote against Tim Graney (9.7 percent), John Gay (5.3 percent), and Gerald Wall (4.2 percent).

Hours before the polls closed, here’s how Politico handicapped it:

"The question is whether he’ll win the nomination outright with more than 50 percent or be forced into a runoff. If a Conservative Political Action Conference straw poll victor like Paul — who has built a career out of trying to shrink the size and scope of government — is held to a modest mid-50s winning percentage, it might serve as a flashing sign of caution for other GOP incumbents facing tea party-oriented challengers.""

Well, so much for that. There was even more hype about a possible Paul embarrassment in 2008, when a pro-war city councilman challenged him and convinced some conservative bloggers that Paul was beatable. Paul crushed him by 40 points. For all of the whining about his alleged unpopularity in the district, Paul has a fantastic operation there.

Jonathan Martin has more on the inability of Tea Party candidates to live up to the hype.

According to the Weigel spin, Ron Paul was not a tea party candidate, the three neocons who claim they went to a few tea party rallies, are real tea partiers.

What a load from Weigel.

Watch out for Weigel. He is a snake in the grass. He is a phony libertarian and would be worse than Glenn Beck if he had a bigger microphone.

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Did Medina win Ron Pauls district?

If she didnt we have a big problem.

I haven't seen the numbers,

I haven't seen the numbers, but I suspect she polled better than average in Paul's district, although I doubt she beat Perry anywhere.

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to the link below, the 14th District is comprised of these counties:

The 14th Congressional District has been changed considerably by federal redistricting. Effective for the 2004 Elections, the 14th District includes 10 counties: Aransas, Brazoria (except the city of Pearland), Calhoun, Chambers, the western half of Fort Bend, the eastern half of Galveston, Jackson, Matagorda, Victoria, and Wharton.


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