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Got This On My Door *Update*

Reply Letter:
http://bayimg.com/image/halglaace.jpg <---*Update*



Never had one of these at my house entire time I have lived here. My house has looked worse than this, and not a complaint one from the county.
Is this even legal? Are your counties becoming nit-picky about your property? I think they are looking for fine money.
So they came around, and basically said I need to do some touch up painting, and that I need a re-inspection done, but it does not say what happens if I don't.
What should I do? Have you dealt with this before.
My county is hurting for money, and I think this is why they are doing this all of a sudden.

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What does this have to do with the OP?

I think you may have misunderstood.

You fight for the right to embed, and yet you don't like the answers that come from it.

Hey You Joke riceowlex Made A Comment About Agenda 21

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The OP is looking for a solution ...

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.Cincy..Capell. says:
27 Aug 2009 at 12:43 am | #

I’m responding to your post Mr Scott Ryan, I’m not a ‘moderator’. And many people post to this site (and practically every other website) in case you haven’t noticed. Why is it that every thread that Mr. Scott Ryan posts to seems to become an endless chain of nonsensical ramblings by Mr. Scott Ryan? Seriously, WTF??

The Rhino Archives on the Cincinnati Beacon

Well of course he

wouldn't tell me what government agency he works for..

"I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man."
-- Thomas Jefferson


Government agents don't work; unless you consider turbulence, contention and the production of endless paperwork to be so.

Is Agenda 21 a conspiracy?

Anything that 2 or more people conspire to do is a conspiracy. So if just one person thought something up and is implementing it all by himself then it wouldn't be a conspiracy but still could be devious. With Agenda 21 I can guarantee there was more than one person who created it so yes, it is a conspiracy, just like almost everything that is anti-liberty. As a matter of fact, even things that promote liberty are conspiracies because it's mostly groups of people fighting for liberty. Now if you said "conspiracy theory" I would say no it isn't, because Agenda 21 isn't a theory at all. It is real and you can read the official text about what it means in many places. If there were no conspiracies do you think we would still have to be fighting for our liberty? Get a clue.

Among other things I have a CBO certification ...

(Chief Building Official) ...

And the fact that it came from a county and not a municipality makes it more important or, at least, gives it more weight.

I have several questions ...

And I can talk you through any violations if you, in fact, receive "orders".

Let me know if you wish to discuss this.



This is what they mailed me. Does not mention what code or ordinance I'm breaking.
It's not that I mind sprucing up the place, but what if I call for re-inspection, and they keep finding stuff wrong with my property.
It should be at my own leisure when I fix it up though. I could see if the house was dilapidated but coming after me for some peeling paint is stupid, and a waste of taxpayer money.

Everything you said, I agree with ...

But that may not be what the code says.

If you get a personalized letter indicating orders ...

Let me know.


Is that usually the next step? Getting a letter with orders in it?
Thanks for taking the time to read my topic.

It depends...

Some areas take a pro-active approach ...

some are 100% complaint driven.

Housing codes can be serious and if ignored ...

criminal charges can be assessed.

I am not going to ask you any questions that may reveal your particualr situation ...

But be careful ...

And I have a feeling I can help you if actual orders are addressed to you.

Until then ...

You are free to live free.

God Bless.

A Question

Say I fix what they say in the report (Paint). When I call for the re-inspection do I have too let them on my property or can I make them do it from the street? Like they did when they first inspected it.
I ask this because if they come, and go around the property I guarantee they will find more wrong with it around the back that they couldn't see from the front yard. We haven't touched up the painting because I have heard that paint does not stick well in cold weather.
How does no trespassing come into play?

Do not !!!!

I repeat ...

Do Not ever let them on your property.

If this is a single family, owner occupied property, never give them permission to access your property.


If they have merit they will not ask.

If they do ask they are without merit and they will be defeated in court.

Also ...

Orders are orders and they should not add violations to those orders without merit.

It sounds like the zoning code and housing code in your area may be enforced by the same official, but there are large differences between the two. One deals with safety hazards and may be retroactive and the other is merely an effort to encroach and has no merit under the law.

Usually a paint order pertains to non-weather resistant wood or iron rich metals. There are safety hazards with respect to these items and if you are in an urban environment, these issues should not be ignored. Your insurance co. will not want you to ignore them as well.

Do your duty and allow the inspection to occur from the public access.

Never let them on your property.

Absent a warrant, they are not legally allowed on your property unless you give them permission.

Got A Reply Letter


From the head building official.
Not very informative on what exact code I'm breaking.

"These reports ask for your cooperation in correcting identified items."

Does this mean this is a voluntary request?

First of all ...

Have they informed you of the appeals process?

Second ...

Usually, a paint order is only for non-weather resistant wood (weather resistant wood would be cedar, redwood, treated pine, etc.) or iron rich metal (metal that can rust). Have you asked them to be more specific? Ask to meet them, but be very specific that you will meet them at the side walk. Have them call you via cell when they arrive. And make this request in writing via e-mail or letter. When they get there, simply ask them to clarify and put it in writing. This will allow you gage who you are dealing with. And never answer any question that you feel uneasy about answering. Simply tell them that all you are seeking is clarification on the orders.

Third ...

Usually, this is legal, but they must follow the law. Paint orders have been upheld in court as a hazardous condition. All buildings require a permit to be built and as a part of the permit, the property owner promises to maintain the property. That is how it is done.

Fourth ...

whether you are going to do the work or not, stay in touch with them. Every thirty days, the computer program prompts them to inspect. If you give them an update and request an extension, usually they will grant this, especially if it was a proactive inspection as oppossed to complaint driven.

Fifth ...

Most code enforcement devisions are, in fact, simply seeking compliance and do not wish to impose a fine or additional penalties, but simply use the threat as a tool to achieve compliance.

Sixth ...

I need to know where you are going to go with this if I am to help you further. Are you wanting to comply eventually or are you going to fight this? Either way, I can help you, but that does not mean you are going to be successful.

Seventh ...

Technically, they could add aditional violations, but they would have to start the whole process over and if this is not some rogue code enforcement unit, they simply are looking to close cases. That is a good question to ask the inspector when you meet him. If there is a threatening tone to his comments, ask him for his e-mail address, summarize your conversation to him and copy his supervisor requesting a response in writing. He will either deny this, then you have a record of this and they cannot pursue further violations, or he will be a dick, at which case you will win your appeal.

Showdown at Genny's


Check out the FaceBook page "Showdown at Genny's Diner" in Louisville Kentucky.

Also, Google "Genny's Diner" for more information.

Clearly this is not "your grandfather's America"

Code enforcement is just intimidation

Almost none of it is actually enforceable. They send letters asking for compliance, if there's no compliance, they send another letter. Usually after 4 or 5 letters, they try to go to court, where it can be continued at least 3 or 4 times by either party. In most cases that get that far, the property owner knows the game and makes one minor improvement, thereby killing the old complaint and starting the process over again. I've been involved in a lot of these cases. People hate living next to slobs and try to use the power of government to make them clean up, it rarely works.

I have personally witnessed ...

People sent to jail for 6 months for code violations.

I don't like it one bit, but it is a fact.

So, as you can see, I respectfully disagree with you on this.


This is a whole neighborhood inspection not from a complaint.
Thanks for the advice though.

I got one once...

They were "cleaning up" the area
and they wanted me to paint.

I used clear varathane! ;-)

I took pictures and receipts to the hearing and the "inspector" was amazed. He says nobody ever responds to their notices.

Here’s what you need to do.

Go to the County offices (County Seat, I guess) you want the building department or what ever they call it in your county. Bring the nice Green Tag with you.
Ask to speak to the head of the building department, show him the nice Green Tag and ask him for a copy of the building ordinances, with the penalties, that require you to make these improvements to your home. If the ordinances require you to make these improvements, then you have a choice. You can make the improvements to your home and bring it back up to code or you can fight it. But don’t ignore it because they will cite you and fine you if you do.

The Right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be Infringed!
"You cannot invade mainland America. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass." Isoroku Yamamoto, Japanese Admiral


Our county has the codes, and ordinances online, and I found one on property maintenance inspections but it applies to places that have 20 or more people in one structure.
They also have some on blighted or bawdy properties, but I need to see how they define both of those words.
I will probably email them about what specific code I'm violating.
We are talking about just a little bit of peeling paint here not a ghetto dilapidated house. One of the better looking ones in the neighborhood I might add.
If I'm looking at the right codes it says fines of $2500 they can forget getting that out of me.

Didn't you know...

It's called Agenda 21. Now by the warm and fuzzy name of "Sustainable Development." Coming to every neighborhood soon.

What is Agenda 21?:

That crazy Alex Jones

talked about this sort of thing.

Jones must be a Catholic, Zionist, Neo-Con, globalist, lizard-man agent after all.

Uh... the U.N. talks about this sort of thing

Mostly they talk about it because they actually wrote it.

Does that make everyone that works at or attends a U.N. meeting Alex Jones?

I have no idea what you are saying here.

Here's the thing

They will give you time to fix whatever they find so just get it done. City governments are getting creative to raise funds since so many people are unemployed losing their homes and struggling to eat. The feast is still on the working.

Fees - Approved Fixers

They are going after fees. They also will say that to avoid a future re-inspection you have to have the work done by one of these approved servicer (happen to be firends of the mayor).

They can condemn sidewalk "squares" and curbing. That is one of their favorites.

Revenue - Revenue - Revenue.

on the backs of the working

because government MUST GROW!

can't see

I can't see the notice.

In my city, violations for things like weeds and "junk" motor vehicles are almost entirely complaint-driven. That means if nobody complains, there is no enforcement. Can't say that is the case in your county, but typically counties would be even LESS likely to enforce proactively because they have so much more territory to cover.

So I guess what I am saying is that the chances are pretty good that a neighbor complained.