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Got This On My Door *Update*

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http://bayimg.com/image/halglaace.jpg <---*Update*



Never had one of these at my house entire time I have lived here. My house has looked worse than this, and not a complaint one from the county.
Is this even legal? Are your counties becoming nit-picky about your property? I think they are looking for fine money.
So they came around, and basically said I need to do some touch up painting, and that I need a re-inspection done, but it does not say what happens if I don't.
What should I do? Have you dealt with this before.
My county is hurting for money, and I think this is why they are doing this all of a sudden.

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What happens when you click on the link? Do you see a blue rectangular piece of paper? If you see this you have to go over to it and click it to make it bigger.
I don't think this is a complaint from a neighbor, this is likely a whole neighborhood crackdown, or possibly more widespread.

Sounds OK to me.

Just obey the government official(s) and everything will be just fine.


You could call them and inquire ask about the laws, ordinances, fines, criminal or civil etc.

P.S. I would not identify yourself as they may retaliate against you.

P.S.S. FYI the header is sarcasm.

Do you live in an HOA or

Do you live in an HOA or other covenant controlled community?


No we have an association but it is voluntary.
We are not members by the way if that matters.

So then no one has the legal

So then no one has the legal authority to come on your property. Post a no-trespassing sign and greet them with a 12-gauge shotgun when they come around.

I doubt they will bother you much after that


I told you all about my back yard experience.

Do not confront a code officer that is not on your property..They can arrest you for a State stat. of interfering with their job. 2 years, possible..They will not come on your land ..They take their spying equip . to your neigbors prop. I believe you can kick them off of your property..The police will back them up so beware..Verbal interference can also get you in trouble ..I had to plea a lesser charge , which was all bogus ..Your friendly neigborhood District Justice is not your friend..I'm a long time excellent citizen that they screwed with..I live on Main St & never had a complaint..Warrents are needed to get onto your property.

If there is a next time I will up the anti..


On the picture I posted it says they look from the street, and do not come on your property only what they can see from pulling up in front of your house. I think they are trying to keep property values up so the taxes stay high.
Thanks for the advice.

It for the same dam- people we bailed out

Building Developers want high dollar values maintained.


Our association successfully fought a developer that was planning on building low income apartments a few years back. I wonder if our neighborhood is getting payback. I live in one of the oldest neighborhoods in the county, and our property assessments had one of the highest increases, and the homes are really not worth what they say they are. Seems like they are gunning for us for some reason.

I wouldn't read that into it..

It says they will inspect property that is viewable from the street or from the front yard...in other words, what people can see of your place from the street while passing by. It doesn't say they can't come on your property for a closer look..

The whole rear of your house could need painting but if it's not viewable from the street it doesn't seem to matter.