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FROM HOUSTON TEXAS... Thank you Michael Nystrom, DP moderators and everyone here!

Your support of us in Texas was certainly more than I ever expected.

I am sure Dr. Paul is proud of all of you for coming together in this way to lend support for the ideas that he has invested his life in.

As we grow this movement I believe that it is the responsibility of all of us to support key Liberty candidates throughout the nation as we are ourselves able.

Instead of trying to "pick the lessor of two evils" in a local race, I commit to everyone here that as I can afford it I will give meaningful financial support to races throughout this nation where I see an honest big "R" little "l" candidate in need.

If we will all increasingly do this simple thing, we will have an impact greater that anything we can do by ourselves locally.

Finally, thank you Debra for running a race that I could never run myself. You have exposed Glenn Beck for the !@#$ %^&* !%@^ $%#^ pundit that we all knew that he was.

More than that, Debra has brought many more individuals into our camp and extended our reach far deeper into Texas and grown our grassroots further across all of America. As Ron says its all about ideas. Debra is a champion of these ideas!

Thank you Ron Paul, and thank you DEBRA MEDINA! But mostly thank you Michael Nystrom, DP moderators and everyone here!

You were there for We Texans when we needed you most.



Washington's Cruisers

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From Austin... the echo is

From Austin... the echo is heard and amplified....