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Nothing like getting sued for being eco-friendly and saving money; from the taxes they pay.

Some Southern California cities fine residents for watering their lawns too much during droughts.

But in Orange, officials are locked in a legal battle with a couple accused of violating city ordinances for removing their lawn in an attempt to save water.

The dispute began two years ago, when Quan and Angelina Ha tore out the grass in their frontyard. In drought-plagued Southern California, the couple said, the lush grass had been soaking up tens of thousands of gallons of water -- and hundreds of dollars -- each year.

They said they were trying to do something good for the environment.


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Maybe the county

can rescue their baby from such a criminal way of life.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

I wonder, were people in government always this

F&*^(n stupid?

"Compliance, that's all we've

"Compliance, that's all we've ever wanted," said Senior Assistant City Atty. Wayne Winthers.

Seems all they really want is people who obey and never question authority...