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I'm an Economic prisoner of the USA

The more I think about where this country will be in just a short time, the more I'd consider moving to someplace like the Dominican Republic (which uses the US dollar so might not help any way)

But even if I were to move out of the country, unless I renounce my citizenship, I'm still stuck paying Federal income tax and medicare and SS....plus taxes in the Dominican.

The Gov't already takes 65% of everything I make one way or another and it's spending way more than that. It feels like I'm a economic prisoner. As far as I know, other countries don't make their citizens living abroad pay federal taxes, but i could be wrong

Are there any other ways to free myself without renouncing my citizenship???Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Maybe I'll go live with Jim Rogers

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David Tanzer

Google David Tanzer. I have been receiving his newsletter for a while now. He is a lawyer that specializes in offshore investing/living. He has a few books too, I think.

Thailand is the only other

Thailand is the only other country that charges taxes to it's citizens living abroad. They got the idea from the US.

Before the US, the two most notable countries to do it were Germany in the 30's and 40's and the USSR.

There is no realistic way out of it. It's gotten so bad for people living abroad that many banks won't let US citizens open accounts.

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I still have

to pay us federal taxes and SS and medicare plus Panamanian taxes. That does not really help.

How can escape withgout having to give up my citizenship

Underground economy

The future is in the underground economy.

Panama is a much better choice. They have a wonderful....

retirement program for foreign retirees (namely the U.S.). And you can still get a one half acre piece of caribbean waterfront property (land) for around $25,000. Similar to Costa Rica some 25 or so years ago.

...as you drive your leased Lexus



Not sure where you got that, but what would that even have to do with anything he wrote about?


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