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Political Test, Find Out If You're a Liberal, Conservative, Libertarian, Statist or Centrist


I took this test several years ago and was surprised to find out that I was not a Conservative, but instead I was a Libertarian.

Just took it again and am still a Libertarian. lol

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Those questions need some serious rewording

The libertarian answers are favorably written, and the "wrong" answers are obviously written how libertarians view the other political philosophies. Not favorably.

But hey, if sways a few more towards libertarian ideas, more power to them.

Center Top

Guess that makes me a Fat Corner Libertarian...lol

and on political compass posted below ... I took a couple years ago. If I remember correctly, I was 3 or 4 down and 3 1/2 or so to the left of Mike Gravel. Then again it was 2+ years ago...lol

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Not the best quiz

I ended up pure libertarian.
But the test seemed a little preachy to me. I'd rather see one that has simpler, less preachy answers, like the National ID Card question had.
And the answers on the corporate welfare question were inconsistent - some referred to individual welfare, but not all did.
Yes, I'm a bit anal about these things. I admit it.
But OK test anyway.
Is this the same test Glenn Beck was promoting a few days ago?

I don't watch Beck any

I don't watch Beck any longer. But when I was Goggling something else this test popped up. And I remembered taking a while back.

Just thought others might find it interesting. I know I did the first time I took it.

Not sure how you read these

Not sure how you read these but I did it couple of years ago. Next block to right of lib tip.

There is another test, some ways better than this one, http://politicalcompass.org

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"Socialism needs two legs on which to stand; a right and a left. While appearing to be in complete opposition to one another,they both march in the same direction." - Paul Proctor

Not a good test

I agree there are some aspects to the test in your link that are better, but for the most part, the questions leave way too much room for interpretation.

It seems the OP's test link is designed more for educating people about libertarian ideas than for analyzing someone's political leanings. The test in you're link seems to be a little more careful about not trying to lead the questions, but I found many of the questions could be taken different ways and so I was unsure exactly what the question was asking and thus wasn't sure how to answer. I guess no test is perfect.

Tip top

of the Libertarian section. Who da thunk it? lol