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Dick Cheney, D.C. Neocons and AIG Going All-in For Rand Paul's Opponent!


Cheney's aides. D.C. neocons holding conference calls with Grayson. Calling Paul being a U.S. Senator from Kentucky unacceptable. Another big bailout ball for Grayson on February 23rd (supposedly the day Grayson passed the two million mark):


"DAVID ADAMS: One, I'm not Congress. And two, the biggest bailout recipient in U.S. history [AIG] can do what it wants, but when it wants to bail out a U.S. Senate candidate, I think that's worth mentioning."

We have less than a week to spread the word. We're in the 300s in pledges. Please don't sit back and expect Ron Paul to magically wave a wand on March 23rd and make it all a big success.


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