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"How I Ran a National TV Ad for $100" - Google TV Ads

Here is something useful I found on Lew Rockwell:


Could very well be used to perpetuate liberty.

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If this is still possible...

now is the time to jump on it my friends. http://www.google.com/ads/tv/



i vote

front page material.


running for office right now should use this!

Freedom is NOT free!

Are we on this?

This is terrific. _ This post has the video embedded.

Check out http://iroots.org/
"If you’re into political activism, at least for Ron Paul if not for anyone else, I strongly recommend spending some time with iroots.org." - Tom Woods

Better Than A Sign Wave

If we all spent our gas money on the ads, instead...

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

This is Awesome!

I wonder what kind of censorship they have?

Would they let you run something about the hard facts of the Federal Reserve Bank? Such as them engaging in fraud and counterfeiting?

Or how about an ad about 9/11 showing the witness testimony of explosions going off in the buildings?

This is great

I hope this gets used immediately. We need a site with commercials contest we can vote for and chip-in or moneybomb to.

Exercise Your Rights. If You Don't Use Them, You Will Lose Them.
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So...when's the DailyPaul ad

So...when's the DailyPaul ad going to air? I would gladly chip-in for that.

Bad Idea

This site is fine for those already hooked on Paul's message, but to those that aren't...no offense to Nystrom or the good people here, but this isn't very polished. I have seen the 911 posts get censored (won't get into how I feel about that). But this community just isn't ready to be the welcoming committee to people.

Face it we are all really crazy to the majority of americans. For starters how many political figures get treated to a site like this? Someone that doesn't know about the cult is going to think its a cult because they just don't understand.

I am all for creating liberty oriented commercials. Heck put out an ad for the "fear the boom and bust" hayek v kaynes rap. Or show some clips ben telling us everything is going to be ok and somebody else telling it like it was. They will find their way here when they are ready to be updated on what is going on in the liberty movement started by RP. Or how about one telling everyone they are getting played like chumps if they think Iran has nukes and Obama is just acting like Bush. Heck If someone made it I would buy into it huge...the one about how Israel treats Palestinians and how many nukes they have.

I can strongly disagree.

If your expectations are low, you will be amazed what you discover at Daily Paul.

I knew very little about Ron Paul when I came here, except that I had seen him as a strange old figure in the Republican debates. I had been cheering on Romney and had even voted for Romney in my primary. I was pretty ignorant, had relied on the mainstream media, and had never really been interested in politics.

It was not Ron Paul that got me here, it was using Google to search for news on the FLDS raid in Texas. Daily Paul was the only website in the world that had all the details, contact information, people involved in the FLDS crime, and constant updates all in one place! The FLDS raid had nothing to do with Ron Paul, it was truth I was seeking, and I found it at Daily Paul.

After deciding to register and participate for a while, I started an amazing discovery of who Ron Paul is. I got involved with voting, donating to candidates, attending Ron Paul events, even running for a county seat. All this is less than a year and I had never heard of Ron Paul before.

In the mean time, I had been ignoring the 9/11, fluoride, gold, vaccination, and health food threads on Daily Paul, as much as I still ignore the Chem-trail threads today. However, one day I had some time, and actually decided to read a well-written 9/11 thread on Daily Paul which pointed out some major problems with the official government story on 9/11.

This lead me to research 9/11, and I began reading the 9/11 Commission report, the NIST reports, watching the video evidence, and studying everything I could find. Eventually I ended up talking with the head of the NIST investigation myself, and submitting evidence. Contacting the various agencies involved, I could see there was a clear cover up of the evidence. 9/11 was not being investigated, it was being covered up by the government agencies tasked with investigating!

I spoke with the Inspector General of the Department of Commerce which the NIST is an agency of, contacted the DOJ, and filed a complaint in person with the FBI, asking them all to investigate public corruption with regard to the 9/11 investigations. Once again, I had found the truth on Daily Paul, it was the posts from fellow members that was enough to get me to eventually take a serious look and get involved.

And it doesn't stop there. At the Daily Paul, I've been inspired to learn the truth about other things too, like fluoride, vaccinations, the Iraq and Afghan wars, history, assassinations, oil, the Constitution, law, the court system, politics, gold, the media, corrupt politicians, and much more.

The greatest asset Daily Paul has is the truth. I do understand the reasoning, but it is a shame to see it suppressed, especially after my experience of learning the truth here.

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He's the man.

I have one, but I'd need to change the music

My music license doesn't cover network distribution.