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Tom Woods on NPR's On Point Debating States Rights & Nullification

Before health care reform passed last weekend, Virginia and Idaho had already voted to defy the law. Now, dozens more states have movements to pick and choose elements, or reject it outright.

“States’ rights” is suddenly an opposition rallying cry. And not just on health care. On gay marriage and marijuana and gun laws, and more, states have been flexing their own authority.

Maybe it’s a source of creativity and strength. Maybe it’s a not-so-slow-motion rebellion.

This hour, On Point: states’ rights, in the health care debate and beyond.

Article here

Direct link to audio stream here.

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tom woods on npr

this was such a great discussion!

i learned a lot from tom woods here. great counterpoints by woods!

i love how the host made a subtle comeback

when this caller said he didn't want any handouts from the government. he just went "well there might come a time when you think different" and cut him off before he could respond. typical technique by someone who takes little value in words and promises because their own words and actions hold so little accountability, principle, and research back-up. it's sort of like poorly educated parents who aren't accustomed to being responsible for their own actions respond to something when they are caught in a bad act: well, when you grow up, you will understand. pathetic.

that was painful

that was not a debate program but more like a controlled propaganda event. the show has a horrible format specifically designed to stifle any deep debate. most all the callers/sheeple seemed very uninformed and stuck in the left right paradigm.

tom woods was great, when he was allowed to talk.

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It is torture listening to Tom Woods on NPR. Its almost as though they carefully chose him to be a straw man to knock down at a critical moment in history.

There is no getting around the reality that so long as there are open borders, there can be no diversity. Borders are the defining character of diversity because when we talk of diversity, it is meaningless to speak of anything but a diversity of environments.

The open borders pseudo-libertarians infesting the Campaign for Liberty are opposed to any real diversity because what will inevitably happen if borders are not enforced is that the worst will be full of passionate, invasive vibrancy while the best lack all conviction since they are denied the one thing that is truly required to be an individual sovereign over his own territory: challenge to single combat to the death and death to anyone shrinking from the challenge to be executed by anyone at anytime in any manner. Pseudo-libertarians pay lip service only to individual sovereignty. It is a con and NPR has guys to call in to raise the jig.

If you read nothing else, read this: A Contract Between Americans

There is a large left-wing

There is a large left-wing group to engage our ideas in the comment-page!

reedr3v's picture

Tom did so well in extremely

frustrating circumstances. The moderator was irresponsible to allow the discussion to veer into innuendo and outright smears of the liberty movement. tom stood up and insisted on at least a brief comeback, but the "moderator" rushed on and let most of the attacks stand.
Of course the government apologist was given two thirds more time than Tom was allowed to speak, even thought the law prof had the usual weak and off target arguments.

Tom was frustratingly short

Tom was frustratingly short on comment/rebutting time.

Well, what do you think about that.....


I think many of his comments

I think many of his comments had me wanting to scream at my computer saying "come on Tom, correct him on this crap"

I second!!!!

I second!!!!

I like Tom Woods Mind

but this OP Thread proves my point.

"The Constitution is not Clear Enough" therefore we must create a new document; because Corporatism is held aloft by the Oath to an unclear Constitution.

In that Constitution there must be no mechanism of voting or lobbying and no "rights" for any group, states, owners, or workers.

Otherwise you get perpetual war. Just like the above debate -- there were no clear winners.

Don't miss it..

Thoroughly enjoyed the above audio 'debate' and Q&A
an excellent discourse on the nullification and Federalist issues
Tom Woods did MORE than just hold his ground,
his 'opponent' and Duke University Professor of Law,
demonstrates the compounded historic 'twisting' and
perversion of 'Original intent'...
a great comeback by Tom Woods on his opponent
trying to invoke Hamilton's arguments btw.
Great job Tom. Booyah!


you so much for sharing this. Many of the comments are "sad", imo...

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5 stars

bump - Thanks.

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