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Et tu, Mr. Puplava? I thought you weren't part of the MSM

In this week's (5/21) Big Picture (24 minutes in) he has a q-call about Ron Paul - he responded: (24:50)

You know dave, he would be my favorite candidate for the presidecy, he's one of the few people in congress that understands, he'd make a great president, but at this point independent candidates have not done very well and I don't think we're quite ready, it's, it's basically we're locked into this two-party system, unfortunately and, you know, I'd love to vote for Ron Paul but it would just be sort of a vote that you know probably woudn't get counted because - ah - it would take away from the republican candidates. I just don't think he has a chance although he's a bright guy - one of the brightest figures in congress in my opinion, but we're not ready for Ron Paul yet...

Ron Paul is running AS A REPUBLICAN. Not an independent. He is working WITHIN the TWO PARTY SYSTEM. How can you take away from republican candidates by voting for a republican who is running in the primaries or caucus?

Doesn't he read the news?

If he thinks he doesn't have a chance for other reasons, fine, let him explain, but Paul isn't running 3rd party, or as an independent.

I think an email or call to clarify or correct things is in order.

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Ron Paul the Independent Republican

M. Raborn
The comments expressed above are the typical views of the Republicans who put party above their country or their Constitutuion. Yes, Congressman Paul is running on the Republican ticket (as he has done in his Congressional races) but he honors our Constitution more than he bows to the party line and for that reason, party Republicans do not consider his a real Republican. However, by following the party line, these Republicans who care more about the party than they do their country are driving thier own party to a place of irrelevence or even worse, total disrespect. They had better hope that Ron will continue within the Republican Party as he may be their only hope of holding on to the executive branch of government, as it appears they will loose the House and the Senate for some time into the future. While most citizens are not as liberal in thier views as the Democratic Party, at least the Democratic Party admits to being in favor of big government and the need for higher taxes. The Republicans have spent years running on less government and lower taxes, while in actuality they have intruded onto our lives where even Democrats would fear to go and their spending is totally out of control. Yes, Ron is running on the Republican ticket, but he is not your typical Repbulican...I guess one could say he is INDEPENDENT. He is a proven product with a tried and true public voting record. What he says is how he votes! How refreshing!
Ron Paul for President in 2008! M. Raborn

M. Raborn

New Poll for Ron Paul

World net Daily has put up a specific poll just for Ron Paul. The poll is to see if Paul would be considered a viable candidate.

So far, the response with 2000 voting has been very good.

Please go to and cast your vote.