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Tea Party Sign Workshop, Take it Back from the Palin Tea-o-Cons

I wanted to resurrect this thread as the day approaches, a place to post ideas for signs. Tea Party day will be an orgy of national media, and a big chance to sow true Tea party, anti-Tea-o-Con messages. Below are are some ideas for starters. News FLASH: authorities have cut down all the trees around the Boston Fed near South Station. I don't have a cellphone camera or I'd post a pic. Anybody close enough by to take a photo of the stumps? It's true, no kidding.

It's as if they are expecting trouble. Of course they won't get it, and who cares about the trees? The taxpayers paid for the first batch, and they'll pay when they decide to replant them. Pure waste.

"Bill of Rights Forever."

"Repeal the Patriot Act"

"Repeal the Military Commissions Act."

"No search without a warrant"

"To uphold, protect, and defend..."

"Non-intervention, Bring the Troops HOME!"

"No foreign entanglements"

"The Founders would not like warrantless spying!"

"George Washington Did Not Torture!"

"Constitution, Bill of Rights Forever! Ron Paul for President!"

"Habeaus Corpus: An American Right."

"Neo-cons are not Republicans"

"Tea Party Hijacked by Neo-cons"

"Beware the Military Industrial Complex- President Eisenhower"

"Rand Paul 2012"

"End the Fed"

and of course, 911 Truth.

Let's take our movement back on the national media. It will provide commentators with grist for the mill for days.

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Those are really good.

You are so right, a good sign can become a rally cry.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

am i missing something? do

am i missing something? do you mean perhaps april 15, tax day? why the 14th?

Palin's event in Boston will be on the 14th

according to the Herald piece.

"Palin also plans to star at the Hub rally when the Tea Party Express descends on Boston April 14."

So that's where the television cameras will be.

A man who views the world the same at fifty as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his life.
-- Muhammad Ali

Yeah! Vote for Rand Paul!..............ugh....wait...

....didn't Palin endorse him?