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Myths some libertarians (yes, libertarians) hold about government

- we are the government
- government exists to protect our rights and or liberties
- the politicians need to remember that we "hired" them, thus they are responsible to us...(lol)

Feel free to post anymore that you can think of!

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can't think of any, but I've

can't think of any, but I've got quite a few anarchist myths :)

Ventura 2012

Someday soon I'm going to

Someday soon I'm going to write an essay about how even hardcore libertarians use the language of the state when talking about the state, and at the top of my list is this use of the word "we" when talking about something the state does, i.e., "We invaded Iraq..." Really? I had nothing to do with that, so speak for yourself, pal. Irks me to no end.

Also hate use of "country" in lieu of "state" or "government." Plus any reference to the state as a "necessary evil."

WE the People are responsible for our own Rights, defense.

The gov't is supposed to be limited by what is forwarded to them by the individual & States..Jurisdiction begins with each individual & it is forwarded to & through the State..So ultimately WE are responsible for our own security from an oppressive gov't..Did you learn anything about a Republic ?
Of course those in power want you to surcum to the idea that they control your destiny..They do not teach individualism & your responsibiltity any longer ..They want the control..It's been this way from the Garden of Eden..You fight against more than flesh & blood..If you want to keep & enforce your rights..
I'm afraid the Spirit of the majority has been compromised ..They have been turned into MOB rule ..LAWLESSNESS.
THE lawless one is on the loose..LOOK UP.