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Tea Party Questions for Political Candidates

Tea Party Questions for Political Candidates

By Paul Beaird

(author of The Freedom Philosophy)

For weeks in a row Rasmussen Reports has had survey results showing that more than 50% of the American public is opposed to the Obama socialized medicine bill coming up for vote in the US House of Representatives. Do you see medical care and its financing as properly in the free market, or do you see a role for government in delivering or financing medical care for Americans?

It has been calculated that, if a senior on Social Security had been allowed to put his money into a simple interest-bearing savings account over the course of his working life, he would own the money in that account and be able to draw considerably more than he gets today in monthly Social Security checks. Will you propose legislation to phase out the Social Security system?

It is commonly understood that the Federal Reserve System is not a branch of the federal government, but a charter granted to private owners, some of them Europeans. Will you propose legislation to abolish this monopoly over our nation’s banks?

The US Constitution expressly prohibited the federal government from imposing a direct tax on persons until this was changed by the 16th Amendment. Will you propose legislation to repeal the 16th Amendment and the income tax?

The US Constitution specifically mandated that the currency of the United States be backed by gold and silver, so that the purchasing power of the nation’s currency could not be reduced by inflation, wiping out the savings of our businesses and our seniors. Will you propose legislation that restores backing of the US dollar by gold and silver?

Since its beginning in 1945, the United Nations has depended largely upon the contribution of funds from the United States. Yet, the UN insists on treaties that give away our nation’s waterways, our ownership of firearms, and it hosts Muslim and Leftist tyrants who denounce America’s prosperity and freedoms. Will you propose legislation for the withdrawal of the US from the UN?

Under America’s anti-trust laws, a business can be fined or broken up, or its leaders put in jail, if that business charges a lower price than its competitors, charges a higher price than its competitors, or charges the same price as its competitors. Will you propose legislation to repeal the anti-trust laws in order to restore a free market for our businesses to function in?

Believing that the federal government could not be trusted to keep itself within the limits of the Constitution, the Founding Fathers included the 9th and 10th Amendments in the Bill of Rights. Will you support State sovereignty as a way for the people to keep the federal government within Constitutional limits?

Benjamin Franklin is said to have told a woman, at the close of the Constitutional convention, in 1789, that the Founders had given us a Republic, if we could keep it. The Constitution commits the federal government to providing a Republican form of government to the people within each State. What is the difference between a Republican form of government and a Democracy, and which do you favor?

The Declaration of Independence says that securing the right of every person to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is the reason governments are instituted among men and it does not state any other purpose for people to create governments. Aside from prohibiting people from using force or fraud, do you favor limiting the government itself from interfering with the people’s freedom of choice and action?

It is the view of many Americans that most of the laws of the United States, now, go far beyond the authorizations granted to the government by the US Constitution. Will you, if elected, commit yourself to a program of repealing laws to restore this government to Constitutional limits?

Recently, the President of the United States authorized Interpol, which is not a US law enforcement agency, to conduct its activities within US borders and not be subject to federal, State or local laws. If elected, will you promote legislation to revoke this grant of immunity to Interpol?

If elected, will you use your office to favorably influence the support of Israel, both its right to exist and its present borders against its self-declared enemies?

Since one of the problems with a government that regulates the nation’s economy is that our elected officials have little or no knowledge of free market economics, please tell us what courses in the study of economics you have had and name the economists you agree with.

Do you hold that each person’s life, liberty and property are sacred values belonging to that person, or do you hold that a person’s life, liberty or property may properly be sacrificed to the needs of society?

One step by which government tells us that it knows better than we do is the federal government taking control over the education of our children. If elected, will you propose legislation that returns full control of public schools to the State and local level?

The development of the early Internet was paid for by our hard-earned tax dollars and has given us entertainment, online shopping, research tools, educational sites and lowered the cost of communication. Will you use your votes and influence to keep the Internet free from the control of government?

Though the Second Amendment spoke of a militia as necessary to the security of a free State, it acknowledges the right of the people to keep and bear arms and forbade the government from infringing on that right. Do you agree that gun ownership is an inalienable property right of every individual, and will you propose legislation to repeal existing gun control laws?

In the winter of 2010, the exposure of emails at the Climate Research Unit in Britain has brought forth an avalanche of revelations that the science behind the claims of man-made global warming is based on biased and manipulated data. Yet, our government continues to try to regulate and reduce our use of carbon-based energy, which will have destructive effect on American industries. Will you vote in for or against Cap-and-Trade and other energy regulations?

Many Americans have decided that the research on vitamins, minerals, hormones and other supplements indicates these are good for one’s health and lengthen one’s life. There are on-going attempts to legislate the same regulations for these supplements as for pharmaceuticals, which would remove them from store shelves until approved by the FDA, which could be decades from now or never. If elected, will you oppose all such legislation? Or, do you hold that it s the business of government to tell us what we may put into our bodies?

In order to compel the government to restrain spending, would you, if elected, propose legislation that limits government to spending in one year no more than the revenues it took in by the end of the previous fiscal year?

In order to encourage private generosity toward those who cannot pay the full amount of their medical bills, would you, if elected, propose legislation to give a dollar-for-dollar tax credit to any person or organization that paid for anyone’s medical bill, in full or part?

Will you propose legislation to remove government regulations against domestic oil drilling, the construction of oil refineries, and the construction of nuclear power plants, so America can achieve energy independence?

Will you propose legislation to revoke the government take-over of auto manufacturing companies and banks?

Will you propose legislation to repeal the socialized medicine bill popularly called ObamaCare?

The bill in Congress, which would socialize the nation’s health care system, contains a provision that says the repeal of its health-standards-and-pricing board may not be considered for repeal in any legislative action by the US House or Senate. Do you hold that government can put any legislation beyond the will of the people to repeal it?

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March 16, 2010

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Great questions

Do you think they would actually tell the truth when answering these questions? I think we need some good detectives and research candidates. That would tell me more than someone answering questions.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

"13 If elected, will you use

If elected, will you use your office to favorably influence the support of Israel, both its right to exist and its present borders against its self-declared enemies?"
I would hope they would say "no"