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Repeal, replace, revolt!!!

Repeal, replace, revolt!!!

This should be our new tea party Mantra.
Chant this within your heart. Post it on your letters. They will hear us!

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Instead of chanting, why not get involved in something that

has already been created last fall - Articles of Freedom.

A non-violent, due process of the law way to restore the Constitution throughout our entire bicameral system! It will require each citizen to be fully conscious of understanding their Rights and sovereignty while exercising these rights once they pledge their signatures to this document.

This document instructs elected officials to cease and desist anything they may be doing that is unconstitutional, repeal all unconstitutional legislation going back almost 100 years, while restoring the Constitution NOT amending it.

The Articles of Freedom will be diligently served by the 120 delegates on each elected official starting April 19th at each of the 48 State Capitols across the USA.

Get involved in something 'real' and isn't 'dead end' activism but 'due process of law'.

Support Ron Paul for president and all candidates who can prove to be 'constitutional'. Make your list of questions and interview them, make a record of what they said, spread it around.

Contact a State Coordinator for the We The People Foundation www.wethepeoplefoundation.org in your state today and get on board with other 'conscious' Americans!

Bump for Anisha and the Articles of Freedom.

Let's at least try to increase the numbers, please! Since folks are always asking what's next, what can we do; this process is the next thing......


Hey Qwerk, thanks!

That's really sweet to help support this. The numbers will increase once all State Coordinators begin being interviewed on talk radio/cable tv etc. Bloggers blogging about it etc. The Articles of Freedom will sell themselves once people realize what this is all about.

It is hard for so many Americans (due to the brainwashing) to realize just how 'powerful' each are simply by their consciousness of their Rights firstly, and secondly, once you 'get it' what this is, its like the inner vision of it and the sanity of the written words in this doc is just tremendously healing for so many and it will be 'healing' for this country as well because it is 'due process of law' NOT 'protesting' of petitioning like a bunch of slaves.

Our servant government has been egregiously disobedient to the people and the people must take responsibility as every good 'sovereign master' does. Deal with it!!! And that is what we are now doing. Dealing with it. Can't get more responsible than that.

Nice to know there are 'conscious' people like you out here in DP land! LOL