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Back To Basics: Why Limited Government?

By Cory Truax

One of the most disheartening and surprising consequences of the Obama administration has been the rebirth of arguments that I thought were settled long ago in America. Issues I assumed settled — individualism being superior to collectivism, free-markets being superior to centrally planned economies — have been re-opened for discussion. The very philosophical basis of our governmening model — the social contract theory — is being called into question by the radical Leftists now running the federal the government.

So, though I thought I would never have to, I actually want to spend some time now reasserting the very fundamental concept of limited government in America. Once thought an assumption here, recent events and proposed legislation lay bare that many in the governing class believe that there shouldn’t be — and maybe that there indeed is NOT — a limit to government action.

So let’s explore together the basics of our governing philosophy.

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With no governance, man is left to protect and defend his own self-interest. Thus, man can spend little to no time in industry, being creative, improving his quality of life, or any other profitable endeavor. Because of his self-interested nature, most of man’s energy is spent on keeping his private property and means to life secure from other men who would seek out his property to improve their own state of being.

The very nature of man makes anarchy a hapless endeavor, destined and doomed to a status quo of no innovation and minimal standards of living.

Why would one's energy be spent on keeping his property secure? That's what the division of labor is for.

I'll give this a bump

It was written by a friend of mine, and I'm hoping for a little discussion.


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