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Alan Grayson wimped out, held unpublicized speech on health care

Rep. Alan Grayson, a Florida Democrat who supported President Barack Obama's health care bill, drew shouts of "amen" as he returned home on Friday. But his supporters did not publicize a speech he delivered Saturday morning, out of fear it would be disrupted by protesters.


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Is it my imagination?

It strikes me that the writer of this article is trying very hard to make this a racially-driven Bill??? Is the author trying to say that the blacks are the majority of uninsured and therefore supports the Bill as a Black person rather than as an uninsured person. Is the writer suggesting the underlying reason for Obama/Soetoro pushing through this Bill is a racial reason rather than what is good for all Americans.

I am with you

I guess the author does not know a black person that is against the bill. I know several, but I guess that makes me a racist according to this author.