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Operation Dominate Facebook Newsfeed:

We have all witnessed the power the internet has to our movement. Because I post 3-4 news items and videos a day I have been able to 'flip' a percentage of my network on FB.

In private, not usually on line, Im thanked for posting news and Ron Paul videos. Politics are a very stinky subject to friends, but by posting the 'news' I directly effect those around me.

FB is now the #1 social site on the web. That means a huge segment of our target voters, high internet users, are on FB.

I have 500 friends on FB. If my posts switch 10% thats 50 people I influenced. We dominate the internet.

I challenge this movement to post 3-5 news pieces a day if you have a FB account. Encourage your friends to share the videos. Invite them to rallys. Ive got two car loads going to SRLC. More by the 10th Im sure. Without my posting on FB, it simply would not have happened. People are hungry for a positive message. FB is a valuable tool to directly effect those closest to us.

The TRUTH is on our side. The internet is our vehicle. Now is the time.

We can win this battle for peace, sound money and Liberty by using the best tools available more effectively than our opponents. The internet is the next game changer and we dominate it. Lets take it by the horns and make it work for us!


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I agree..

I use facebook the same way.

"I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man."
-- Thomas Jefferson

I agree!

I do the same thing.