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BJ Lawson on "The Market Ticker"

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Bump for the moneybomb on April 13th!


I am reminded how smart BJ

I am reminded how smart BJ Lawson is every time he speaks.

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I agree, he's one of our young

bright lights.

bump. he was in asheville in

bump. he was in asheville in a few days ago, and i enjoyed listening to him very much.

bump for BJ

bump for BJ

Freedom. Watch this video
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Awesome duo!

Couldn't agree more. Karl's articles are an everyday read for me. I tend to agree with some of his points that contradict some of the traditional Austrian views.


He opened my eyes on a few inflation vs deflation ideas.

CREDIT, that is the key, without new credit, inflation will be nearly impossible. My guess is the banksters are going to leave us in the dumpster and move on to Asia to inflate them to the moon.