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God-Given Rights

Could the wording be any more plain? Our founder's got it in the first sentence of the Declaration of Independence: "the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them". Not even a Supreme Court Justice can pervert the meaning of that statement. It's an open-acknowledgement that our rights as freemen come from our Creator. Those rights are a gift and they come with a responsibility to at the very minimum acknowledge and attempt to comply with our Creator's laws. Too much to ask- to at least acknowledge the source of our rights?

All the activism in the world will be for naught until we at least attempt to re-engage and abide by the laws handed us by the only one true God. The forces we're fighting are not of this world- and as mere men, we won't defeat them.

The separation clause was never intended to drive God's laws out of government- it was intended to keep government from attempting to usurp and pervert God's laws by way of a state-controlled religion.

DailyPaul has become hostile to those who would recognize that our rights as freemen come not from the whimsical consent of other men, but are derived instead from the benevolent will of our Creator. We ignore this distinction at our peril.

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But what if you are like me

But what if you are like me and do not believe there is a god? Who gave me my rights? Not god, because to me God does not exist. That is why they are your natural rights.

No we do not

The concept of God given rights is useful, as it is roughly equivalent to "natural right," meaning our rights are intrinsic to our existence as humans, to the metaphysical elevation of our existence over other forms of life and inanimate matter. But rights are not measurable, objective things, and are ultimately the creation of humanity.
This capacity of man to create, to give his life meaning beyond that of mere biological existence, is a virtue, not a weakness.

Fortune Favors the Bold

"But rights are not measurable

objective things, and are ultimately the creation of humanity." Think about that statement- say it three times, please.

Good grief. Then your rights are ultimately revokable by humanity. Your rights are subject to the whim of the majority?

Mine are not.

you misunderstand

there is a difference between metaphysical truth and objective truth.

F=MA, E=MC^2 No government in the world can change that. These are objective facts, fundamental elements of reality.

Rights, on the other hand, are moral truths. they have no objective existence. They only exist if we believe they do, and are willing to defend them. A government can't change the moral truth of my human rights, but they can violate those rights.

Fortune Favors the Bold