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Alex Jones disrupts gun rally. Why, What & Who is John Bush? [Photos Inside]

Ill try to keep this short
After being disgusted by a video showing Alex Jones disrupting a gun rally in Texas and getting in a verbal scuffle with activists trying to peaceably assemble I did a little research. The organizers of the rally are a group called Texans For Accountable Government or tagtexas. Its run by a group of "former" Ron paul supporters headed by a man who goes by the name John Bush(oh the irony).

Interestingly enough this group is very anti Ron Paul and they spread disinfo about the good doctor and allege hes a neocon and a NWO supporter lol. Furthermore one of the group's main faces Catherine Bleish who has been at nearly every Ron paul related event and is a member of nearly every single liberty group in the nation.

Radical Communist Agitator Saul Alinsky

Funny thing this Bleish character subscribes to the ideology of Saul Alinsky a self described Radical Communist Agitator and a socialist world government fanatic. One wonders with the expensive travel costs how one without a job can pay for all of those travels. She is also known to agitate and provoke police at every liberty event[which is not good because we are also fighting to educate cops on the principles of liberty. They are not the enemy at least not all of them].

Catherine Bleish with Barry Goldwater Jr.

Another funny thing is she touts a photo of herself with Barry Goldwater Jr.[the same man who endorsed John McCain in 2008]yet she disparages Ron Paul for doing something much less and she tries to get her unfounded allegations injected into the movement to destroy it from the inside(expect her lies to surface again should Ron Paul announce a 2012 run).
I conclude this by a question. Are those people a group of useful idiots who are still affected by their former associations with radical communism? Or is this part of a highly sophisticated network bent on destroying this movement from the inside? how are they funded? who is John Bush? what is his past?
Troubling questions on my mind. Government agents and communist radicals are known to infiltrate any group and/or movement they deem a threat. Theyre also known to agitate and provoke, throw seeds of doubt, attack leaders of legitimate movements and act in ways that turn off sympathizers and potential supporters. Things maybe Alex Jones knew and thats why he decided to make a counter rally, or maybe he never knew it and was an A Hole all along. I maybe wrong after all but time will tell. If 2012 comes and those Self Righteous agitators start an assault on Ron Paul and try to divide us then please feel free to bump this.
It's Not Over Yet

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Hi, I'll answer that, as I already have on my blog.

Come on people, I post all of this publicly, why not COME TO ME WITH THESE QUESTIONS. jeeze. I'M TRYING TO DO ACTUAL WORK, are ya'll getting paid to make us spend our time defending ourselves instead of fighting the man? I mean, seriously!

All you need to know about me and the UNA-SB is right here:


peace, <3 and liberty!

Catherine Bleish
executive director
Liberty Restoration Project

This is well meaning but I

am fairly certain you will not take it that way which is unfortunate.

You are a long way from being prepared to take a leadership role in this movement.

Because of the above fact, your(very public, publicity seeking, self-aggrandizing) efforts at leadership will cause more harm than good.

If you wish to be a net plus, please consider finding and assisting someone that really understands the problems and obstacles to solving those problems.

A+ for enthusiasm and energy.

Strive to be low-key OT.

"You are a den of vipers and thieves."

I mean to rout you out!

-Just because you are among us, does not make you with us

-The door is wide open, anything can slither in

From Catherin Bleish and John Bush's Blog

"I published the video of RP saying he has made an agreement to support all republican incumbents in texas because I am opposed to the strategy many libertarians have taken in trying to “restore the GOP”. http://www.facebook.com/garyfranchi?ref=nf#!/note.php?note_id=420268425276 I believe it could ultimately de-radicalize and conservatize the consistent roots of the libertarian philosophy. It is happening right now! Right under our noses. Ever look in to Rand Paul Foreign Policy? I’m just trying to get people to look at strategy and the tactical efficacy ideological disconnect that comes with trying to be republican."

SOURCE: http://donttreadoncat.com/2010/03/who-is-john-bush/

John Bush prove my argument for me in the above post on his blog. Catherin Bleish and The Liberty Kids are NOT supporters of Ron or Rand Paul. Which is fine they don't have to be.

So why are they feeding off of the Ron Paul rEVOLution?

For my critics, I have no apologies for outing anti Ron and Rand Paul people on a site named after them.

Its not a Ron Paul Revolution...

...no person owns a revolution. Get a grip.

LRP and my activism were both

LRP and my activism were both BORN from the Ron Paul revolution. I gave thousands of hours to him, knocked on doors, made phone calls, and went to the RNC as a delegate. It was Ron Paul who stabbed the revolution in the back, not me.

I still have a RP bumper sticker on my car, and I still appreciate what he does as a POLITICIAN, but I have dropped my cult of personality fangirl syndrome and started working in areas that I feel are more effective. Politicians are politicians and will do anything to keep their positions of power, even Dr. Paul, unfortunately.

peace, <3 and liberty!

Catherine Bleish
executive director
Liberty Restoration Project

"started working in areas that I feel are more effective"

Like what?

I too have my issues with Ron Paul. I will still support him, but I am looking for other things to do.

So what other things are you doing?




Some folks around here

sure are working hard to foment division.

'up all night, fomenting division' .....
I feel a song coming on.

Don't know about conintel or controlled opposition...

But I think any intelligent person can agree that running around in faerie wings at CPAC and humping the statue of liberty do nothing to get people to listen to us or take us seriously. I know people think it's cute and fun, but this is NOT a game.

Ah, but you see, people who

Ah, but you see, people who are not a part of the "liberty movement' take notice to brooke and her wings in ways they probably don't take notice to you.

What do you do in the PR world for liberty, out of curiosity?

peace, <3 and liberty!

Catherine Bleish
executive director
Liberty Restoration Project

Who did the fairy wing hump?

That's a very strange thing to do. People are funny. Every sunday during football season, thousands of people decide to paint their bellies with messages, others, I suppose, put on wings and run around politica events. You gotta love folks. And the funny part is, they think it's a good idea. I guess life would be pretty boring without them though.

This is definitely a game.

This is definitely a game. You're going to have to learn to lighten up a bit about this stuff if you plan on making it your life, or you'll ulcer out. I'd prefer to laugh than cry.

A game?

Are you for real? Seriously. My children's lives and futures are not a game. Those of us who are out there trying to spread truth and wake people up have a hard enough time being taken seriously without people going around turning this into a friggin circus freak show! All the work we do to get people to listen gets completely undermined by people doing childish garbage. If you're going to give up your whole life and live off of other people to do this, then I'd say you owe it to the rest of us to try to do a good job and be taken seriously by those you are trying to educate.

Yes I am for real. I didn't

Yes I am for real. I didn't say that anyone should act like a circus freak show. Not all games are outrageous. But, yes, it's a game. The odds are overwhelmingly stacked against us. If I got stressed every time mainstream media painted me a terrorist, or Alex Jones came up with a new reason why martial law will be instituted tomorrow, I would have died of a heart attack already.
Life is a test, where you try to act out of willful intelligence instead react to fear impulses. That free-will is what makes us human, and the test is to see if we will still revert back to animals. That's the game I'm playing, and I enjoy every minute of it. The more difficult a circumstance, the more rewarding it is for me. So yes, this is totally a game.

P.S. I am taken seriously by people. You know why? I humanize with them. Part of being human is not almost having an aneurysm with every conversation. You have to understand those people you are talking to. That's why I get along with people, and I'm able to make headway.

No one here is having an aneurysm

We're bringing up valid points. No one knows who you are or what you do so I cannot speak to you being taken seriously. I can say however, that people running around acting like childish clowns are NOT helping the cause. Besides that, I'd say if you are going to take it so seriously as to have your entire life revolve around it, including not having a job or a place to live, you should probably be worried about how the people you are trying to wake up perceive you.

This isn't a game at all, and I won't agree with you there. This is my life and the lives of my children at stake here. It IS serious business. The most important part of it is educating others, and you are not going to be taken seriously in faerie wings, hate to tell you.

One has to wonder with people who behave this way as to whether they actually care about saving humanity or if they are doing nothing more than seeking fame and attention.


are you one of the anti-Ron/Rand Paul Liberty Brats?

I am a fan of Ron Paul. I am

I am a fan of Ron Paul. I am not a fan of Rand Paul because of his foreign policy. I am just a person working for the movement. I don't have a reality show about me.

But yet

you signed up on DP 20 hours ago for the soul purpose of defending the anti-Ron/Rand Paul Liberty Brats.

IE: ben is actually out there

IE: ben is actually out there doing stuff in PERSON, and is not just an armchair patriot.

Good work Ben, I love and support all you do for our movement, especially for http://www.operationdefuse.com - you are a great influence on my life <3

peace, <3 and liberty!

Catherine Bleish
executive director
Liberty Restoration Project

No, I signed up to defend two

No, I signed up to defend two personal friends.

And in fairness

I will also add hat a little more than a year ago I was a hard-core, Beck-head neocon... I even voted for John McCain!! So prior affiliations can't really be used against people. Everyone was something else before they woke up.

Hey Black ops, you don't know how I fund my life either, do you?

I am probably on someone's payroll too, and you don't know whose. Very, very suspicious of me. And you know what else, when I was 15 I became an active "anti nuclear" activist, and ran around with a bunch of DEMOCRATS! There is your smoking gun, I am probably Bush's concubine, don't you think?

My word, the way you people try to judge HEARTS is disgusting. If you do not approve of their actions, speak out. Actions are plain, anyone can see. But you do not know what is in their hearts. You do not know what is in Ron Paul's heart. I suspect you have never even examined what is in your heart, but I don't really care.

Cat is a warrior, and she does things I do not like at all, but at least she DOES THEM with her whole heart and right in front of God and everyone.
AJ was a complete butthole at that rally. Ron Paul deserves a TRUE ambush about 9-11, because he is wrong. Oh yes, I did just say that right here on the DP.

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

Didn't ask and don't care.

Are you running around acting ignorant bashing Ron Paul, being arrested at multiple events, putting out videos and blogs bashing other liberty activist, then asking the RP rEVOLution to pay your bills?

The Liberty Brats do.

Paul4won: If you actually READ my posts on this. I said I do NOT think The Liberty Brats are cointelpro. I said they are immature children playing at politics.

Just watch the videos of Brooke running around CPAC with fairy wings ambushing speakers and humping the Statue of Liberty. Go ahead and donate to the Liberty Brats if you think this is the acceptable standard for people representing the Ron Paul movement.

Each one of those people you

Each one of those people you call "Liberty Brats" is a separate hardcore activist working on different projects. Trying to categorize any one of them by another's actions is a fallacy of logic. How many times does this have to be brought up before you stop?

We are supposed to believe she is virtually broke but

has the ability to travel around the USA on a full time basis?

Fact is Bleish's little group, John Bush, Gary Konigsberg, and Brooke Kelly have been very disruptive and have openly attacked RP and others in the movement. Using Youtube, blogs, appearances to speak out against Ron Paul.

This I know:

Brooke Kelly tossed out of C4L, and Ladies for Liberty for attempting to ambush Ron Paul at CPAC on the 9/11 issue.

Gary Koigsberg aka Garko admonised by Luke Rudkowski for using We Are Change Austin to attack Alex Jones.

Allison Gibbs a self proclaimed anarchist, and not the RP conservative she would like you to believe she is.

Catherine Bleish was a liberal activist before jumping on the RP bandwagon.

I find this entire group to be destructive. I do not think they are cointelpro but rather a group of immature kids playing at politics. Of course the same could be said of George W. Bush.

Black Ops thank you for all you have done to enrich

Black Ops thank you for all you have done to enrich the conversation and all the facts you have provided. I like what youre doing but from a friend an ally I have this to say. I disagree with you on Allison Gibbs. Allison Gibbs has been a great friend and asset of the liberty movement. As far as I know shes a Pro life anti war Libertarian and has never given me reason to doubt her. i know nothing about Ms Kelley so I cant weigh in. But she doesnt seem like a bad person. the fact of the matter is we need to concentrate on outing the 2 clearly suspicious individuals who have both admitted proudly they follow the radical communist agitator Saul Alinsky

UPDATE: Ok I just watched her video ambushing Dr Paul.
ok now I know why you mentioned her. Good job Brooke Kelley. Just to push your own selfish agenda why not just destroy Ron Paul. wow what a group of useful idiots

Freedom. Watch this video
Pls donate here Ron Paul can still win

My questions about Allison

come from her article calling Baldwin a COLLECTIVIST. While I do not monitor Baldwins activities and writings I do not know if he is or is not. My concern about the article was the Allison was calling for GAY RIGHTS aka GROUP RIGHTS which is the very definition of COLLECTIVISM.

Black Ops. i think theres a mistake

Allison Gibbs is not Allison Bricker
they are two different people
Allison Bricker is the editor of the smokingargus who wrote the Anti baldwin piece I believe. Allison Gibbs is a patriot and as far as I know Gibbs is strongly prolife Libertarian. i think Ms Gibbs deserves an apology. there was a confusion I believe thats all
Allison Gibbs also would never get involved in any divisions or quarrels because she holds a high position in C4L.

Freedom. Watch this video
Pls donate here Ron Paul can still win

You are right.

Got the name confused. Apologies.