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Help Stop FOX From Sabotaging Rand Like Beck Did to Medina !!!

Establishment drone Trey Grayson is urging his supporters to vote for a national debate between him and Rand on FAUX News. This will raise Grayson's profile, and meanwhile give the anti-liberty moderator, Chris Wallace, and Trey Grayson an opportunity to tag-team Rand - who is already winning, and needs the exposure less than his opponent.

Please go vote for Hayworth-McCain! This will give McCain a well deserved headache and avert the ambush attempt from Rand. It will be easiest to bump up since it's in #2 position. I feel this is of critical importance - please vote!

Remember "impartial" Chris Wallace was in Ron Paul's debate?


Let's spread the word! Vote Hayworth-McCain for the reasons listed above!

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I have some faith

that Rand will have learned from these kinds of attacks against the others before him, and would be prepared for them as best possible. Even still, I think he should go on but ask publicly for a moderator that he trusts (and perhaps not tied to Faux news.

Why are people on DP actively trying to silence Rand Paul?

Why are you working to keep Rand Paul out of the national spotlight? Are you all neocon sympathysors working to silence the words of liberty?

Vote for the Paul/Greyson debate

The problem is Fox which has been anything but neutral

to liberty candidates. They asked Ron Paul questions like: "Regarding electibility, do you have any?" while they asked real questions of other participants, etc.

If Rand's campaign asked us to vote for him here, I'd do it, but I don't trust Fox. In a FAIR debate, he'd wipe the floor with Grayson.

Integrity means having to say things that people don't want to hear & especially to say things that the regime doesnt want to hear -RonPaul

Exploit McCain & Palin; rescue Rand

Rand is in the lead. A MSM debate is like a mine-field. One wrong answer and the media will destroy Rand just as they did to Medina. A wrong answer by Trey brings no consequences. Rand only needs this debate if he is behind and needs to get his message out.

His message is already out, loud and clear. He is in the lead too! He needs no national spotlight. I think we need McCain in the spotlight to exploit how horrendous he is and how hypocritical Palin is for endorsing him.

Lets get McCain 1st place
then DeVore from CA as 2nd place

We NEED to get Rand out of the line of fire completely!

Agreed. If Rand goes on the

Agreed. If Rand goes on the national TV shows, when he does not need it, he is flirting with disaster. The TV hosts own the questions and can spin the answers anyway they like. If they have an agenda they can destroy a candidate. Television is a business whereas the broadcasting corporations seek ratings over and above all else -- it would be wise for Rand to remember that fact.

The spread widens

53 (McCain-Hayworth)

27 (Paul-Greyson)

McCain could easily decline...

...to debate Hayworth if he is asked to do so. McCain is up big against Hayworth, and so he could see a debate as only an opportunity to help Hayworth.

Then we'd be right back with the question of Fox seeking a debate between Rand and Trey.

No not big

Latest Rasmussen has McShame up only 7... with amnesty on the horizon that will change quick.

Then I Stand Corrected...

The last poll numbers I could find were circa early March when McCain was up by double digits. But, that left a month since then for that to change.

Still, I don't think McCain would debate any opponents for his Senate seat unless he felt he absolutely had to.

Dr. Paul set himself up for that though

by saying "They don't want our troops on the Arabian peninsula." That sounds like he wants our troops to do as Al-Qaida commands --- that our troops should leave because Al-Qaida said so. I don't blame Chris Wallace at all for asking the logical follow up question.

Rand words things more carefully, so he doesn't set himself up like this. Rand is very careful with his words and how they're going to be perceived and interpreted. I'm sure he's learned from his father's mistakes or oversights in this area.

If they attack your motivations or call you a troll, rather than debating the substance of your argument, you've won the debate. If they do this AND address your argument, they know their argument is weak and are trying to make up for that.


Only if you insist that all Arabs are al qaeda. "They" are not.

No, not a "logical" followup. Misleading and, in fact, disingenuous.

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." -- Joseph Goebbels

I voted for Paul/Greyson

We need Rand Paul's message on national TV!!!

Inadvertently, Chris Wallace made Ron Paul a NATIONAL FIGURE!

THAT CLIP was what drew me to Ron Paul.

It backfired badly on Wallace, who made the mistake of trying to pick a fight with one of the most intelligent men on the planet!

When I heard this I asked, "WHO IS THIS GUY?"

From that moment on I was a die-hard Ron Paul fan and realized how much more intelligent and principled this man was over EVERY ONE his republican challengers.

Thanks for posting this great video again.

Let's never forget the important things he said in those debates and be thankful that for a brief moment, Dr. Paul had a national stage to educate Americans on the proper role of their federal government.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

Not FOX or any other media sham can "sabotage" Rand

or any other candidate. They can on the otherhand sabotage themselves by not coming up front with the truth. If Beck or the other shill leaders are meet "head on" and without fear and second guessing...it is them that will be sabotaged.

We don't need to "protect" Rand from being asked the SERIOUS questions which the people need to hear answered. What kind of "fear mongers" are commenting here.
In a campaign...exposure is everything...and we don't need to see McCain and Palin get that exposure !!!

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All he needs to do know is win. He is ahead and don't need exposure to people that want to get him to commit a mistake. National TV!!!! for what? He is running in Kentucky.

Tell that to Debra Medina.

Tell that to Debra Medina.

I'd love too...but I believe she knows that now !!!

Here on DP and all of the other blogs seemed to agree.

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McCain at 50%

I am really really worried about this race.

Cheney endorsed Trey, Trey gets to count the votes. These scumbags are up to something. Feels like they are dealing a stacked deck.

It must be said

that Wallace's snide question brought out one of Dr. Paul's strongest responses in the several debates. (His best was to Carl Cameron's sneering put-down question.)

It was these responses that inspired the Ron Paul Revolution.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

While I'd love the opportunity to defang Chris Wallace...

I believe our cause is better served by Hayworth defeating McCain IF Hayworth supports auditing the Fed.
(Anyonwe ask?)

I'd love a chance to ask Chris Wallace if he agrees with his dad that it would be "unethical" to warn American troops of an enemy attack if you discovered this while reporting from the enemy camp.

Hayworth is terrible.

McCain is worse only because he's currently a Senator. Hayworth is horrible, but AZ doesn't have a better choice.


I'd be kind of interested in finding out how you got clearance

to REPORT from an enemy camp to begin with?

Integrity means having to say things that people don't want to hear & especially to say things that the regime doesnt want to hear -RonPaul

wait a min...

So we hate it when the Good Dr. is excluded but we want to prevent Rand from debating. I understand that Rand is leading and Grayson needs the exposer more... but this movement has had its biggest success when a national audience hears the Liberty message.

We should be fighting to get this exposure. The Liberty message is more powerful then Faux's ability to hide the truth. Every attempt by the MSM to belittle this movement has blown up in their face. We should not run from this challenge.

Let Rand take the stage and end all of Grayson's chances. Grayson speaks from a script and anyone who has seen him debate knows this. Rand speaks from his heart, and it shows.

A national debate that shows what happens when candidate with no ideology, faces off against a well thought out statesmen is what i thought we were all about.

Evading a challenge because we know the deck is stacked? Ron went into every debate knowing this. He still won.

Why give a chance

to the enemy to get you if you are already ahead? Medina is an example how Alex Jones and his friend Glenny Beck can destroy a campaign on steroids fairly easy.

Rand is winning...no media whores needed here.

Ron won the debates but still lost the election.

Given Fox's complicity in the 'About electibility, sir, Do you have any'? We don't need that kind of marginalization thrown at Rand. And Fox sure doesn't deserve our viewership. Rand would blow the guy away in any serious, FAIR debate, but Fox has proven it isn't fair.

Integrity means having to say things that people don't want to hear & especially to say things that the regime doesnt want to hear -RonPaul

It would be fine if this were

It would be fine if this were to be a real debate, but it won't be. It would only give the MSM the chance it needs to twist Rand's words around. One only has to look at how Mr. Wallace twisted Ron Paul's words around in the Republican presidential debate with that comment about taking marching orders from a terrorist organization to see how "fair and impartial" he is. I think that it will do more good now to focus national attention on Mr. McCain. Maybe it will give people a chance to see how looney tunes he really is.

Drain the swamp!

you mean

When Ron responded with one of his best lines "no, we should take our marching orders from the Constitution!"

The attempts to marginalize the message by MSM helps us.

We should not hide from a fight we can win. No matter how the try to ignore and marginalize the more people will ask questions. How many people "Goggled Ron Paul" to find out more after people like Giuliani mocked him?

Our strength is in our message.

Get it out no matter how.

To be afraid of what Fox may do. Or to fear a talking head like Mike Wallace is just plain old sad.

Spread the message. Fear not the consequences.


No risky moves needed while you're ahead. Ron Paul needed the exposure cuz he was behind. No one knew his message. We all know Rand's message. Kentucky knows Rand's message. We're done. Weather the storm and win the primary. NO more major exposure needed...it's only a liability. Debra Medina is recent proof of that. Her momentum was sucked dry by Glen Beck. Btw, did anyone mail him garbage?

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Voted. McCain-Hayworth 45%, Rand-Grayson 31%

In Liberty,



McCain-Hayworth at 45%.


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