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GOP/Tea party question......

The GOP........ that is attempting to take over the Ron Paul Tea Party Movement and make it their "Tea Party" Do they think we would actually support Romney, Palin, McCain, Crist, L. Graham, etc? Do they actually think we will support these people just to get the Liberal Democrats out of office?

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they don't think

the PTB doesn't really care who the next POTUS is as long as it isn't Ron Paul... he really is the "wild card"...

Wisconsin (of all places) has

Wisconsin (of all places) has a statewide tea party coalition supporting RP!

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The GOP are evil opportunists

They saw something special and popular, so they simply took it. And that they did. Bachmann created the tea party caucus. Still questions floating around that she made those members pledge their allegience to Israel. Glenn Beck commercialized it, probably cashed in on it. The alphabet stations recognized it as something for the neocons and rarely made any mention of Ron Paul about it. There are tea parties still out there I'm sure, albeit smaller groups(which I like), working hard promoting Ron Paul's vision.

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they do. Sorry bout the tardy response :)

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