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"Trey Grayson has a disturbing history on the issue of electronic voting systems."

By Brad Friedman | Bradblog | 3/28/2010
Memo to Rand Paul:

NOW is a Good Time to Fight for Election Integrity in KY's GOP U.S. Senate Primary

Your opponent, SoS Trey Grayson, overseeing the election, has a disturbing history on the issue of electronic voting systems

Legal action NOW may help to prevent surprises later...

Rand Paul, son of Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) is running for the GOP nomination for U.S. Senator to replace the retiring Sen. Jim Bunning in the state of Kentucky. Paul, who has been endorsed by the likes of Sarah Palin, is running against Republican Party insider, KY Sec. of State Trey Grayson, who has been endorsed by the likes of Dick Cheney. Primary Election Day is set for May 18th.

Grayson's disturbing history of misrepresenting the truth in regard to certification of the state's electronic voting systems should be of great concern to Paul and his supporters, particularly given the state's rich history of confirmed election fraud by election insiders --- which includes tampering with e-voting systems to change voters votes --- and the fact that much of the state still uses electronic voting systems which are 100% unverifiable in any way, shape or form.

Of equal concern are the hand-marked paper ballot systems used in other parts of the state. Those electronic systems are also at risk to both simple, nearly undetectable manipulation by insiders as well as tallying errors, and have been found to feature serious security flaws highlighted in the past by the state's own former Republican AG. Even admissions by one of the voting machine companies, Diebold, that systems in use in the state did not meet certification requirements, were largely dismissed, and all but ignored for years by Grayson, the state's chief election official who will be overseeing his own election against Paul in May...

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So, let me get this straight,

So, let me get this straight, the opposing candidate is the overseer of the electronic voting system?

WTF Kentucky!

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for visibility.

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Every local GOP should be put on notice

I have been long-suffering with my county party folks over the very real crisis of confidence the GOP has yet to own, in our post-Bush/loser-McCain public record.

Denial is past flood-stage, and running deep in Kentucky. What we have here is a glaring example of text-book racketeering, with no less than Tricky-Ick endorsing the hit job, right out in front of God and everybody.

Ask your local GOP if this is what they should expect from the party they have committed their support to? If all they can answer is that they are still, "better than them Dems", then simply adjust your expectations of them accordingly.

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