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We've Started a NEW Indie Media Outlet! Check it out & We Need More Reporters

So a bunch of us who have deemed ourselves "the new generation of media" have decided we were sick of the untruthful, biased crap on the mainstream news & media outlets, so we have created our own! We just started a truther news blog and did our 1st story on the Obamacare bill & so come by and check it out!


*Our goal is to try to help counteract the unbalanced stories in the mainstream by reporting on the "other side" that as we all know is usually LEFT OUT of most stories, AND to report on stories that are usually political & current events in nature that are often not reported on at all! Also to discuss hot political topics in ways that other outlets don't.

We LOVE Ron Paul and this site, and have joined it to follow the awesome info that gets posted here, and also hopefully to meet other like-minded people to network with... and hopefully get our name out there! We need to get get as much support as possible! More readers, and reporters/writers too submit stories & story ideas! We are just a few people who are trying to make a positive difference in the world.

We like credible, well-researched information and topic ideas/tips. Our goal isn't to be ENTIRELY 100% unbiased (as we'd like) only because we feel it is more important now than ever before to offset the lies and misinformation the mainstream outlets bombard us with... so this means telling more about the other side we all know about here! We really liked the story on this Ron Paul site about the microchips... oops, or "devices" in the new health care bill. We care about reporting on exactly this sort of thing!

*any story ideas, or well written stories submitted are on a volunteer basis only, as we are indie & just starting out... which means poor, and none of our reporters are paid for their stories. But that is a very cool thing if you think about it. It means these people really care! But it's also a great way to have YOUR voice heard and get your writing out there! We fact check as best as we can. We take news, editorials, and other styles of writing on political and current events issues. Things your local news left out or got WRONG? Tell us. We may put your story on our blog! In fact if it's accurate & well written, we can almost guarantee it. We may also come up with some plans to actually send letters in masses to certain politicians and news outlets who are doing wrong by us, and facilitating many different types of "mobilization efforts" like this! We are currently planning 2 of these!

If you are interested in becoming a regular weekly writer for us, email us and let us know along with a sample of your writing or story you think we can use that is well researched, and credible (even if offbeat)! WE NEED MORE REPORTERS, and PEOPLE WHO CARE!

Our philosophy is what we learned in college which is that "REPORTERS (AND CITIZENS) MUST BE THE WATCHDOGS OF THE COMMUNITY" whether local or global! At U Didn't Hear This On The News, we just got tired of people NOT having access to the truth, and believing something just because it's on one of the mainstream media outlets! We got sick of people not having access to the research we know so people can make informed decisions and know what's REALLY going on in the world... and I think everyone here ALL knows what we mean by that!

So Come Check Us Out and our very 1st story about the new health care bill, and how it will effect YOU! Send us your comments (but keep it clean please... our younger siblings & family read it too!), and don't forget to click the button to "follow" us too! We need all the love & support we can get! We hope you enjoy it too, and there are more stories to come!

(*Just In: We're following hot leads right now on a current lie that was circulating in the media just in the past few days about some BIG TIME protesting going on due to 2 people being wrongly shot by police, which has caused REV. JESSE JACKSON to go to that city and SPEAK OUT AGAINST POLICE BRUTALITY FOR THE PROTEST!!! ...and some recent quake booms heard from California to Washington, and Oregon to Idaho... that was deemed by the mainstream news channels to be nothing more than a "pipe bomb" planted in mud! We have some leads on why they said it was a "pipe bomb" when all the geological reports said otherwise...especially in light of the ongoing daily protesting right now in the area. We have no idea where that will go as of now, but we smell a rat! And ya'll know what our kind does when we smell a rat. Lol. =) Anyone that has any more information on this whole development (including the proposed funding cuts to the local police departments) send us your tips!

Our email is:

(*Oh and if you post a link to our blog, we'll do the same for your indie outlet! We must all work together to get the truth out there!)

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Great idea, horrible domain

Great idea, horrible domain name...way too long.

Better off spending .99 cents on a short .info domain, but what you have now is better than nothing ;)

"One man with courage is a majority." ~ Andrew Jackson