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[VIDEO] The Judge makes the case again for legalizing marijuana - Fox Business 3/29/10

The Judge is really letting his views be known on this issue lately. 2nd time in the past week.


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You can also

find two recent interviews of the Judge. One on www.kingworldnews.com and one was on Alex Jones.
They are very good, and he doesn't hold back.

Napolitano: "We need Ron Paul now!"

Here is another one

discussing legalization on the Fox Business Network right after The Judge's appearance. This lady is pretty sharp and not bad on the eyes either. Sure beats the stereotype of dopey potsmokers.

Excellent video.

Thanks for posting. So nice to have such an intelligent man speaking for the cause.


It is wonderful to have such an articulate spokesman for liberty spreading the message on TV so often. Particularly on the Fox Network where many people are watching and where he can infect the minds of all the neocons watching with the true message of liberty.