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Rand Paul Ad Confronts Grayson for Using 9/11 Issue Dishonorably

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This is great.

for giggles I

for giggles I went to



Greyson Hit Piece

I think this is the ad that Trey has that Rand is responding to. But I am not sure.


First time I have ever really seen Grayson

What a slimy looking creep!

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oh, come on


Even the sheeple are internet-savvy enough to know that, if you can't link to someone's own site to point out if they have strange ideas or not, you're reaching.

This is either desperation or a sign the people advising him are not up to date.

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I agree. Grayson, if that really is his name, is a monster looking dude!

no that's not it.

he is responding to the newer one.

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but his site says that is the newest one


...did they pull the one Rand was commenting upon?

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they didn't update their

they didn't update their site.

Here is the

Great ad

It does a lot better for Rand Paul than it does for Grayson

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that's a laugh and a half:

"He's canceling debates to hide his strange ideas, like opposing the PATRIOT Act!"

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Thanks for posting.

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got link for the treyson ad?

A good ad targets undecideds

A good ad targets undecideds and tries to shake the confidence of those leaning for your opponent. Rand's ad is excellent. Personal, honest, clear, deliberately paced. If I'm leaning Grayson in KY, this ad would make me believe he was desperate, and that Rand was Senatorial.

10-15 million more voters need to believe in non-interventionism (liberty) at home and abroad to change America. Minds changed on Syria. Minds changing on privacy. "Printing money" is part of the dialogue. Win minds through focus, strategy.

The Hill has a piece on this implying that use of 9/11 images is

inappropriate, even after all this time.

But I figure Grayson is the one who used it as an emotional wedge, not Rand.

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