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New citizen needs help replying to pro-Obamacare email

This is my first post here after 2 years of daily visits and this is also my first chance to come out of the closet as a conservative, constitutionalist, libertarian and Ron Paul follower, with my many die hard democrats, liberal Obama loving friends. I became a US citizen 2 weeks ago and I am committed to become an activist for our cause. The email below was sent to me and 100 more people, most of them I know, and I need your help in formulating a strong, short response to this email.
Thanks in advance.
Merav Yaakov
P.S. I will properly introduce myself in another coming soon post.

"Just hours after Congress passed health insurance reform, Colorado Attorney General John Suthers has joined a partisan lawsuit to block it. He joined 11 other attorneys general, 10 of whom are Republicans, who are pledging to "take it to the Supreme Court" if necessary, no matter the cost. The Denver Post says that Suthers' lawsuit is "without merit," and "looks politically motivated." (Denver Post, 3/24/2010)

"Suthers is using our tax dollars to sue the federal government in an effort to block health care reforms that offer huge benefits to the people of our state. What's more, the overwhelming majority of legal experts say he is wasting money on a fool's errand. Who is he representing?

"We know Suthers isn't representing the thousands of Colorado residents with pre-existing conditions who will be guaranteed coverage, or the small businesses who will receive tax credits and other assistance to help them afford coverage, or the hundreds of thousands who will receive improved Medicare benefits, or the rest of us--residents with health insurance who are now protected from arbitrary premium hikes and insurance cancellations if they get sick.

"The question is: Does John Suthers speak for you?

"If you don't want Suthers to press this suit in your name, now is the time to speak out! We need Suthers to hear from thousands of people across the state: don't sacrifice Colorado's health for partisan politics. You can contact him on your own at [http://www.coloradoattorneygeneral.gov/contact_us] or click on the link below to sign our petition or both. Then forward this email to your friends and ask them to do so as well.


"This reform will benefit nearly every family in Colorado. A congressional analysis found that this will provide this year:
* Tax credits for small business to purchase health insurance for their employees.
* Children can no longer be denied insurance due to a pre-existing condition.
* An end to lifetime limits and most annual limits on benefits: the lives of Americans no longer have a cost/benefit ratio.
* A temporary high-risk insurance pool for Americans uninsured due to a pre-existing condition will be immediately established, and immediately begin saving lives.
* Individual policyholders can no longer be dropped by their insurer if they get sick.
* New health insurance plans must cover preventive care and immunizations without undue burdens on the insured.
* Immediate lowering of prescription drug costs for seniors, the much-maligned "donut hole" begins to close.
* Expanded coverage of dependent children through age 26.
* A new appeals process for claims that puts patients first.
* Real disclosure of how much of your premium dollar goes to "administrative costs" instead of health care.

"And that's just the beginning.

"Despite these benefits for the people of Colorado, John Suthers is putting partisan politics above good policy by trying to maintain the status quo of our broken health care system. We need him to hear from thousands of people across the state: don't sacrifice Colorado's health for partisan politics, and don't waste taxpayer dollars on frivolous grandstands.

IMPORTANTLY: "As former Colorado Supreme Court Justice Jean Dobufsky wrote in a memo yesterday (Colorado Independent 3/25/2010), Suthers' lawsuit is seriously deficient from a legal perspective, and experts around the nation agree the effort has almost no chance of success. [There are several good legal analyses about this if you google them] THEREFORE, EVEN IF YOU DISAGREE WITH US, THIS LAWSUIT IS A FINANCIAL THROW AWAY.

"Help us make sure Suthers understands that this is not what the people of Colorado want and that he is not representing us well if he continues to pursue this suit. Please click on the link below to sign our petition, and then forward it to your friends.


"We'll share your comments with Suthers, the media, and other elected officials. Thanks for standing up to defend a victory we have all fought so hard for."

Alan Franklin, Progress Now Colorado

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Hi! Thanks for your interesting thread.

The first thing I would do is NOT forward the email or sign the petition. If you want to respond to the petition I would say. That the health care bill is unconstitutional and stealing through taxes is immoral.
Also, that the bill is so HUGE that no one even knows what's in it, other than what they pick and choose.

In a truly free market, competition would bring down the price of health care but what we have is corporatism that is government and big corporations blocking competition. This health care bill will do the OPPOSITE of what it says. Socialist health care is ALWAYS rationed and poor quality. If this plan is so wonderful how come the Political Class did not take part.

Well, that is just a few ideas.


"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

Welcome Sir,

We, {Americans } are endowed (given ) the individual right to decide things for ourselves.
Unfortunately, that sometimes requires a lot of time doing research. The internet is a Goldmine of information, some is useless, some is valuable.
You now have the opportunity to decide for yourself and family if your state representative is working for the benefit of you, or is he simply trying to get you to vote for him, in the up coming election.

Good Luck figuring out what is best !


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Actually the OP is asking help

to rebut the proObamacare forces trying to stop the Colorado governor from overturning its juisdiction in the state.


We need more like you.

Silence is golden

Just trash the crap.

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Welcome Merav, it's great to

see a new citizen who's learned way faster than most of our old citizens :) You are quite brave to take on this highly emotional issue. Here's one suggestion that may give you a bit of street cred with Leftists, and a starting point, though it doesn't address the basic principle of freedom = free choice for peaceful individuals.
This short video is Jane Hamsher of FireDogLake telling why she's against Obamacare.