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Trey Grayson ATTACKS Ron Paul AND Rand Paul! - Rand needs your help to respond!

Trey Grayson is using his hundreds of thousands in lobbyist money to attack Rand and Ron Paul for their position on 9/11, falsely claiming they "blame America."


Rand Paul has a response advertisement ready, but he needs your help to run it!

Please donate today - let's not give up our chance to get the best senator this country has had in a century!


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Looking at things objectively... the website doesn't make any sense, nor does it say anything that could possibly hurt Rand Paul or mistake him for anti-American or non-Republican. The accusations against him aren't even worth arguing about and if anything, the website makes him seem very Republican, to which, I don't understand why Greyson would allow such a terrible site. Its almost as if he's promoting Rand.

Example: The site "claims" Rand is PRO-ABORTION on the basis of he thinks Rowe vs Wade should be a state issue. And nowhere (internet fact) has Rand Paul ever said he was pro-abortion. I've seen plenty of videos on the internet expressing his anti-abortion views (regardless how important it is).

Greyson's website is non-sense and makes terrible claims.

Sounds like good foreign policy to me but I am not a

MSM bot that just regurgitates and has no opinion other than that of the MSM group think BS.

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This is a debate that needs

This is a debate that needs to be heard. Why were we attacked on 9/11 ? It is common practice for police to investigate a crime and determine the motive. Why is 9/11 any different?

It's blindingly obvious to anybody

with half a clue that if you blow up stuff over there, people are going to be looking for payback.

Should we laugh or cry that these days you're not allowed to even acknowledge the elephant.

By the way, the last speaker was the Rev. Wright, with whom Obama was associated. But no taint applied to Obama, because he's the media's darling.

It's amazing that neo-conservatives and dumbo-conservatives don't even want to consider why somebody would want to attack the US. Every other war in history has had a cause, why not this one?

wow the Reverend must be

wow the Reverend must be disappointed that Obama didn't listen to Ron Paul...

After watching this video...

I have decided to throw my support behind Rand. I was uncertain of his stance on foreign policy. But this seals the deal for me. :-)

Not processing my donation..

Not processing my donation..

I Don't Know

That sounded like an endorsement. I agreed with everything Ron and Rand said. Thanks for spreading the truth Mr. Greyson.

Where is this Greyson ad

Where is this Greyson ad running? If this is just a youtube run video it isn't going to work.

Loser tactics

I'm NOT giving money to produce response ads.

That is idiotic. He needs to attack on HIS grounds.

Every breath he has should be used to connect Trey to BAILOUTS.

The bank and auto bailouts and stimulus and health care are what this election is about. The Iraq war is the LAST election.

Defense against what? Attack.

Defense against what? Attack. Grayson realizes the major screw up with being associated with Cheney, he's desperate.


Once he starts playing on the defense Trey will play rough shot over him the whole campaign.


That is soooo...

low down and dirty it's despicable....Trey deserves to lose badly.....let's ramp up our energy to push Rand to victory....

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Grayson is pretty desperate

That much is clear. I mean, trying to connect Reverend Wright and Ron Paul is really quite a stretch, and somehow have that reflect poorly on Rand? Are voters really that dumb?

Doesn't the idea that 'they attack us because we're over there' resonate with anyone who stops to think about it?

I don't see how this ad could possibly help Grayson, unless he has seriously mis-underestimated the ability of the voters to think for themselves.

Also, it is kind of long. 1:30. That is too long to air on TV.

At any rate, we know what they were paying Mr. Pancakes for.

He's the man.

"Are voters really that

"Are voters really that dumb?"

Yes... sadly...

Which is why Rand needs our help


Wow! That add brought a tear to my eye.... and the Rev.Wright man, I jumped right up out of my chair and screamed Righ On! That is among one of the most effective Pro Peace adds that I have ever seen! I would run that right back at him with this ending. Since when is the TRUTH a "Strange Idea?"

I know this was intended to

I know this was intended to attack Paul, but I think it has the opposite effect.

That's my take, too. And

That's my take, too.

And including the rev' will just bring in some left-wing voters after Rand makes it to the general election. B-)

= = = =
"Obama’s Economists: ‘Stimulus’ Has Cost $278,000 per Job."

That means: For each job "created or saved" about five were destroyed.

Eff you Trey. I'm sick of

Eff you Trey. I'm sick of your bullshit. I say we have a moneybomb tomorrow and raise a million dollars for Rand.

"Paid for by friends of Trey Grayson"

Now let's pull up that little ol' campaign financial disclosure statement and see who has something to hide!

I would ignore Grayson...

Any hollywood actor can tell you that any "publicity" good or bad is still publicity. Grayson is beat and is trying to stir up controversy for attention....

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Rand's reply video is wierd.

I think Rand missed the point of Greyson's ad. As someone wrote earlier, he should use it and add his own commentary at the end. I wish you the best Rand, but your ad seems like you are trying to negate your position and I really don't think that is what you mean?



or just listen to what all campaign veterans have said.. it's never good to directly respond to a bombardment of attack ads because eventually you will be always trying to defend yourself in the ads you do and the other side will be on all offense while you sound more and more defensive.. an effective counter ad is when you include some attacks on your own so you don't respond to their attacks but you instead attack them. i dont need to sugar coat responses and bait allegedly smart libertarians to understand some tiny easy things about campaigning now do i.. use your head.

Thats what I thought as well.

Thats what I thought as well. It wasn't a "lie" it was what he believed in. Also Rand thinks Iran is a threat? I didn't know that.

You are missing the point. Of

You are missing the point. Of course Rand and Ron are right in those videos, but Grayson takes a 30 second clip for a TV commercial and says "Rand thinks we deserved 911!" and the voters buy it. So Rand has to respond by saying "No, we didn't deserve it. Grayson is a liar."

The Rand Campaign should SEND MONEY to that Ad

Or, Copy it and replay it themselves. Perhaps even add some to the end,

"Yep, I do have some strange ideas, like not policing the world, sending our military to the ends of the earth and breaking the budget doing it. Yes, I bet those are some really strange ideas to Greyson, but not strange to those of us in Kentucky" Vote Rand.

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Forgot to add,

be sure to see Rand's response:


Michael, it would be good to get this on the main page so it can't go away.


bumpity bump

Rand's ad

This needs to be in the front page and get as many views and recommendations as possible. Also those in position to donate should do so - I can't because I'm not US citizen.


TG is a tool - if he would win I would seriously be disappointed. Debra was found too late by the movement and she should have declined the Beck interview.

I just put in a call to the Grayson Campaign

I put in a call to the Grayson Camp so that they could explain the Reverend Wrong / Rand Paul connection and also why Mr. Grayson disagrees with my High School Social Studies text book. I spoke with a volunteer who took my name and number down and supposedly someone with the campaign will get back to me - Though I doubt I'm high on the callback list.

Their number is * 859 757-4349 *