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Canada tells Clinton they are pulling out of Afghanistan!


Not till 2011, and they are probably bluffing, but still...

And I suppose Hillary's insult to Canada and early exit from this summit is completely unrelated...

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Why does Clinton feel Iceland

Why does Clinton feel Iceland (in the North Atlantic) Sweden and Finland,( both inland with no borders on the Arctic sea), should have been invited to the summit to discuss Arctic seabed claims. How magnanimous of her to be that concerned.There's no way she's trying to throw a monkey wrench into the works is there? There's no way Canada should be on the alert with her optimistic interests in our Northern territories is there?


if USA would only follow their lead...although it'd be better yet if USA would pull out NOW, imo...

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when I drink too many beers

I always shout out on crowded streets here in Canada "stop the war stop the killing shut down the military industrial complex"...

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If we were neighbors we could do it together


Hey You...

ya mean with your toque and sandals...Does anybody listen?

It is unclear as to who wrote

It is unclear as to who wrote the article...however I am astonished that Hilary Clinton is still on the Climate Warming Bandwagon. In light of all the evidence and disclosures to the contrary I am amazed that she is following this tact. With the scramble for new oil now on in the Arctic...Now the scamming has purpose with the perpetrated climate hoax. There's always a rat in the woodpile isn't there? Go Home Clinton. We're not buying your BS here.

lol, Global warming

They found their good in global warming..Now it frees up all the resources up there for the greedy hands to pillage..Lie,Cheat,and Steal..

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