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MSM Palin and Theft of the Tea Party

Did Sahrah Palin start the tea party? No!!!!!

The Libertarians have had a tea party (I think for many many years on April 15 in front of the post offices).

The tea party that most Ron Paul supporters became aware of was on Dec. 16 2007 and the famous tea party fundraiser for Presidential candidate Ron Paul.

Ron Paul has since used the surplus money from his campaign to start the "Campaign for Liberty".

So Libertarians have a right to claim it as their creation.

And the Ron Paul supporters believe they started it.
Remember remember the 5th of November and remember remember the 16th of Dec. 2007. Mark your calenders as we may someday be declaring them national holidays.

This was the the real founding dates of the Ron Paul revolution. It was in seed stage before this, but it burst forth on November 5 as no other campaign for freedom ever has and on the 16th of December it gained tremendous power and the oligarchical combine elite felt its power.

We must be forever thankful to this web site and the man that put up the internet fundraiser and all the wonderful people that put up many more support sites as the campaign rolled on.

To stamp out Ron Paul's successful campaign and ideas of freedom

>>The elite put out the word that anyone reporting in a positive way anything about Ron Paul may be blacklisted in the media forever and ever and maybe even longer.<<<<

This was to crush the campaign and the hope of freedom lovers around the world. (This is a fact that I made up, but I do believe it is true).

Ron Paul invested his campaign money to create the "Campaign For Liberty".

And we are to continue watering and fertilizing the seeds of freedom so we can grow and bring down the criminal international cartel of bankers, lawyers, oil corporations, pharmaceuticals, and dictators of every strip that now dominate every bit of the lives of not only the American people but the world.

The most common form of government in history is dictatorship and dictators still exist.

Now the Republicans and other people we don't trust are endeavoring to take over the tea party movement and subvert it so as to not offend the ruling elite.

When ever you need and energy boost go back to the debates an watch Ron Paul take on and beat the the reporters and the candidates (puppets).
Listen to the music written for Ron Paul it is on
you tube as of today.

When possible as volunteers and or in cash support the candidates that Ron Paul endorses.

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Rock On


Thank you

If you are a Libertarian maybe you know when the Libertarians started their April tax protests.
Do you know?

Liberty is our campaigns gift to the world it is our manifest destiny.
Freedom is a movement who's time has come. Our campaign will lead world wide freedom.