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Candidate for California Governor talks 9/11, New World Order, and even weather modification.. Chelene Nightingale

Amazing interview with California Candidate for Governor, Chelene Nightingale: http://911blogger.com/node/23061

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my kind of candidate.

Honestly Im a 911 truther

but I think this is stupid and selfish. If I was in this dudes place I would never release what she said about 911 if I really wanted her to win. Sometimes I find some truthers do nothing but support the neocons with some of their actions
I think Chelene is very intelligent. i already like her but I think she needs to avoid this subject that can destroy her political future forever

Freedom. Watch this video
Pls donate here Ron Paul can still win

The only dumb thing she said

The only dumb thing she said was "I'd rather fight them there than here" which, most of us realize, there is no "them" that was created, and fighting "them there" is just kind of a resource grab.. anyway..

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No one has convinced me 911 Truth is a losing issue.

Cynthia McKinney is the only politician who lost a career over 911 truth. That happened eight years ago, and a LOT has changed since then. Besides, McKinney's accusations weren't the only reason she lost.

Jesse Ventura backed Barbara Walters down over the 911 issue. Had Debra Medina reacted the way Chelene Nightingale does when she did Glenn Beck, she might not have peaked at 19%.

Any link to the

Any link to the Ventura-Walters thing?

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just for the heck of it i came across this masonic watch. its pretty sadistic. thought i'd share.


Skull at 6 o'clock.

Another take on "deep-sixed?"

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Where in the video is the

Where in the video is the skull?

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We need Chelene.. we got

We need Chelene.. we got chemtrailed like crazy again today.

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she deserves a Money Bomb


LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

Big bump

as Paul4won said Chelene Nightingale is a breath of fresh air.

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

I'm in LOVE!

This woman embodies the spirit of Aaron Russo.

She proves the theory that spirits are immortal. They find shelter in a new body.

The spirit of Aaron Russo lives on.

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Chelene responds to this thread :)

in an email to me ...
On Wed, Mar 31, 2010 at 1:03 AM, C Nightingale wrote:

Wow...this is great!!  And you definitely answered right about the war.  I was raised in the military and definitely support veterans and soldiers, but like Ron Paul and Chuck Baldwin believe that our troops need to be here and not over there!  I understand the whole NWO agenda, but the war is divisive in the conservative community...many are not educated yet, so it is best not to talk war, besides I am running for governor, not president.  But just so voters know, the Constitution Party does not believe wars in our countries are constitutional...Chuck Baldwin is the perfect example of the party.  Unfortunately some neocons have infiltrated the party, but they are the minority voice.  Thank you for sharing this...great news!!

Kindest Regards,
Chelene Nightingale

This deserves a bump

finally candidates willing to talk about 9-11. Woohoo!
This is huge.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."


This deserves FRONT PAGE


There is something very very special here.

This is the benchmark, the template for the new breed of politicians.

Since you like her so much, I

Since you like her so much, I was expecting you to exclaim(like you did in the old days), "Punjab, bring me my checkbook!"




Chelene Nightingale is no stranger to politics. For the past 5 years, Chelene has been a leading Constitutional activist organizing many rallies and marches in California. Chelene organized the Free the Texas Three march for Deputy Gilmer Hernandez and Border Patrol Agents Ramos & Compean in Hollywood. The march was featured on the nationally syndicated show Americas Most Wanted.

In addition to organizing political events, Chelene has lobbied as a private citizen in both Sacramento and Washington DC, demanding secure borders and no amnesty. Besides the border security issue, Ms. Nightingale has attended and spoken at Tea Parties and End the Fed events.

Back in 2006, she was the campaign manager for third party gubernatorial candidate, Art Olivier. During the campaign, they were invited to the late, great Aaron Russos home to receive his endorsement and watch his extraordinary documentary America: Freedom to Fascism.

During the last presidential election cycle, Chelene was honored with an invitation to personally meet and endorse Congressman Ron Paul.

It was due to her past political achievements that the National Constitution Party leaders and members requested her to run for governor in California as an American Independent. This daughter of a Military War Veteran accepted the challenge in order to help restore our ailing state that has been hurt by special interest groups and big government.

Ms. Nightingale, who has won past awards and achievements including being listed In Whos Who, is no stranger to leadership roles. Besides being the managing director of a former 501c3, she has also served as a Vice President for a distribution/production company and has been a small business owner. She has put her acting and stage-directing career on hold to help we the people take back our state so that we can govern ourselves the way our Founding Fathers intended.

Please visit their donation page for more information:

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this is a personal comment from Chelene ...

regarding We are Change. Chelene is a personal friend of mine that I have been actively rallying with for the past three years here in the Los Angeles area, and I can wholeheartedly vouch for her kindness, integrity, patriotism and dedication.


Because it is long, at the END of this thread I will post her announcement letter on why she is running. It is quite remarkable.

"To be clear, she joined the Constitution Party and registered into the American Independent Party–since she’s in California. Look for Nightingale to become a big player in third party politics over the coming years. She’s a motivate mover and shaker."
~ Trent Hill

Good to see.

I hope she does well.



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She's quite the looker to boot

I listened to a speech she gave in Sacramento, she's dynamite in a small package.

Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow

Please, rise above that

Do you know how disheartening that is? I am not even an ugly woman, but the very thought that the "awake" bunch on the DP is still commenting on the physical appearance of a candidate is just beyond sad. I wonder how many plain to ugly women consider running, but know they are not pretty enough to win? Do you really want to help feed that?

Most of all, I wonder if any DPers will NOT support her for her 9-11 positions? It is the acid test... I know the people who truly cherish truth could not support Medina after her comments. Will a woman who defends ANYONE'S right to be skeptical, ask questions, or maybe even be just plain wrong - will that cost her voters? From here, I mean?

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.


we're not allowed to say we like someone's looks? That is WAY too PC for me!

Maybe she is too good-looking for most voters to take seriously, ever considered that? I did not find Medina especially attractive from my male perspective but I absolutely loved her as a candidate. She could have looked like Golda Mier and I would still have loved her.

And BTW, I find Chelene VERY appealing from my brutish, heterosexual perspective.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

I really like her from what I

I really like her from what I have heard of her so far, here's a picture of her that says it all for me

O no...you mean she isn't afraid of Glen Beck or being asked

questions that intellegent questioners ask ? You mean she doesn't need to "vitimize" AJ or other partiots who expect cadidates who run on the movements coat-tails to be PATRIOTS 100% ???

WOW...very cool.

Discover Costa Rica

Interesting lady

California seems to understand the fraud of 9.11 more than most states.

I like how the first half

I like how the first half finishes with her asking the question: who the people are flying these weather modification aircraft?

Amazing interview.. smart lady.

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Really Like Her - except

not sure of her foreign policy philosophy (me thinks she likes war) ... another one of those candidates (like Palin) who has a kid in the military - so they think it is just .... but she is total Californian chick
very hip vibe and speaks her mind ... good to see that in a third party candidate ... just not sure how an Independent - who is asked to run on Constitution Party ticket can Not be Non-Intervention ... that doesn't jive with that party or the liberty movement - maybe I am wrong ... I hope so ... maybe she has changed her philosophy to Non-Intevention ... If she did/does - I could support her totally - she is very cool.

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From The Desk of Chelene Nightingale

In the following letter Chelene Nightingale describes her journey that led her to joining the Constitution Party:

From The Desk of Chelene Nightingale

March 13, 2009

Dear Constitution Party,

It is an honor to be welcomed to my new home, the Constitution Party!

As many are in their late teens and early 20’s, I considered myself a democrat in my political views. I cared about the “underdog” , the “victims”, and the “poverty stricken” and truly believed (based on the public indoctrination school system) that the democrat party was the “caring” party.

However after entering the employment world, I quickly abhorred the amount of taxes deducted from my paychecks. Yet with a mortgage tax, sales tax, federal and state tax, the underdog, victim, and poverty stricken still existed. Wasn’t a portion of my hard earned money being taken to help the government welfare programs?

Although in my early 20’s, I paid very little attention to politics, with the exception of ABC Nightly News and an occasional Time magazine, I still realized that the welfare system was not successful. In my humble opinion, it enslaved citizens and kept them in the never ending cycle of victim.

I felt betrayed by democrats, so joined the ranks of the Reagan Party aka the Republicans. Especially after discovering a new faith in Christ, the party represented my conservative values better with the pro-life and pro-family stance. And I did what any party faithful follows….voting party only. Their background nor their beliefs mattered as long as the candidate had an ( R ) by their name.

Yes, I voted for George W. Bush and even Arnold Schwarzenegger (it did not matter that he was married into the democrat Kennedy family, because he had an ( R ) by his name. I trusted anyone in the ‘conservative’ party.

While party faithful, I still did not pay attention to politics as education taught me to just trust our government. By trusting, I could just go about my life and enjoy.

But along came the tragic day on 9/11. Like millions around the world, I watched the news in horror, yet something did not seem truthful. I am no rocket scientist or engineer, but the way the buildings collapsed did not seem right. And how did everyone escape the Pentagon? Why did that scene look not so tragic? I could not put the pieces together, but questions were raised and it forced me to pay some attention to politics.

Shortly thereafter, the birth of my son caused me to be very introspective and evaluate the current affairs of our nation and world. Meanwhile, one of my co-workers was a member of the fairly new organization Save Our State founded by Joseph Turner. My co-worker, a dear friend, tried to introduce me to www.saveourstate.org , however at the time I could not believe that illegal immigration and open borders existed; especially after 9/11.

After a couple months of my friends persistence, I joined Save Our State in the spring of 2005. In no time I was organizing events for the organization with a passionate belief that elected officials had betrayed we the American people.

These past 4 years have been a journey of political awakening. Open borders, a mass criminal invasion, the unjust prosecutions of border patrol agents Ramos & Compean, Gary Brugman, Noe Aleman, and Deputy Sheriff Gilmer Hernandez, the erosion of our United States Constitution, the bailouts and stimulus packages, a serving president without a birth certificate, and voter fraud are just a few examples that caused me to stop being loyal to the two party system.

In 2006, I not only voted for my first third party candidate, I also served as this candidates campaign manager. The candidate was Art Olivier for California Governor. It was during Art’s campaign that I learned about the other third party choices. Unfortunately I also learned the giant obstacles a third party must overcome – lack of donations, unrepresented in the media, ignored in the big debates, and the ol’ “voting for lesser of two evils, because a third party can never win” propaganda.

Although Art did not win the gubernatorial race due to the normal third party challenges, the outcome caused me to be even more determined to save our country from the corrupt two party system.

At first I remained in the GOP to change the party back to the party of Reagan and Lincoln. I was encouraged with the Ron Paul Revolution! In fact, I was invited to join Dr.Paul for a private meeting with other pro legal immigration/pro secure border organization leaders. After the meeting I enthusiastically endorsed Ron Paul for President. I was excited to join the Revolution with a renewed hope our nation could be saved and restored to our Founding Fathers’ original vision.

Unfortunately Ron Paul was treated like a third party candidate even by his own GOP peers. With a huge faithful following and historic donations somehow CFR member McCain became the Republican candidate. Like most politically aware Americans, I sensed corruption. The George Soros crowd knew McCain would lose to Obama and feared Ron Paul would actually win preventing their New World Order Agenda.

At last, I was fully awake to the political two-party system nightmare and knew there was no chance of bringing the GOP back to its glory days. With Ron Paul out of the race, I proudly voted for third party candidate, Pastor Chuck Baldwin! Besides Dr. Paul. Chuck Baldwin was the only candidate who truly represented me. I looked forward to every Chuck Baldwin email since he spoke with such truth, honor, conviction, and patriotism.

After the election, McCain’s campaign manager, Rick Davis blamed ‘nativists’ and ‘conservatives’ for John’s presidential bid loss. He further stated that we would need to change with the party. This was the final outrage for me as an American Nativist! Encouraged by a phone call from Larry Breazeale and Bill Lussenheide, I gladly re-registered as a member of the Constitution Party affiliate in California! A party that wants to restore our nation back to the wishes of Thomas Jefferson and company, to secure our borders, and to allow us our freedoms and rights!

Although we will continue to battle the third party obstacles, I believe with every new tea party, with every new loss of freedom due to more big government, and with every new person awakening to the harsh realities in our nation, the Constitution Party will increase in membership and influence!

Yes we have a mighty battle ahead of us, but the adage “history always repeats itself” should help us recall The American Revolutionary War lead by George Washington. Let’s repeat the victory!!

Best Regards,
Chelene Nightingale


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She's a hardcore Ron Paul supporter who supports the veterans but doesn't support the war, although she hasn't made this a major focal point, as she has with ending the fed.