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Cato Institute Historically Has Rejected Ron Paul

There was someone who was asking about Cato Institute awhile back, but it seems that the ability to respond to that thread has ended.


Lately, I have been reading some folks on LewRockwell.com criticizing the connections of the Cato Institute and in particular, today, a comment by Thomas DiLorenzo that kind of brings one's views about them to their proper conclusion.

In a nutshell, the Cato Institute is a Libertarian organization that hasn't invited Ron Paul to speak in over 27 years, but has invited "dozens, perhaps hundreds" folks from the Fed to speak. That and they are partially funded by "the biggest Republican donors in the world," the Koch brothers who are presently funding Rand Paul's opponent, Trey Grayson.

Details from http://LewRockwell.com:

Koch Brothers Fund Trey Grayson’s Campaign
Posted by Lew Rockwell on March 30, 2010 08:44 AM

I have it on very good authority that Charles and David Koch, the ex-libertarian oil plutocrats of Wichita, Kansas, are helping bankroll neocon Trey Grayson’s senate campaign in Kentucky against Rand Paul. Grayson, who has been endorsed by Dick Cheney, is the protege of Mitch McConnell, the Bob Dole of Kentucky. Dole was also a favorite of the Kochs. This all makes twisted sense, since the Kochs are—says the BBC’s Greg Palast—the biggest Republican donors in the world, officially and otherwise. Of course, they support, and massively profit from, the regime. BTW, one hobby of the Kochs is their anti-Ron Paul “libertarian” Beltway movement.

UPDATE Thanks to Justin Raimondo for this, which—btw—is only a small part of their funding.

UPDATE from Butler Shaffer:

I’m still impressed by the late Sam Konkin’s characterization of this crowd as “the Kochtopus.”

Koch Industries Expenditure Detail

Friends Of Trey Grayson, Ft Mitchell, KY
2010 Primary

Friends Of Trey Grayson, Ft Mitchell, KY
2010 Primary

Posted by Thomas DiLorenzo on March 30, 2010 12:43 PM

Another example of the Kochtopus/GOP (excuse me for repeating myself) animus toward Ron Paul is that one of the D.C. tentacles of the Kochtopus, the “libertarian” Cato Institute, has held an annual monetary conference for 27 straight years now, and has never once invited the most famous libertarian critic of central banking, Ron Paul, to speak. On the other hand, dozens — perhaps hundreds — of Fed bureaucrats have bloviated at these conferences for nearly three decades.

Stuki, I'm writing a comment to you here because of the spam filters not allowing me to reply to your post below.

is with their support, along with the others I mentioned in my YAL post below, for the war.

I did mention that there are some commonalities, but I can't choose the love of war and deat h over life and liberty. Neither can the Lew Rockwell crowd.

What does Cato, Heritage Foundation, FreedomWorks, and the other Koch supported organizations have against life?

What is your opinion on their views on life that are contradictory to Ron Paul's?

I didn't see any comments you wrote on the Maloney thread, so I'm not sure what you are saying.

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When I was living in Fun Diego in the early 1990's

Koch was racing the America's Cup. The rich SOB had huge outdoor sculptures flown into San Diego and displayed through out the city. One piece was place outside the La Jolla Theater were I lived.

It was a massive volks wagon size bronze of a nude obese woman "surfing" on her rotund belly smoking a cigarette. The locals hated it.



Thanks, this is very informative.

I remember back during the campaign and how shocked I was at their behavior. It was really weird, I became VERY cautious of them after that.

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The Kochs are a crazy group of zionnist neocon facists

and they have a lot of money to spend. Hopefully they will soon be nothing but a footnote in history. and rand paul will prevail

Freedom. Watch this video
Pls donate here Ron Paul can still win

Which is why the Citizens for

Which is why the Citizens for a Sound Economy campaign, which has later morphed into Freedomworks, picked Ron Paul as their first chairman, I guess.....

Seriously, people; this kind of anti-Kochs, anti Cato whatever nonsense, is driven by the exact same forces, and people, that succeeded in marginalizing the John Birch Society, despite RP delivering their 50th anniversary keynote in 2008.

Yes, the Kochs are rich, and yes, they are secretive, and yes, they have their hands (and dollars), in a lot of political organizations, but by far those organizations are much closer to us, assuming RP is a good proxy for us, than those who spend time criticizing them.

The Kochs are scary to those in power specifically because they are outsiders, potentially huge bank rollers of anti status quo organizations aiming to dramatically scale back the state. And with it, the power structure within which almost all current members of the chattering classes hold privileged positions.

That they are so bloody rich, have also meant they have been able to act a bit like kingmakers within the rather small world of hard right politics, which I am sure has offended some of those who were not made king.

But that does not mean "they" are not on "our", or RP's, side on almost every issue.

lol and thats why they donated thousands and thousands

to Rand Pauls opponent.
The Kochs like any nother calculating neocon knew Ron Paul is getting old and tired. So they welcomed him and pretended to be his allies so after hes gone they will take over his movement. Sadly for them they didnt expect one of his Sons to take over and repeat the process all over again LMAO

Freedom. Watch this video
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Which has had more to do with

Which has had more to do with Cato needing to demonstrate influence to donors, than to ideological opposition.

As long as RP was an outsider, to the point of being considered kooky, people in search of influence, even those intending to use their influence for libertarian ends, would limit their courting of him.

Issue for Issue, Cato and RP has traditionally aligned whenever RP's position has been sufficiently "mainstream" for Cato to not fear "donor rot."

Same holds for the Kochs. Charles' and David's dad, Fred, who founded Koch and built the foundation for the family wealth, was a co founder of john Birch. And duly became a persona non grata amongst pretty much anyone aspiring to real political influence as a result.

You have to remember, by the time of Cato's founding and growth, the ex Trotskyites now know as neocons had succeeded in sufficiently narrowing acceptable political discourse, to render both RP, Rothbard and the Birchers irrelevant as far as actual decision making power was concerned.

Look at Cato's history in that light, as that is the world in which Cato attempted to at least have some say.

Also, take into account political infighting within libertarian circles, with all kinds of individuals vying for prominence. With plenty of envy and backstabbing to go around.

Anyone is free to make up their own mind, of course; but until America is a substantially freer country than it is today, we should realize that RP and Cato, as well as the Koch brothers, and the Birchers; are all almost always pulling in the same direction; towards less government. And that, again until we have reduced the size of government substantially, this will continue to hold true. If we're ever going to go anywhere, we probably should pick our enemies a bit more carefully than going after Cato.

And as much of an icon as Lew Rockwell is, his website isn't by any means the ultimate arbiter of Libertarian truth. Just look at that Maloney article posted here a few days ago for verification of that.


I had to reply to this post in the article I wrote above since the spam filters kept kicking it out.

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Grrrrrrr!!!!!! I guess I'm


I guess I'm not the only one annoyed by the spam filters.

It ate a long response I had to the Maloney thread.

As well as a response to the comment thread above this one.

To be concise (in case the filter gets hungry again..), The Kochs have spent alot supporting organizations RP has been closely associated with.

If they did in fact provide funding to Grayson, don't count out McConnel involvement. He's very powerful, and the Kochs are very rich. I'm sure they have business interests that could stand to lose a lot more than 5K by ticking off someone in his position. Not everyone paying protection money in Sicily are in favor of the Cosa Nostra. And neither are they necessarily all that unprincipled for doing so. And for what its worth, FreedomWorks endorsed Rand, although I don't know to what extent the Kochs have any influence over there anymore.

And Cato is, on almost all issues, our allies. They just tend to think of themselves as less utopian, and more realistic. We want free trade with everyone, they figure that's off the table, so push for free trade with someone, aka NAFTA. I think some of them are coming around to the limits to their approach, though....

I simply cannot see why, with all the people and organizations diametrically ideologically opposed to us, we should define those behind Cato, JBS and other libertarian organizations as our enemies.

The title Libertarian

cover a wide array of political spectrum..Some communists actually ascribe to Libertarianism..We must be carefull to present the proper affiliations, with a Libertarian title.


good point...

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Next book: Illusions of Wealth - due out soon
Also writing book We the Serfs!

Nice catch...

I remember even watching that video.

That said, the Koch brothers still have their hidden agenda and this video might just be a slip on Cato's behalf.

Witness the articles from Cato during Paul's Presidential run:

Ron Paul’s Ugly Newsletters

Ron Paul: He Won't Win the Presidency, But...

and the following:

Cato Institute VP Sneers At Ron Paul: He’s Not Our ‘Kind of Person’!

Cato rejects Ron Paul

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Next book: Illusions of Wealth - due out soon
Also writing book We the Serfs!

This explains a lot and thanks for the incite

Koch brothers are a Kansas institution. There has never been big money in third party races and a decent RP type hasn't risen to the occasion. These guys have long been thought to be a potential ally to the cause, we were mistaken. This would explain much of the hurdles that we have faced here on the ground.

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I hope

you meant "insight" instead of "incite," lol...

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Next book: Illusions of Wealth - due out soon
Also writing book We the Serfs!

After further research...

I notice that Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) has a list of "strategic partners" on their site that includes the following:

Cato Institute - (see above for relationship to Koch Foundations)
Americans for Prosperity - replaced the Citizens for a Sound Economy Foundation - see FreedomWorks
FreedomWorks - Citizens for a Sound Economy (CSE) and Empower America merged to form FreedomWorks. CSE was founded by prominent right-wing funder David Koch. FreedomWorks is a big player in the Tea Party Movement supported by neoconservative Michele Malkin among others.
Heritage Foundation - received over $1 million from Koch since 2005 - pro war and supported by Sean Hannity (need I say more?)

As you can see, the Koch brothers Foundations have their dirty little hands in each of these organizations.

While these organizations will write some articles about big government and have concern for our nation, they all support neoconservative policies and none of these organizations support Ron Paul. None of them.

From the YAL site:

"To effectively advocate our pro-liberty, limited government principles, Young Americans for Liberty has formed strategic partnerships with the following organizations where our ideologies align to advance our mutual interests.

Each of these organizations has something to offer YAL chapters across the nation and help them better prepare their activities on campus.

Click an organization's logo to get more information on their internships, website, and how they can help your chapter."

How do the four organizations above align with YAL's ideologies?

Of course YAL also has listed many of the good guys as strategic partners;

Daily Paul
Goldwater Institute
Campaign for Liberty
to name a few...

I don't want to come down on YAL and give this too much attention as a separate forum topic.

I'd rather YAL "just say no" to these Koch funded organizations. We have to stick with what Ron Paul advocates and not strategically ally ourselves with wolves in neoconservative clothing.

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Next book: Illusions of Wealth - due out soon
Also writing book We the Serfs!

I'm surprised

there are no comments on this issue of YAL having neoconservative strategic partners whom they promote...

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Next book: Illusions of Wealth - due out soon
Also writing book We the Serfs!

it's been noted.

it seems there is no end to the dirty deeds and smarminess. thanks for the good tips and info.

To be fair

Strategic partners are just that. They can help the cause in the areas that we agree upon. I would think many of you would understand making alliances with strange bedfellows in order to further the cause of liberty. We can't change the mindset of the country on our own.

Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.
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Lynne Twist

wrote the book, Soul of Money. She set out to solve world hunger on her own. She ended up meeting world leaders such as Ghandi, the Dali Lama, Mother Teresa, among others.

Her quest was to teach other nations self sufficiency.

Personally, my quest is as hers. I do believe that one person can make a difference. Ron Paul alone has made a difference. You can too.

I also wouldn't make alliances that would compromise my beliefs.

I also realize what happened with C4L and the support of a candidate that had different views on the wars was viewed as Paul a minor issue when compared to his support of "End the Fed." I listened to the explanations by Nystrom after his conversation with Paul. While we are all in it together, we will make mistakes, but you'll never see me vote for anyone who chooses war and death over life and liberty, whether they want to end the Fed or not.

The Koch's choose war. The organizations they support choose war. I want nothing to do with them. Judas comes to mind... I just don't trust them.

But I do support the other organizations that are on the YAL list of strategic alliances that I mentioned. No "strange bedfellows" allowed!

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Next book: Illusions of Wealth - due out soon
Also writing book We the Serfs!


CATO also promotes NAFTA and Economic Integration. So regardless of whatever they do, in the end they endorse the CFR's collectivist policy of Economic Integration.

CATO's site - http://www.freetrade.org/

After 10 Years, NAFTA Continues to Pay Dividends

If they support NAFTA,

If they support NAFTA, CAFTA(both of which Ron Paul is opposed to)and economic integration, does that also mean they support the NAFTA Superhighway(or whatever name they are calling it now to try to fool us into thinking it doesn't exist), SPP and creation of a North American Union?

If I remember correctly I

If I remember correctly I think they endorsed Fred Thompson during the 2008 republican primaries....but I may be wrong...

I had always assumed

that Ron was persona non grata at Cato because he is pro-life (and maybe because he professes belief in God).

I do worry about Ed Crane, David Boaz, et al having been so eager to insinuate themselves into the circles of power within DC that they've absorbed the DNA of the enemy.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

I've been skeptical of CATO.

I've been skeptical of CATO. Especially after I heard a lecture at my college from Arnold Kling, who is an adjunct scholar at CATO, former economist at the FED, and worked within Freddie Mac. He stated that he was a Keynesian/austrian in some aspects...is that even possible? He stated the absolute "need" for the FED, and thought that "End the Fed" by RP was too radical. Seems I read somewhere that CATO backed Fred Thompson during the 08' election more than anyone but I could be wrong about that. Mises is still where it's at in terms of institutional think tanks.

Doesn't the Kocktopus own reason?

That would explain Reason's frequent hostility to Ron Paul.

They can give all the $$ in the World to Grayson

he's stil going to lose.