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The Higher Liberty

"God gave man the right to choose. Man gave government the right to choose for him. Those who use to be called representatives are known today as lawmakers."...

"The Church was appointed by Christ so that the people did not have to apply/pray for assistance from mendacious benefactors who exercised authority. The church is another form of government and defined that way in legal dictionaries. If the Church set the table of the Lord according to the perfect law of liberty the people would still be at liberty because they would not have to eat at the table of rulers."...

Modern preachers have removed the “Kingdom” at hand from the “Gospel of the Kingdom of God”[13] and turned the hearts of the people to impure religion of the state. The Pharisees were scholars and the majority of the Pharisees voted to kill Christ, [14] their rightful King.[15] They chose to have no king but Caesar.[16] Thank Heaven, the truth is not dependent upon democracies or scholars.

The modern Christians have arranged a world[17] system, a mystery Babylon, where their ministers teach the people to sing in their churches, praising Christ as King, but send the people to pray for their daily bread and benefits to men of the world “who call themselves benefactors but exercise authority one over the other.”[18]

Full article: http://www.newswithviews.com/Gregory/williams113.htm

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