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Government continues to spray the sky with Aerosol/ Aluminum, video I took yesterday:

Here's the video I shot yesterday: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZbjNWGPG1Pg

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where can we get

information stating what's in the chem trails? Any documented research that we can share with elected officials?

affirmation: President Paul 2008

I thought all you chemtrailers were a little off, until today,

I live in a very rural area in Wyoming, and usually see only one or two at the most jets go over in a day, leaving the usual contrail, which disappears in a few minutes. Today, with a clear blue sky (and I live in big sky country) which goes for miles from where I can see, I have seen more jets high in the sky leaving trails than I see in a two week period at least. The sky became covered with lines and some criss crossed and the trails spread until more than half of the sky is white. I saw 5 jets at once, which is very unusual.I have never seen anything like this. I live 100 miles from any city (of 50,000), and 30 miles from a town. This is definately strange.

Today in Austin.....

The sky is like a checker board.

Clearly SOMETHING is affecting some people's reasoning ability

And you have valid laboratory analytical proof of the aluminum and/or other toxic substances supposedly being spread in your so-called "chemtrails"?

Until you can provide such proof (and we all know you can't), I call you an agent provocateur and an anti-liberty mole who is here to sully the name of Ron Paul and his supporters by spreading ridiculous disinformation and nonsense, and attempting to link him, and us, with your paranoid lunacy.

And I call you a Ron Paul

And I call you a Ron Paul sheeple! Dude(tte), they are spraying this crap everywhere. Where I live on a normal day, we have about 15 or 20 jets that fly over the vicinity depending on wind direction etc. You can watch their trail evaporate at the same speed at which the jet travels and leaves no lingering trail.

On other days (most), the sky looks like a football field or sometimes a checker board. It can be totally clear one day and no evidence of any left over jet trails. The next day, same weather pattern, wind direction, temperarure and humidity and the sky looks completely different. We do not know exactly what crap they are emitting in the air, but studies have shown high levels of aluminum and borium in soil samples all over the country.

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these are not

Clearly these are not your normal contrails. they are typical in nature and I would refer to them as chemtrails.

In truth,